Guides On Dog Grooming Steps For A Beginner | The Right Method To Groom a Cavachon Dog

1. Theory of Five Book by Melissa Verplank

first thing that we need to do is

thoroughly brush Charlie before he gets

in the tub Charlie's got matted but he

does have some dead hair in his coat

that we need to remove so we can get him

thoroughly clean on the tub and get him

ready for his broom we're trying to

remove any dead hair this is what will

cause the minutes if we don't remove it

and we just go ahead and wash him bathe

him and dry him and clip him he's going

to Mack a lot easier than he would if we

properly prepped the coat which is to

thoroughly brush it out before the bath

the next thing I would do before the

bath is to remove any hair from inside

the ear canal by plucking and Charlie

has minimal as you can see so we're just

going to gently remove that with our

hemostats little bits at a time good job


and he doesn't have much so I think

we're good the reason we do this is

because having hair inside of the ear

like this can definitely Harbor debris

and build up it's things like that

inside the ears so we just want to make

sure that we remove the bulk of it

that's all what's inside the ear inside

only not on the earlobe now Charlie's on

the top and we're just gonna give him a

really thorough wash that's important to

thoroughly wash every dog before you

bring them it's Charlie had an abundance

of coat I may have taken some of that

off by doing a little pre trimming prior

to the bathing process because then he

won't have to spend so much time drying

you know it's a horse dryer in the stand

dryer Charlie was here six weeks ago so

he's good to go

thoroughly wash him then I'm going to

rinse them and then I'm going to

condition him and then I'm going to

thoroughly rinse him one more time then

we'll be ready to get on the table and

start dry and Charlie she is a fluffy

coat like a poodle or Bijan so we do

like to do a lot of fluffing on this

breeds so that we can get a beautiful

scissor trim on them with our finishing

work and our snap-on homework which we

are going to be doing and a little yeah

thoroughly rinse and our dogs is so

important guys hold that nose down rinse

the eyes then give them a break on the

face then come back make sure you don't

get water in the ears I hold the ear

close to the head like this so I can

really rinse it good rinse the eyes good

very important under the chin thoroughly

rinse your dog guys until the water runs

clear that means there's no more product

left in the coat it's okay big boy if

you leave product in your dog's coat

it's going to build up with debris and

grime quickly because by leaving the

leave-in product which is conditioner or

shampoo in the coat give build-up

something to adhere to if that makes

sense so you want to thoroughly rinse

plus you want to thoroughly rinse all

the dander off your dog's skin and coat

and now that Charlie's rinsed we need to

thoroughly tell Charlie off as much as

possible before we start the drying

process so I want to tell him off and

get as much water out of this skin and

coat as as I can so that it speeds up

our drying process and one way to speed

up that drying process is to definitely

use the absorber towels I have a link

below if you guys are interested in

picking them up I use them all the time

in my grooming shop now I do not use

regular towels at all to dry dogs and

the reason I like it is because they

really pull so much water out of the

skin and coat and saves me a lot of time

on drying it saves the dog time on

drying they don't enjoy that you simply

bring it out

then continue on drying if you are a

first-time purchase of the absorber

towel by using my link which I'm

affiliated with below you will receive

10% off of your first purchase of the

absorber towel that's one to 3 or 10

towels however many you need if you

entered the code go to groomer it'll

prompt you for that when you get to the

website from my link you'll receive 10%

off the next thing that I do right


is clean his ears now with an air

cleansing solution I'm using the bark to

basics ear cleaning solution I really

like it it has witch hazel in it it's

gentle it smells very fresh and the dogs

don't seem to mind it at all so I pull

cotton ball in half I'm going to

saturate for the most part one half of

this cotton ball we're going to expose

Charlie's ear and I'm going to kind of

squeeze some of that down into his ear

so it runs down in there and loosens up

we really want that to loosen up any

build-up that's down inside his ear

because I only want to wipe as far in as

I can see and then I will wipe the rest

of his ear if he had any build-up

Charlie has very nice ears now what I'm

hoping since I put all that fluid down

in there I'm hoping he's going to give

us a good shake

and that my friend was awesome now I can

come back in here and wipe off any

excess with the dry cotton ball remember

I pulled that in half we're gonna wipe

off any excess anything that might have

lifted out of the ear with his shake and

his ears really are fairly clean you can

see that so the reason I like to do this

after the bath is in case any water may

have found its way inside the ear during

the bathing process the ear cleaning

solution will flush that water out of

there so that if anything is left behind

it's your cleaning solution which will

evaporate water has bacteria in it and

if he had a little bit of irritation

down his ears the bacteria and the water

could cause this the beginnings of us

your infection we don't want we don't

want that Charlie hey no no wait a newt

the next thing we're gonna do with


he's count off he's up on the table he's

safely secured with a groomers helper I

have my stand ryr on him

I'm going to gently brush Charlie's coat

completely his entire coat before he's


his entire coat this is going to also

remove any dead hair that I was unable

to remove by free brush in Charlie

before the back this is very important

this is a step that a lot of people

never take and this is a true

professional secret guys to a successful

groom this is how you properly prepare a

