An Extremely Effective Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipe|Cleans, Deodorizes, Repels Flies


many dog owners friends over which

shampoo is better their dog in this

video bully max will not only give you a

cost-effective solution but also a great

autumn that you can produce in your

audition it takes only a few minutes

will save you loads of money and have

your toy legged friend smelling fresh

and clean

the first ingredient you will need is

dish detergent these soaps are designed

for cutting through kitchen grease but

they're also equally as effective at

cutting speedy accumulated oil on your

dog's skin and coat the second

ingredient you'll need is white vinegar

white vinegar has antibacterial and

deodorant properties with the addition

of white vinegar you want to be extra

careful not to get any shampoo in your

dog's our vinegar is mildly acidic and

it'll burn you up dying now let's get

down to what you'll need to make this

fabulous shampoo using a large spray

bottle as your container you'll want to

add two cups of warm water with half cup

of white vinegar and then you'll add a

quarter cup of this division


gently shake the mix ingredients bubbles

should for then allow the bubbles to

recede it's that simple now proceed to

wash your dog prime him first with a bit

of warm water then spray your mixture

all over his body work the shampoo

gently if with skin and undercoat

once he's fully shampooed give him a

thorough rinse and dry in with a towel

there you have it your puppy's showroom

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