Earthbath All-Natural Shampoo Review| Dog Shampoo

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hey guys it's Samantha from top dog tips

back with another review this is my

boxer Chloe who doesn't like to take

baths but we are taking about today with

her shampoo we use earth bath this is

oatmeal and a love shampoo for Chloe

she has naturally very dry itchy skin we

also live in Maine so this time of year

the air is a lot drier the weather is

colder we hit everything like a wood

stove which makes the air inside just as

dry as the air outside so Chloe has a

hard time with itchy skin this time of

year again oatmeal and aloe so it's very

soothing it's all natural there's no

chemicals this is a hundred percent

biodegradable so if you're looking to

lessen your carbon footprint or your

dog's carbon paw print this is a great

choice it's a great lather it's got a

very soft / it's a good smell you can

smell there it's made with vanilla and

almond so you can smell mostly the

vanilla you can smell a soft hands at

the almond but it's a very very soft

odor it leaves your dog smelling clean

and fresh but it's not that overwhelming

perfumey smell that some pet shampoos

have we let our dogs get on our

furniture and our bed and things like

that so some things those other folders

from other shampoos are really strong

and they are left behind on the

furniture and the bedding and things

like that

this isn't like that again nice odor

definitely a good smell but not as

powerful not as strong so we like that

I'm going to show you how well it

lathers Chloe is not that I'm very

cooperative today so I already let her

down I'm just gonna let her go really

quickly squeeze a little shampoo in her

you can see the top is a quick easy pop

top so you can do it one-handed like I

am and either use the other hand to pet

your dog like I have to do or you can

use it to allow

all in I'm going to just bring the

camera closer and anyway this nice

lather it's really wonderful gets in

there cleans the skin Chloe is a

short-haired breed so it's a little bit

easier for me than it probably is for

some of you who have golden retrievers

or a Christian Barnard's but it works

really well for Chloe again she's prone

to dry itchy skin and the weather here

in Maine doesn't help especially in the

wintertime so we found this from Earth

bath we really recommend this product

this is my favorite dog shampoo that we

have found and tried a lot of different

kinds great smell leaves your dog's mind

fresh and clean and it does what it's

supposed to do it relieves the aloe and

the oatmeal helped to naturally relieved

that itching without the chemicals and

without the things that are going to

irritate their skin even further so that

is our opinion of the earth bath pet

shampoo if you try it and you like it

let us know if you try it and have any

issues let us know about those two we'd

love to hear from you thanks guys


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