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this is dr. Andrew Jones in this edition

of NRA secrets I'm going to show you

five home remedies that you can use to

help your stinky dog smell so much

better at home

but you guys just before we get going in

today's video just a little update first

thanks for all of you who sort of

written in comments and support of Lewis

as you know he had a pretty scary event

a little over a week ago he just came in

from being outside suddenly collapsed it

turned out he'd probably eaten something

had primary liver disease and in some

cases just a tox and can cause those

clinical science and cause you to go

into shock so he's being treated

he's on milk thistle on dandelion root

and he's doing great as you can see he's

been super active been eating a ton and

yeah he's getting especially more

attention and he gets to hang out with

his buddy pearl here on the coach

are you guys welcome back to my channel

for those of you who are new welcome I'm

dr. Jones for you returning subscribers

thanks for being a subscriber today's

episode was primarily inspired by my dog

Louis's friend her name is pearl I'm

gonna show you her here like zoom down

in the camera here's the two of them

they're hanging out on my coach in the

office yeah as you can see they have a

pretty good life

pearl herself has a bit of an issue

where she's really smelly and if you

were here in this room right now you

would have this like wall overwhelming

dog smell for those of you who are

familiar with this the smell of a dog

who's got a yeast or bacterial skin

infection you know what I mean so very

very common that just overwhelming dog

smell fortunately there are a number of

home remedies that you should be

considering using that are really

effective and I'm about to use one today

on pearl to test it all out so you guys

what is that doggie smell that you may

be smelling in the first place

you know why is there such a bad odor

for the majority of dogs that have

especially strong dog odor they've got

an underlying issue most commonly we're

dealing with these dogs that typically

have a primary allergy and then they're

going to have an underlying skin

disorder primarily an overgrowth of

bacteria and or yeast producing that

smell I mean there's something there for

the most part you'll take a dog like my

own dog Luis he doesn't have any serious

underlying skin disease he has no odor

and you know he may get a bath once a

month once every two months pearl as on

the opposite example he's not the case

and as I just saying if you were here I

mean you got smell pearl and you'd be

like ah what is that smell you she's a

wonderful dog you but we just need some

things to help you smell better thank

you especially when she's in a small

space so the first remedy want you guys

to consider is a shampoo this one is

selenium sulfide here

the brand name is typically called

selsun blue where people use for

dandruff and/or seborrhea primarily in

those cases the thought is people or us

that have excessive amounts of dandruff

and often will have an underlying fungal

infection going on so they've got an

overgrowth of too much of a certain

microorganism I've been all been leading

to this sort of all this dead flakey

skin for our dogs that have this

typically big strong strong smell is not

uncommon that they've got a primary

allergy then secondary yeast infection

we found the selsun blue in particular

works really well and i use it a ton of

the dogs in practice really made a big

difference so something like pearl here

you you know you're going to throw her

in the bath get her fairly wet first you

know two or three squirts similar to how

you're going to lather yourself up then

really really rub it in really well you

want to really focus on the areas those

skin folds which can be a little bit

harder to get into but that's where the

yeast the bacteria really like to grow

so you want to rub that in as thoroughly

as possible let it sit on there for ten

minutes and then and then rinse it off

you want to do that no more than once a

week but that alone may be all that you

need to have your dog smelling so much

better so the next thing I want to talk

about is something that I've talked

about in the past for a variety of

different conditions

so here it is here apple cider vinegar

it's got a number of different

therapeutic uses but in this instance

it's one that's good for dealing with

yeast and bacteria the thing with

vinegar is you don't never want to be

putting it on any type of open wound

because it is acidic it's you're going

to sting but generally when we've got

the dog something like pearl who's just

sort of strong and smelly it's a great

one to consider topically there's a

couple different ways you can look at

doing it one you can look at making some

cup of apple cider vinegar rinse and the

solution all makes is fifty-fifty so for

instance half a cup of apple cider


half a cup of water and then you want to

just cover it completely cover your dog

in that especially getting it I said it

under the groin into the skin folds

under the armpits all those areas that

look a little bit dark especially let it

sit in there for a good 10 minutes and

then rinse it off the other thing you

can do without apple cider vinegar I've

had a number of different dog owners

report that when they start to give it

orally so is all you would need for

something like pearl or Lois you know

she's about 80 pounds two teaspoons

twice a day you can just start out at 2

teaspoons once a day you could try just

adding it to her water but generally

you're looking at about a teaspoon for

sort of 40 pounds of body weight given

twice daily that alone often is enough

just to sort of normalize what's going

on within their skin so one is the rinse

second is giving it orally thirdly you

can look at combining it with another

