Does Bodhi Dog Waterless Shampoo Really Work And Safe?

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this is Phoenix this but this is Griffin

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have to miss a new video today we're

gonna do a review I got some products

sent to me by this company called Bodie

dog I'm pretty excited to try these out

because each of these dogs has their own

issues that I kind of want to take care

of and I am stoked so we're gonna try

these out they sent these to me for free

and just disclaimer and I'm gonna let

you guys know what I think here's what

they look like so for Phoenix as you

guys may or may not be aware if you've

been following along she just had knee

surgery for the second time on her

second knee about four weeks ago she

just had the last of her stitches

removed since she had her surgery we're

not really supposed to like bathe her

excessively or get too wet because we

didn't want her stitches to get too

gross or infected or whatever but the

problem then becomes that she gets dirty

Phoenix is not like an excessively clean

dog like she'll roll around in garbage

and then just be totally fine with it so

I wanted to see if we could try this

waterless shampoo it's made with oatmeal

and apple extract it leaves the coat

shiny soft and smelling fresh

neutralizes pet odor yes we need that to

stay for sensitive skin hundred-percent

non-toxic hypoallergenic alcohol and

detergent free no parabens wow this is

fancier than my shampoo light apple

scent oh god did you just for this is

why we need this safe for you your pet

and planet this is made in the USA is

animal cruelty free and it is

all-natural so it says it's safe to use

on all your furry friends dogs cats

rabbits and ferrets which is exciting my

roommate in college had two ferrets and

I know how they feel about this shield

the pets eyes let stand unquote for one

minute then rub your Peck seal in the

towel this company Bodie dog is in

Austin Texas I'll put all the links to

the stuff in the description box below

the second thing that we're gonna try is

for Griffin since we've given her bath

and since we've rescued her we've

removed a lot of like mad and on fur but

it's dried her skin out of it so I don't

know what it is maybe she just has dry

skin it makes her super duper itchy so I

got her this premium anti itch spray

naturally deodorizing made with oatmeal

and baking soda supposed to stop itching

freshen and condition soothe irritated

skin while leaving coat shiny and soft

made with oatmeal oat protein baking

soda wheat germ vitamins A D me I'm

super excited for this cuz Griffin has

been getting so itchy on top of it it is

a bit dusty here and she runs every

single morning she just gets like home

all the morning dust on her and it's

made her even more edgy formulated for

sensitive skin 100% non-toxic

hypoallergenic alcohol and detergent

free blood apple scent oh you guys are

gonna like apples all plant

botanical-based blend neutralizes pet

odor safe for you your pet in the planet

it says it treats flea bites grass and

pollen allergies food allergies

scratches Ron irritate skin also made in

the USA also animal cruelty free eco

friendly and natural this is super cool

I'm so excited

so we're supposed to press this down

apply liberally focusing on the dramatic

areas shield the pets eye good idea is

to brush your pet after application okay

I'm kind of sitting weird cuz Phoenix is

Phoenix is in my spot right now we're

gonna do you first okay we're gonna do

you first oh you're so cute alright so

since Phoenix is looking all comfy over

here we'll just start with her

well I only have to prime this public

three times and stuff is already coming

out that is a nice spray pattern I have

to say yes your belly keep it away from

your eyes you smell nice like apples can

you stand up for me okay


then we're gonna let it sit I feel like

you like from doing a hair tutorial

welcome back to my hair tutorial channel

but really it's a dog hair tutorial

channel that's right I think I think I

should start that I'm kind of rubbing it

in I don't know if it's supposed to do


he makes us really thick hair and it

needs to spread it around so the cool

thing about this I think is that you can

use it as like a spot treatment so you

don't then put it all over your dog you

could just do like a specific spot your

tail girl needs some help

needs some help we're just gonna let

that sit for a minute and then I'm gonna

towel dry her it doesn't feel too like

gross in my hand it actually feels like

kind of nice and moisturizing yes you

would tell you like I want to give you

some more you're extra stinky I feel

like I'm putting on hairspray and now

I'm setting the hair alright you did

great you did a good job

alright so Griffin always gets itchy

like right under here under her armpits

we we've looked under there and we don't

see like no soon as I make fleas or

anything it's literally just her skin

bugging her and making her wig out

we only saw it after we gave her bath so

oh this one I took two pumps to prime

that is a nice pump okay okay so I'm

gonna spray it on good girl

put it on everywhere especially under

here do the other side too

what a joke you're being so quick got

the towel for Phoenix they tell you oh

yeah I can't decipher what this smell is

I think part of it is it's not kind of

like you rolled in something gross but

like we're trying to mask it with like

the smell of like shampoo Phoenix is

notorious for rolling and cat poops and

other gross things and then just coming

into the house and giving you kisses oh

yes we put them here hey you look up

here quick girl ghost your mom yeah good

shot gosh you're so good you need that

you get so good

and you keep them quick hello


it's like spa day for you you like that

okay okie dokie I think you're good

let's see oh wow wow wow this is pretty

impressive oh I'm impressed

this like poofed your hair with it it

seems a lot less oily and disgusting I'm

going to comb her through a little bit

well that was cool like as soon as she

shook it like of course it's not exactly

100% the same as getting like a full

bath but this is pretty good for

in-between bath oh good are you happy


okay okay

it's a grimace bye see you later oh I'm

gonna help me move in with this

undercoat rake

yes it's an undercoat Rick yeah you're

so smart

oh hell yes


is trying to get all of that

it's stuff like onto her skin I think

that's what's really the issue it's

going in pretty well I think the real

test is to see like how you do tonight

and tomorrow morning like are you gonna

be super extra itchy some have to see

how she does

overall I think I think the products are

really good I'm super impressed with the

waterless shampoo I guess it's too soon

to tell if the anti itch stuff has been

working or not I guess I'll let you guys

know I could probably tell you in the

comment section below

yeah you look so clean it's almost like

they gave me a little bath what are you

doing is my hair in your face you what

would you look like if you had hair grip

hey I think that's a good look for you

do you want to come it's not your thing

no oh gosh

did you like it or what about the dog

Walden Cup again maybe for Halloween I

should come as a super dog mom and have

these in holsters well the fastest

sprays in the West let me know in the

comment section below if you guys have

ever tried these products before and

what did you guys think about them if

you like this brand what other products

of theirs have you tried and maybe we'll

try them out thanks for watching make

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all right it's been real see you guys in

next week buck

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