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Hi everybody and welcome back to

Relax My Dog my name is Leah and this

is Milo and today we're going to be

talking to you guys about how to make

your very own doggie shampoo so if

you'd like to learn more let's get started

I know that sometimes doggie

shampoo can be rather expensive and

sometimes it can be quite expensive to

wash your dog every single time they get

muddy, so today we're going to be talking to you guys about how to make a doggie shampoo

from the comfort of your own home using

products that you probably have in your

kitchen, so the ingredients you'll need

are 1 quart of water which also equates

to about 4 to 5 cups of water,

you'll also need some apple cider

vinegar or just cider vinegar that we

have here which we're going to add and

you need a cup of this, then you also

need a 1 cup of baby shampoo, we've just

got one here, this sort of makes

it lather up and that's pretty much it

so we're gonna get started, we have our

bowl here to mix everything together

Let's get started! I have already measured out the water

this is about four and a half cups of

water which we're going to add to our

bowl, then we're gonna add our cup of a

cider vinegar, this probably isn't gonna

smell the nicest, I'm not gonna

make you drink this! So we have

about a cup of cider vinegar there, I'm

gonna add that into our mixture and we

also need a cup of baby shampoo, which

again we're gonna add, this is quite

a lot of shampoo but this is a shampoo

that you can use again and again and

again for your dog, and we'll show you how later, so we're gonna pour in the baby

shampoo like so we're just going to give

that a good old mix, so the water should

look a little bit thicker than usual

obviously because it has some shampoo

it should also start to lather up or get a

little bit soapy as well which I don't know

if you can see but ours is doing that,

then to sort of preserve this we

actually have a little spray bottle here,

you can pick these up and pretty much

anywhere and we're just going to add

some of this mixture into here so we can

use it for a future video for you guys!

Now if you do have a much smaller dog

and you don't want to create this much

shampoo you can actually use measurements

such as 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of  baby

shampoo and also a quarter cup of apple

cider vinegar as well if that's

something that you wanted to consider,

so we're going to pop this into here

so there we have our liquid in here,

it's already started to lather up which

sort of proves to me that it is going to work

and then with the rest of the mixture, I'm going to disperse this into other containers similar to that

one to help preserve it so we can use it

for future washes for our dog

And that is it for this week's video, I really

really do hope you've enjoyed it and

that you have made your very own doggy

shampoo, for next week's video we're

actually showing how you use this on

your dog, so definitely stay tuned to

learn how to bath your dog but you have

a week now to make this to prepare for that video

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gonna have a nice big wash...

We'll see you next time, bye!

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