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everybody is Doug klutz and today I have

another product review for you and a

special guest here is my one of my dogs

Jack and as always any time I find a

product that I like and that I think

works I like to share it with you all on

my youtube channel and this is actually

a product the Jack here has been using

for quite a few years and it's an

all-natural dog shampoo and the the dog

shampoo is called moosh and it's put out

by the fieldworks company and i'm going

to provide a link to where i order it on

amazon but this moosh product is

something that i have been using on Jack

for many years now and I was in the

market for an all-natural dog shampoo

because if you read the ingredients list

on a lot of dog shampoos they have a lot

of harsh chemicals and synthetic

ingredients and I wanted one that was

all-natural and had really good

all-natural ingredients and that is

fairly difficult to come by

in today's dog shampoo market and the

reason I was interested in this is

because Jack especially in the warmer

months has some allergies and would

develop some hot spots and would just

not be feeling too well because I could

tell his his coat was bothering him so I

I wanted a product that had some

soothing ingredients and luckily I

discovered and we discovered I should

say this this moosh product and it has

some really good quality all-natural

ingredients I'm going to provide the

ingredient list in the product

description below but the first

ingredient which I loved was aloe vera

juice which is extremely soothing to the

skin and it also has bentonite clay in

there as well which both has external

and internal uses for many many many

years and you can read up on the

benefits of bentonite clay but another

very soothing ingredient

it also has rosemary essential oil in

there and it has some nutmeg essential

oil in there as well

it has a base of coconut oil and olive

oil and sunflower oil it just has really

good quality all natural ingredients

argan oil is another ingredient in here

which is known to be really good for for

the hair so this mousse product is just

a really good high quality product and

like I said I've been using it for years

on Jack with a lot of success especially

for those those warmer months so if

you're in the market for an all-natural

dog shampoo I would highly highly highly

recommend checking out this brand

moosh by the fieldworks Supply Company

so I'll provide the link in the product

description below but hopefully this

helps your dog out and if your dog

suffers from itching and scratching and

hot spots in those warmer months I'd

give it a shot because I think this

product really works alright

take care

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