👆 Are I LOVE PET HEAD Products Effective ? | Dog Products Review

2.Pet Head Dirty Talk Dog Shampoo

3.Pet Head Orangelicious Paw & Body Dog Wipes

4.Pet Head Dry Clean Spray Dog Shampoo

5.Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

6.Pet Head Fur Ball Detangling Spray for Pets Strawberry Yogurt
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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

today we're going to do a product review

it's our very first product review and I

just wanted to start with a little

disclaimer that these are all my

opinions on these products I'm not

sponsored in any way I'm not paid to say

these things if I like a product I'm

gonna tell you about it if I don't like

a product I'm gonna be honest about that

too so today we're gonna do a product

review on the line

I love pet head and they are a shampoo

conditioner dry shampoo kind of products

so I'm gonna go through a few things

that I purchased and let you know how I

like it and let's just get into this so

the first thing I'm going to talk about

guys you gonna say hi come here come

here they're here they're just bopping

around first thing I'm going to review

are the shampoos now I really liked the

shampoos there are I think there are

three or four in their line I got - I

got dirty talk experiment lemongrass

deodorizing shampoo and I also got the

oatmeal natural shampoo I really liked

both of them

this one has a these are of no use oh

maybe they are oh they do

I thought these came pop right off but

anyway um this smells so good it smells

like honey it's not an overpowering

smell if you don't like it overpowering

smell with your shampoo shampoo this is

the one for you it smells like honey

it's so good and it lathers up really

well the second one I got was the like I

said the spirit lemongrass and this I

really liked because I like yet they do

have a squeeze off top the top comes off

like that but it also pops off like this

and then you have the nozzle there so

that's kind of cool so anyway I like

this but better simply because I love

anything mint I bathed them this morning

with it and it smells like peppermint

it says spearmint I was kind of like

peppermint to me but anyway

at any rate is minty and I really loved

this scent the second

then I'm gonna talk about these down

it's something that I didn't like so


these are the pot and body wipes and I

use these things quite often I use

another brand but the scent on these I I

can't stand it

it says orange licious and it's it

smells medicinal to me I do not like the

scent of these at all they do a good job

I would use them what I'm going to use

them for our Paul way so I wouldn't use

them on my body simply because I do not

like a scent I don't know what they were

doing with this stuff because it's not a

good one so anyway and I will list

everything below in the description box

of these products and how much they cost

I got most of these at our local Menards

store but if you don't have one close

they are on Amazon you can get their

full line there um okay so I'm gonna

talk about this one next and please I

mean they get put a for packaging that's

so cute um so anyway this is called the

dry shampoo or dry clean blueberry

muffin spray shampoo I use this on

Guinness this morning and it it's really

nice it's not a I'm not a big blueberry

fan it's not overpowering oh it's a

really nice scent

I was very happy with this I just

sprayed it all over him he doesn't mind

he'll do anything so I just sprayed it

all over him and took a damp cloth and

just wipe them down with it and it

worked really well so I loved this

product and one of the other ones that

I'm kind of um on the fence about is

this and it's called the oatmeal paw

butter and it soothes and relieves draft

dry cracked paws this smells really good

which is part of the problem I think

because when I put this on Guinness he

licked it off

he just started licking all this pause

he thought it was so good so I don't

know if that's a great thing um and then

when I tried to put it on my little guys

they just did not look really high they

just did not appreciate it at all they

were a little she's even a little

freaked out now she just doesn't know

what it is um now she's gonna lick it

I don't know I'm on the fence on this


smells really good cat smells like um

like coffee in a way um so yeah you

don't like that I don't know it seems

like they would lick it off their feet

but we will give it another try and

maybe it'll be easier in a second time

but I will definitely give this one

another try and again that's the oatmeal

paw butter it's a great concept

I mean it's a really great concept if

especially if you have dogs that are

outside Lily come and the third come

here the the last product I'm going to

talk about come here Sam come here

Lily was wrong hi today the last product

I'm gonna talk about I love love love

love love this this is called D shed me

and it's fresh watermelon miracle

deshedding rents we have used this now

the last three times I bathed the dog

we've been using this products for about

two months so we're really giving them a

good try but we've used this product the

last three times

it not only I've never used a

conditioner on the dogs before but not

only are they incredibly soft but they

do not shed as much I've tried other

deshedding products that actually the

one that you put in their food I've

tried different ones that just don't do

anything that I haven't seen any results

but this stuff I the first time I used

it I saw and my husband wears a lot of

black so when he picks up the dogs and

he cuddles with them he gets white hair

all over and he's even noticed that it's

it there's a different

so we will continue to use this every

single time I shampoo I was so I cannot

tell you how happy I am with this

particular one so that is it for us

that's our first product review I hope

you enjoyed it please let me know down

in the comments below if you want us to

do a particular one if you thought you

wanted to try out a product and you just

don't know about it we'd love to try it

out for you I probably won't do I know I

won't do dog foods because I don't like

to mess with their diet at all but

treats ur shampoo other brands of

shampoos or anything like that true toys

anything she sees dead over there she

goes you're gonna get so excited yeah

anyway that's it for us thank you for

watching please subscribe if you haven't

and give this video a thumbs up if you

like these product reviews will do more

oh my goodness we'll do more right

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