FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo Review | Dog Shampoo

hey guys this is my German Shepherd Zeki

and I bought this new deshedding

waterless spray to try on him as they

made by Furminator same as the company

that made this brush and I do use their

shampoo and conditioner so this is

supposed to help with this Shetty

so you just shake it spray it all over

him and rub and then brush you can towel

drive his to wet but no rinsing needed

so let's try it out it smells pretty

good and you can tell that he's loving

it so I just sprayed it all over him and

then let's rub it on while ye do you

love it don't you

you love it oh boy oh boy and he usually

hates being brushed see he already

doesn't want to but I did brush him this

morning I used both the furminator and

the King comb so I think that if you do

that like three times a week and

actually helps a lot with sharing but

look how much hump

look how much I got off of them even him

after him being brushed yesterday and

this morning so yeah I just wanted to

show you guys this new product that I

got the Furminator brush works really

good what I like about it is that after

you brush whatever hair and fur that

comes out its back and on the brush

unlike the king comb it's like three

blades and the King come actually takes

a lot of fur out of him but it

definitely needs to be done outdoors

because it'll get everywhere there's no

like a button that you can push to

release the fur but yeah well you guys I

just wanted to share that new product

with you I will see


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