An Effective Homemade Flea Shampoo Recipe for Dogs|Homemade Shampoo

hi guys today I'm going to show you how

to make a dog sleeve shampoo it's safe

non-toxic and repels fleas and takes

care of itching and scratching and all

that stuff so I have a bowl and I need

to put four and a half cups of water

into the bowl


you're going too high and then you need

1 cup of non-toxic baby shampoo or a

non-toxic dish soap you can use dawn the

blue stuff and one cup of apple cider


and just stir it up you can put it in a

spray bottle if you want to but I'm

choosing these me fingers


and then there you go

I mean about to service I think these

are 1 liter ders

so 2 litres of Zhongshan - thanks for


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