dog's coat for trimming I'm just going

to continue

to thoroughly gently brush

Charlie's entire coat before I force dry

him and continue to collect dry

keep in mind after your dog is bathed

their skin is soft because of the water

you know moisturize their skin and coat

so you know I'm actually using a matte

Zephyr brush on them which is an

aggressive brush but I'm being gentle

and it's so easy to get through the coat

right now I don't have to work hard this

coat is clean its conditioned it was pre

brushed and I can easily get through

this coat but I'm telling you you will

be amazed at the results that this

produces if you take advantage of this

step and do not forget to do it groomers

at home or professional groomers this is

a secret but I'm telling you guys

because it will make all the difference

in your greens

now that Charlie is thoroughly brushed

out before I dry him although I do have

stand dryer on him and I have been

fluffing his ears in his head but I do

keep moving that stand dry

pull some of the moisture out I'm about

to force dry them but the thing I need

to do before I do that is trim Charlie's

nails I like to trim Charlie's nails in

all dog's nails after the bath because

the nail at that point is not as brittle

it's got a little moisture in it just a

little easier to work with in my opinion

so as you can see now I have videos on

my channel about how to trim nails I'll

link one in the card above I push each

nail with my ring finger forward so I

can see it

we are trying to trim close to the quick

the quick is a little dock you can see

it there

that's on a clear nail you can see the

quick on a clear nail you can see the


on a darkness this nails a little darker

see I can't go any further when I see

that if I go too much further I'm gonna

get blood I don't want to cause blood it

happens sometimes

but I do not want to cause that

four-month for my babies we'll do this

one in slow motion for you




that's as far as we want to go we did

good now it's time to forstride charlie

I like to start at the back

I don't force try anything around their

head or their ears if you don't have a

fourth tire then skip this step but

don't skip this step of dressing your

dog thoroughly when they exit the back

and they're still wet you can let them

air dry and come back when their air

dried and brush them out one more time

and then you'll be ready for trimming if

you don't have a horse trailer that's


the idea the forced dryer is to hold it

as far away from the skin as the hair is

long so his hair is about an inch long

so I'm going to hold the poor Strayer

about an inch away if I got too close I

can cause whip knots we don't want that

so that's the rule of thumb for coarse

drying everybody's curious and we do not

hold the force dryer in one place for

long because it does speed up it's not

as hot as a stand dryer but remember

they're in a sensitive they just got out

of the back so I like to slowly move my

force dryer to keep the dog safe and I

know I'm not going to warm up its skin

too much so possibly you burn him

because you can burn a dog with horse

dryer a lot of people don't realize that

after I'm done force drying I'm just

gonna follow up with a little more fluff

drying here on his head his ears his

tail everything that I want very very

fluffy if you don't have a stand dryer

which many of you don't that's okay

after he's dry come back and do this you

can use a hair dryer on low heat and low

speed but never hold the hair dryer

close to your dog and hold it in one

place you have to constantly move it

notice my stand dryer is more than a

foot away from the dog because that's

safe and I can move it but I don't put

it right on the dog that is not safe I

want to make sure that we always

take care of our babies and we're

protective of hurting them

grooming table what tools a lot of

people may not realize some of this

stuff so I have to say it and don't feel

bad if you didn't know not everybody

grooms dogs every day right charlie

we've got a lot going on in here right

now Charlie's brothers over here behind

us getting dried with the stand dryer on

the table and now Charlie's ready for

trimming I have brushed him out

thoroughly after I dried him so I've

brushed him now three times if you can

get a comb through your dog like this

then it's time to trim them if you can't

then keep brushing until you can get a

comb through your dog just like this

on a number ten blade and I do use a

hair back system by handy so you'll see

that and hear it but you should be able

to hear me fine because I'm Mike we're

using a zero comb this is the wall

stainless steel cap on combs it's a 5/8

inch trim which means it's going to

leave about 5/8 of an inch of the length

so this is how you seat it onto your

blade it's ready to go at the base

of this skull right here Charlie saw

hold it charlie

Charlie is very squirmy on the table so

I need to be very careful and continue

to keep him harnessed all right because

I don't want him falling off the table

so we're gonna start under the job from

the earlobe all this under the jaw is

coming off the back of the skull behind

the ear in the back of the skull you can

feel that skull bone right below that

where it's all coming off so everything

from base of the ear to where the throat

starts in the back of the skull and I'm

using my zero home and of course this

hair vac system makes snap one snap one

cowork and just end clipper work a

breeze holding that ear up remember

we're going to follow this around you

can go the opposite direction with a

snap-on comb it's fine if that's more

comfortable for you

and we're going to continue to do that

around to the other side a Charlie's

head it's okay big boy

holding the era coming right up under

that jaw right where the throat is to

the base of the ear charlie okay so now

we have what is going to be our head

assembly and we will be scissoring this

later you can see what we've created and

I'm going to get Charlie back on the

grooming leash the way that he should be

I'm going to use this zero comb

