Does Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo Wash Off Flea And Tick Treatment?

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hi well you guys know that when sons on

vacation if you saw my last video where

he took that cool watch with him oh I

didn't have it to show you when I did

the review but um anyway so there are

some things that he does for me and one

of them is giving my daughter back and

she's not here i am not going to get the

dog about haha i am going to give my dog

a dry bath though because she does have

a little bit of a odor so i am going to

give her a dry back now you know how you

use dry shampoo for your hair well yeah

in a pinch you've got to do that right

so in a pinch which I am now in I am

going to do the same thing for princess

not with her own foaming move dry dog

shampoo I'm going to be using this one

and this is the one that pot choice sent

me not pop choice sent me another one

before with a difference then and this

one is a lavender and chamomile sent so

I'm assuming that it's very relaxing so

I hope she relaxes when I'm doing this

haha let me show you how this works

princess is not like that okay so this

is like always giving her a bath without

her knowing alright so you pump it up

like this and if phone comes out nice

and it smells delicious nice and then

you just rub it like that and she's kind

of like rubbing soap rehearse this is

much better than a month she does not

like that the thing is like a Dodge she

likes this it smells really good so it

comes on a little bit wet but that just

drives up really beautiful and she's

fairly joined it trust me

no oh it smells really good so now she

feels good well so that is the way i use

this I like it this is made in the USA

and this is they have a website here in

the address pot choice makes good

products I like it the ingredients are

purified water and ice not my camp

renowned and always coconut derived

product I don't know and fragrance and

citric acid that's to keep it fresh so

yeah I like it it's good i hope that you

liked my video and i hope that you have

a day full of peace love and happiness

thanks bye bye

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