A Safe And Healthy Recipe For Dogs|Beef And Barley Stew

today I'm sharing a beef and barley stew

recipe it's very easy to make with

limited ingredients this is a low-fat

recipe that would be ideal for diabetic

pets or dogs on a low-fat diet this beef

and barley dog food is a crock-pot

recipe so it's a very easy to make first

in your crock pot you're going to add

three pounds of chopped beef or stew

meat two pounds of chopped sweet potato

2 pounds of chopped carrots and half a

bunch of celery chopped then you're

gonna add two quarts of water cover and

let it cook on low for four hours now

that that is finished cooking I'm gonna

add my final ingredient which you could

probably tell by the name of the recipe

beef and barley stew so this is one

pound of pearl barley I'm gonna mix it

around a little bit then I'm gonna cover

and let it cook on low for about another


once that's done cooking all you have to

do is let it cool you can serve it to

your dog immediately

I recommend serving about half a cup for

every 20 pounds of body weight that's

per serving so if your dog weighs 20

pounds it would be half a cup in the

morning half a cup in the evening two

servings per day if you have any other

questions about this recipe feel free to

email me thanks for watching this video


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