DIY Dog Shampoo That Is Great For Helping Fight Fleas|Homemade Shampoo

hey guys what's up its Mickey welcome

back to my little place for happy things

and thoughts in this week's video I'm

going to be showing you how to make some

DIY dog shampoo as part of my pet DIYs

series so disclaimer although this

shampoo is intended to help with fleas

nothing really helps like the

professional treatment that you get at

the vets like the medication or shots

even shampoos that I bought at the store

don't help as well the expensive ones

I've done it all but the way I do use

this as an extra step to help prevent

those pesky fleas and also because of

what I put in it it really helps with

really dirty dogs I like especially

using it after I take them to the dog

park where they haven't got a shower for

a really long time it's really good at

removing all of that dirt so with that

said let me show you guys how I make

shampoo for my dogs to make your doggie

shampoo you are going to need one cup of

dish soap I like using Don because it is

biodegradable and safe to use on animals

you will also need half a cup of vinegar

vinegar is great for repelling fleas

because they do not like the scent next

you will need 1/4 of a cup of coconut

oil and this is just to moisturize your

pets skin you are also going to need 1/2

a cup of baking soda baking soda is also

great for repelling fleas and will leave

your dog's sparkling clean and finally

you will need a few drops of essential

oil for this shampoo I use a flipped us

but you can use mint or rosemary not

only does it leave your dog smelling

good but fleas do not like the smell

once you have all of your ingredients

gathered and ready simply pour them into

a large bowl try to use a mixing bowl

that's a little bit bigger than what

you're gonna pour in there because when

you do add the vinegar and baking soda

they're gonna react and create some foam

that may overflow so once you have all

your ingredients in the bowl simply mix

and then pour it into a container

I kinda wish I had a funnel for this

part but I didn't so I had to work with

what I had so if you have one go ahead

and use that I would recommend it once

done you are now ready to use your

doggie shampoo on your doggies like I

said earlier this is a really great

additional step that you can take in

order to prevent your doggy from getting

any fleas or ticks but nothing really

helps prevent fleas like shots or the

medication that your vet can provide but

nonetheless this shampoo is a great

additional step to help get rid of those

pesky fleas and ticks and it's also a

much cheaper alternative a good dog

shampoo can cost you quite a bit so I

think this is an awesome inexpensive

alternative as you can see my dogs are

not very fond of taking shower as well

specifically Ozzy Charlie's kind of okay

with it but whenever I gave them a treat

and after they take baths they seem to

be extra happy and cheerful they start

running all over and they're sparkly

clean and that is it I hope that you

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gonna be showing you guys Charlie


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