Effectively Cleans Without The Use Of Water | Dry Shampoo Mousse For Pets

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oxi pet is pampered pooch dry shampoo

mousse this is no ordinary shampoo this

highly advanced formula thoroughly and

effectively cleanses without the use of

water no water no rinsing simply apply

pampered pooch dry shampoo mousse to dry

coat massage into coat well and towel

dry our luxury aiding dry shampoo is non

sticky won't flake and leaves no residue

this new-age formula dries in minutes

it's ideal for touch-ups spot cleaning

in between grooming and grooming it's

perfect for young or mature pets who may

not tolerate a grooming that requires

rinsing with water and for those times

when weather conditions are much too

cold to bathe your pet pampered pooch

dry shampoo is the answer oxy pets

award-winning packaging has created

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