🔥 An Easy Homemade Dry Shampoo | Works Great To Freshen Coats

hi I'm Connie with mobile pasta and this

is Bloo and today we're going to show

you a really easy way to help keep your

dog's coat fresh and clean in between

groomings are in between baths and it's

just using a couple of simple


cornstarch and baking soda now the

reason I love this so much is because it

not only freshens the coat but it also

helps control oil now Blue has a coat

that's similar to a lab we think she's a

healer across of some kind but she

doesn't have as much oil as a typical

lab does but she does get a little bit

of that and along with that oil can come

that doggy smell and this also works

great for that so very very simple just

mix equal amounts again cornstarch and

baking soda and I just put it in a

little shaker container like this and I

already did and then you can add a few

drops of essential oil I'm gonna add

some lavender and just three or four

drops no there's a lot of information

and a lot of misinformation about

essential oils right now what's safe for

your pets what's not safe for your pets

if you have any doubts of course you

always want to consult your veterinarian

I'm just using lavender because I like

the scent of it and it is considered

generally safe for dogs so once you put

that oil in then just make sure you've

got your lid on tight and then give it a

good shake and then when you're done

then I like this side because it has

some holes in it first for a sprinkler

like a parmesan cheese container works

well you can also get some that has

finer holes in it but then I'm just

gonna sprinkle it on her coat like this

and it doesn't take much and of course

if you've got a black dog you're gonna

have to work it in a little bit better

but just use your hands you can use a

brush too but I like just working it in

with my hands like this blue might not

be real crazy about this but it's really

really working to to kind of soak up

those oils now you can use this as often

as you like but do keep in mind that


we build up over time so it's not a

substitute for a good grooming a good

bath you know every few weeks so you

still want to do that but this is just

gonna keep the coat smelling fresh and

clean in between time so there I kind of

have it worked in now and she smells so

good well thanks so much for watching

today I hope you give this a try I

always welcome your questions and

suggestions and invite you to subscribe

to my youtube channel thank you

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