DIY Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Recipe | Homemade Shampoo

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

make dog shampoo really easy with simple

ingredients that you should have at home

and if you don't you can always go to

the grocery store and get it and it's

really cheap stuff that's for cooking I

use it myself obviously

for my dog and he loves it he smells

good he's shiny and smooth it

moisturizes his skin his hair grease are

very easy let's go over to my kitchen

and I'll show you guys what to do is

four ingredients not including water but

let's go ahead and show you guys how do

you switch this over to the other side

oatmeal is the first ingredient you need

you need about a cup do you need a

blender cuz we're gonna blend these um

you also need baking soda about one cup

one spoon or half a spoon to 1 spoon of

olive oil and the final ingredient is

not mandatory coconut oil is the best

thing ever right now this recipe is for

a large dog is gonna make a lot just

make sure the oats are fine and mix all

the ingredients with the water and

that's it guys is really easy you see


baking soda



washing dirty bombs well he doesn't have

an old balls cuz he got fixed but they

say that's dead for dogs or climbing

their temperament down when they get

through balls chopped off I don't know

yeah I guess I'm I don't want to say

it's true but I guess it's true um but

at least he gets to have lots of sex and

not have babies although our female ran


I had a female pit he's a mix his boys a

pit mix and he's uh he's an emotional

support dog for me because I need a

motion support I guess I can make a

video talking about how to get the



emotional support pet so you can take

him or her anywhere and nobody gonna say

 to you because you can take your

pet with you anywhere according to

federal law if you got that license and


yeah I'll talk about that in another


well could you coochy coochy coochy

coochy but yeah i just wanted to show

you guys yeah you gotta like you know

get it in there it's pretty thick look

at him

anima canto

how well it's getting in there



he's not even excited I'm excited but

anyways guys take care and oh my god I

can't figure it out I can't figure it

out this is switched over to the other

side what do you mean

hey you guys hey you guys what's up

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