👆Everything You Need To Know When Shopping for Pets Shampoo

hi this is dr. Karen Becker and if

you're a frequent visitor here at

Mercola healthy pets you will know that

I'm a big fan of giving dogs Babs

regularly if they need them I believe

you should bathe your dog as often as

necessary to relieve itchy or inflamed

skin wash away dirt allergens pollutants

and pests and to manage bacterial and

yeast overgrowth bathing also gets rid

of dead skin and hair build-up and also

helps to keep your dog or cat very

comfortable and also non stinky some

dogs rarely need baths in fact some dogs

can go years in between baths however

other dogs and the majority of my

patients need baths very regularly in

fact some dogs need baths several times

a week to manage skin conditions without

having to use constant drugs it would

always be my preference to manage a

condition externally of course bathing

is basically cheap and free in most

situations other than the cost of your

shampoo but it's incredibly effective at

managing dermatological conditions so

when most veterinarians will pick oral

antibiotics in fact I have some

colleagues that will say just leave dogs

on antibiotics if they've got recurrent

skin or staph infections I completely

disagree in most of these scenarios with

chronic skin conditions you can

absolutely manage your pets dermatologic

condition externally without having to

use any oral medications and that's my

preference it's a pain but it's a really

nice all-natural choice

- constant drug use however it's

important that you're picking your

shampoo really wisely so it depends on

the type of coat that your pet has where

you live what your dog's chemical

exposure is what kind of lifestyle you

and your dog live as well as the food

you provide to your dog also your pets

immune system plays in to how often they

need to be bathed and how well your pet

actually manages his own level of

bacteria and yeast or how often he's

having recurrent outbreaks of itchy

irritated skin whenever I talk about

bathing a pet I always recommend using a

gentle all-natural shampoo specifically

created for pets I don't recommend using

human shampoos because human shampoos

are pH balanced for people and not for


so not only are using natural shampoos

better for your pets skin and coat

they're actually obviously much

because whatever is being absorbed is

non-toxic and you have to think about

that whatever is listed on your pet

shampoo will invariably end up inside of

your pets body that's just what happens

they're going to lick and groom

themselves and so whatever shampoo you

purchase will inevitably end up in the

bloodstream of your dog or cat

unfortunately many popular shampoos for

both pets and people contain toxic

ingredients including pyrethrins which

is a type of insecticide d trans a

letter n' which is a suspected endocrine

disrupter res Mathurin which is a

classified likely carcinogen so that

just is the tip of the iceberg my rule

of thumb is if you read the back of any

shampoo bottle and you can't pronounce

any of the ingredients or know what

they're in therefore you should not be

putting them on your scalp and you most

certainly should not bathe your dog or

cat in them and you should know that

these these chemicals all of them are

highly toxic to both dogs and cats and

certainly have to be avoided

specifically for cats in fact some of

these chemicals that I just listed will

kill cats dead so I don't recommend you

even have them in the house if you own a

cat I also don't recommend oatmeal

shampoos and for a lot of people that

shocking oatmeal shampoos have become

incredibly popular through the 70s and

80s for use on dogs with skin conditions

but actually it's one of the worst

things I could ever suggest that you use

oatmeal was of course originally created

to help soothe irritated skin but what

you have to remember is that 80% of

allergic dogs are suffering from skin

infections whether it's bacteria or

yeast on their skin they're having

infection and we know that oatmeal

breaks down into a carbohydrate sugar

and sugar feeds both yeast and staff as

well as other bacteria growing on the

skin so I'm not a big fan of bathing

dogs in any type of oatmeal based

shampoo especially if they're having any

type of skin condition the only instance

where I do advocate using oatmeal would

be on the rare instances where dogs

actually have a sensitivity to either

poison oak or poison ivy so in those

situations where you have an

instantaneous allergic hyperemic

reaction or red itchy skin hives

maybe oatmeal would be appropriate but

those are one-time very rare conditions

all in all my recommendation is to use

only shampoos that are us

a certified organic that means you're

going to be safe when it comes to no

chemical load I also recommend that you

look for shampoos that are sulfite and

sulfate free and don't contain any harsh

chemicals obviously I also recommend

that you look for formulas that are

specifically blended together to help

soothe and support your dog's healthy

skin and coat look for products that

contain soothing organic herbal extracts

and rich moisturizers as well including

ingredients such as organic neem seed

oil and neem leaf extract neem is really

excellent as a natural anti parasitic

agent organic coconut is a super base

for a shampoo in fact that's what I tell

all my clients to do is just make sure

that it says coconut oil as one of the

first ingredients the smartest thing you

can do coconut oil is naturally

antifungal and antibacterial so you get

great benefits right off the bat using

that as a primary ingredient you can

look for shampoos that contain organic

sunflower and sesame oils these oils are

a mega six fatty acids which are very

moisturizing to the skin and coat but

also provide a nice shine to your dog or

cuts of burn skin organic jojoba oil or

jojoba seed oil is incredibly

moisturizing and so if you're bathing

your pet regularly so a lot of my dogs

can stay off of all allergy medications

all summer if they get a bath bath every

other day that's a lot of aiding and as

long as you're using a great shampoo

just like for our hair you can wash your

hair everyday or even once a week and

not over dry your hair if you're picking

the right shampoo same holds true for

your dogs or cats I also look for

products that contain some natural herbs

so organic horsetail leaf extract

organic aloe vera juice or organic shea

butter are all really nice additions

when it comes to soothing and

moisturizing your dogs or cats coats as

well all of these ingredients or any

combination of these ingredients have

been proven to be actually be very very

safe but also really effective and not

only cleansing your pets skin but also

help to restore the pH balance as well

as help keep potentially pathogenic

bacteria and yeast at bay the shampoos

and conditioners I use with my own pets

and patients are also eco friendly

biodegradable safe for outdoor use which

means you're not going to kill your

grass if you decide to bathe your dog

outside in the summer I also recommend

that you try and find a shampoo that's

made in the you

it states at a GMP facility so you know

that the quality of ingredients is

consistent and safe so now that you know

what to exactly look for when it comes

to what shampoo you should be using for

your pet what I would recommend is that

you just start reading labels if you

read labels you'll be armed with the

information you need to know what's best

for determining the shampoo that you're

thinking about purchasing not only so

that it's effective but that it's also

very safe you

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