Burt's Bees Waterless Cat Shampoo Review|Cat Waterless Shampoo Spray

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hey guys what's going on so I just got

back from grocery shopping and I

actually totally wasn't looking for this

but I saw I was buying a cat food for my

kitty and I saw this Burt's Bees for

cats waterless shampoo with apple and

honey and I was like hmm

you know usually cats just clean

themselves but I do love Burt's Bees

products like I've tried their

chopsticks and lip glosses in the past

and lotions and stuff and I love love

love their products so I thought that

was really interesting I did not know

that they made waterless shampoo for

cats so I saw this and I was very

excited about it

as you guys could probably tell by the

tone of my voice so it has apple and

honey and it literally smells so good it

smells just like apples and honey

delicious you know what sighs this is C

10 ounces 99%

I'm sorry ninety-nine point seven

percent natural that sounds pretty good

to me

so actions just spray your cat from back

of spray your cat from back of years to

tail while carefully avoiding eyes and

brush through repeat as needed

mornings in case of contact with eyes

flush thoroughly with water keep out of

reach of children and pets to avoid

possible consumption will not wash off

top topical flea and tick treatment when

following treatment manufacturer's

directions ingredients water to sodium

soil to me

cocoa Beth teen glycerin honey Pyrus

malice apple fruit extract potassium

sorbate dr. Lucas I'd been except

Donnell and citric acid sorry I'm

horrible pronouncing these these things

so I mean it sounded pretty interested

to me I mean my cat like you know all

cat they have special tongues so they do

clean themselves you know

properly but I don't know I thought

maybe this would just give her a little

extra boost what do you think penny

want mama to clean you so yeah I just

thought it was interesting and I'm like

i right

oh my mom buys these wipes for our older

cats because they have a hard time

sometimes getting like the back of their

back up their back cleaned like near

their tail area because they can't reach

back there and it gets one Oh Maddie and

then you know my mom will have to brush

our now I try to brush my cat a couple

times a week

but I usually just do it with a brush

and I don't do it with the waterless

shampoo so I thought this was

interesting and I'm gonna try it out and

I'm gonna see how it goes all right guys

so I'm gonna be honest with you I when I

was buying this product I wasn't

thinking and I was just thinking oh wow

great I could shampoo my cat but she

does not like being sprayed with any

type of water and I was not thinking

about that unfortunately I think I

scared her a little bit with it so I try

to spray her what they like the

direction say you know back of the ears

to the back of the you know the tail

area but she would not let me so what I

just did is i'm gonna grab spray and i'm

gonna just show you guys so if you have

a problem with your cats you could get

them to uh I could get them to let you

brush them she just she just ran away

from me again so I'm just gonna spray it

on the brush today that just a second

ago before I started recording and I'm

just gonna brush her with the wet brush

because she's not letting me spray it on

her and I don't think she's going to but

I just want to I sprayed it on myself

for a second just so you guys can see

the consistency so it's it's clear it's

very light it almost looks soapy and it

doesn't stain or anything which is nice

because I just got it off all over my

countertop so I'm gonna get her to come

over here by kind of tricking her into


she's getting more food all right penny

but mommy brushy babe

all right she's so she's letting me

brush her with the waterless shampoo on

on the brush but you know she's just not

having it when I try to spray her and

you know what I think most most people

with cats that try to use this product

are gonna have the same issue most cats

do not like water they don't like being

sprayed with anything and I actually the

way that I trained her not to hop on the

dining room table is by spraying her

with water and I you know cuz cat eat

water so you know that probably didn't

help with my situation and I was not

thinking about that when I purchased it

I was not thinking about oh she's not

gonna like it she's gonna hate it

because she doesn't like water had just

did not I don't know why that slipped my

mind but looks like it's doing a good

job I just want her to be clean and you

know help with something to help with

hair bowls and stuff and you know cuz I

was just brushing her on her own and she

does enjoy being brushed but uh I think

this waterless shampoo will really help

and it has a very light scent but the

scent is very pleasant and very natural

and that's what I like about it I'll

slip it over now she's trying to be cute

and show off right penny all right let

me put you one of the mummies for you so

yeah I guess that's how Oh we'll have to

do it from now on

he'll have to do a sprite on the brush

and then brush her with the wet brush

because she's not gonna let me spray her

so there you have it guys Burt's Bees

for cats waterless shampoo with apple

and honey hope you try it for your cats

I hope it works out better for you but

if it doesn't there's always the option

of spraying the brush so I hope you guys

try it out and I really hope it works

for you have a good one and thank you

for watching


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