type of tea so what I've picked up here

is just some green tea which I'm about

to drink myself but it works really well

topically too so often what you could do

is do something like make a cup of green

tea use a half a cup of green tea

combine that with a half a cup of apple

cider vinegar use that with a rinse

because what you're doing is you're get

the yearning and the beneficial acidic

effects of the vinegar which you're

going to deal with the yeast and the

bacteria and then you're getting the

green tea which is great as being an

anti-inflammatory so those two in

combinations a real good rinse to

consider okay you guys the third thing I

want to talk to you about is making your

own actual dog shampoo you know as

opposed to purchasing you know one of

the conventional veterinary ones which

may be targeted for and fungus or yeast

or bacteria there's an obviously a

number of different skin related

veterinary ones or even a human one

which we talked about earlier that sell

some blue and another options to make

your own so I'll just pearl oh she likes

being rubbed good thorough I'll show you

here and you furry dog so why you want

to start out with the basis is that this

is a soap is called castile soap and

I'll show you specifics within the video

itself so I just went to my

local co-op and pick it up it's a

concentrated soap it's based on we're

taking concentrated plant oils for

instance primary olive oil then they're

adding in an alkali base there's

something called potash so we used to

spray it around the barnyard for

instance after when animals had diarrhea

it's called why it's very alkali they'll

kline those two together and mix them up

cook them up for about six hours

turns out to this very concentrated 100%

natural soap so it's a real good basis

of the soap to use for whole variety of

things and now I'm going to start using

it you know making my own cleaning

products but what you can do in

combination with this is started with

this a tablespoon of castile soap I want

you to take then 1 cup of water so any

type of you know just just disposable

shampoo bottle and then you want to want

you to combine either one an essential

oil so this one here is lavender oil so

you can use 5 drops of lavender oil the

other one here this is 5 drops of mint

so mint itself as great as being

anti-inflammatory the lavender is great

as far as one making your dog smell


secondary 2 is also antibacterial so you

know these 3 in combination or really

great natural doggie shampoo and I'll

give you a specific recipe under the

nose after this video ok so the last

couple things I want to talk about

typically relating to the underlying

cause for instance your dog having some

type of underlying allergic condition so

the first thing the basis is increasing

the amount of essential fatty acids in

your dog's died and these are the

omega-3 fatty acids these are the ones

that are specifically anti-inflammatory

so I'm going to grab here the flax oil

which I just picked up super inexpensive

easy to give pull here for instance if

I'm to open it up I know she's going to

want to lick it pro typically sheets

most things but she would if I were to

pour this on her food she needed and

when we're looking at the essential oil

dose we're looking at a thousand

milligrams for 10 pounds of body weight

and and if we've got a severely littered

bitching dog like Pearl the series

strong underlying dog odor you can look

at starting Mount on twice daily the

maintenance doses once daily so she

would need for something like pearl I

would be giving her it's one tablespoon

for forty pounds so I'd be giving her

two tablespoons and what she's smelling

like the way she is now I'd be giving

her two tablespoons of flax oil twice

daily I do that for the next sort of ten

days to two weeks till at least I

started to see her smell better and then

I keep her on a maintenance dose of at

least two tablespoons once daily hey

guys so the last thing I want to talk

about is a herb you could use for these

severe allergic flare-ups so for

instance if you've got a dog all of a

sudden has that's really strong strong

strong doggy odor they're also doing a

whole lot of itching

they got means they've got some serious

inflammation going on and it's really

nice you can give them something

especially just to decrease the level of

inflammation by doing so you're going to

help make it make it so there's less

bacteria less yeast growing on your

dog's skin there's going to be less dogs

the one option I pick up here is

licorice this is an anti-inflammatory

herb sort of in some some of the

herbalist considerate or the natural

prednisone that's the thing the many of

you would have had your dog on they've

got an underlying allergy when you're

looking at licorice first of all you're

only using it short term not long term

if they got any type of underlying organ

organ dysfunction you don't want to be

using it when I'm looking at a dose I'm

looking about a half a meal for 20

pounds of body weight twice daily so

something like pearl she's beginning to

meals and I'll just show you the dropper

thing here takes you right up to there

that's one meal right there she should

be getting two of those twice daily

she had a flare-up I'd be treating her

for three to five days just enough to

decrease all that level of inflammation

then while I've gone on some of the

other supplements you know primarily

higher doses of these central fatty

acids and then using one of those

shampoos that I talked about and to help

deal with the underlying likely yeast

that is causing the bad bad doggie odor

thank you guys for watching this edition

venner secrets on how to make your dog

smell better they've got really bad

doggy odors such as pearl what I want

you to do now is first click that link

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