completely on Charlie's body in his lay

and I'm just contouring his body I am

not scooping off

I am completely contouring his body try

to go with the lay of the coat however

when we're talking about a vision or

food or anything like that that type of

coat the coat is different than say a

drop coat like a spaniel or a retriever

or something like that so it's kind of

hard to mess up this coat type which is

pretty awesome isn't it coming down the

shoulder straight off the leg

the chest

pull this arm straight up just gently

wide that clipper right along the shape

of his leg we're not trying to leave any

excess Charlie stop

good boy I know you don't care for it

but you're doing good honey

write down the top of his foot just like


good you can see that it's not perfect

we're going to be doing scissor work so

no worries

I like to take the tail and hold this

leg right here at the hock and gently

tip it back like he was running and come

down straight off of that plank not into

it and coming straight off of it

just like that

straight down the side of the leg

snap-on comb is merely setting the link

don't forget that we are going to have

to do scissor work always always always

have to do scissor work and I'll show

you that nuts now here on Charlie I like

to hold one leg up and come up this the

inside of the leg gently we're just

setting the link we are going to have

two scissor that remember

and this side of Charlie this mount down

now here under the tail I'm going to

come at it towards his muscle here like

this and always pull this leg up go down

the other side and again

just like that

and this side of Charlie is all finished

on the base of the skull about an inch

down the tailbone both legs same snap

one comb I'm gonna do the other side and

then I'm going to show you how I set the

length on the top of his okay now still

with it ten blade you're gonna pop a

knee come on which leaves an inch and

I'm just going to blend it's not gonna

take much forward I'm coming down

towards his brow his visor come in over

the ears here's the ear set where the

ear connects to the head coming right

above that and I'm just setting the

length for his top skull that's all I'm

doing I'm gonna take the same comb hold

the ear back and come up the side of the

cheek it's really barely taking anything

I do want to point that out

it's just saving me some clipper work


okay we had a clipper malfunction now I

had to switch over to this andis AGC I'm

sorry and I can't use my clipper buck I

have a number ten blade on we're gonna

do a sanitary trim you're gonna pull his

tail and his leg up I'm gonna come this

way and then I'm gonna go the opposite

way just right in here if he was a

female on how to vulva that's what we'd

be going towards the vulva hey that's

all I'm doing there now on the anus

we're gonna go away from the anus in all

four directions


kind of hard to show on the camera all

the time guys

I'll do my best ok I have my ten blade

I'm only clipping to about the belly

button so I'm going to come right off

the penis to about where the belly

button is which is right in front of the

penis and then we're going to come

towards that in a v-shape kind of we're

just cleaning this off under here with a

ten blade good job

and if your dog can't do this you can do

all this from the underside like I was

just doing with the 10 blade I'm gonna

clean off the ear lobes keep all the

hair out of the way gently just there

you don't have to do this I like to

clean that off be careful there's a flap

right here don't come anywhere near that

with your 10 blade or any blade okay

lastly with a 10 blade I am going to do

an inverted V at the corners of his eyes

just like this and I'm only clipping

right at the corner and an inverted V

shape good job Charles that's it the

rest I will be scissoring

now we have a 30 blade on our lovely

andis clipper with no hair vac system I

am going to shave the pads of the feet

only with 30 blade notice I did all my

10 blade work before I removed that

blade off my clipper first I used my 10

blade underneath my snap-on cones and

then I removed my snap-on combs and I

use my did my sanitary work with my 10

blade now I have a 30 blade the only

thing I do with a 30 blade is pads of

feet with this big pad here we're going

to go in an in a v-shape just like this

do not put much pressure with a 30 blade

it's a very close clip and that's that

it is definitely much easier to do with

the hair back system I haven't cooked

without it and so long so that's a clean

pad and we're basically just cleaning

off anything that he is going to stand


now it's time to scissor Charlie's head

I'm going to use strictly just my kenshi

lightning shears as well as my 8-inch

gibes shears I'm going to comb his brow

towards his muzzle towards his nose from

the corner of eye to the corner of eye

I am trimming his visor straight there

gonna comb that down one more time and

take another look just make sure it's

nice and straight and even right here

I'm gonna comb everything back towards

his neck I'm just gonna tilt his head

down as if he was looking slightly down

and I'm going to blend everything in

from the top of his skull into the body

blade work went into the neck I'm gonna

fold the ear up I'm not gonna pull it up

high I'm just gonna fold it back I'm

gonna scissor this that's hanging out

and looking weird I'm gonna take a look

at him from the side we're just wanting

a u-shape towards the base of the ear

my daughter is singing upstairs his mom

wanted his head full the day so she

didn't want much taken off so now let's

take a look at the cheek we're gonna

come up into a circle and to the top of

his skull creating a circle shape we

don't really we don't need to take much

I think his length is about right where

she wants it now we're just gonna

scissor across the tops call anything

that are snap-on comb didn't take care

of on this side same thing I'm gonna

comb it down gonna scissor up anything

that's messing up our lines the shape

that we're after we're gonna always come

up guys I always come up so you can pop

out that hair that needs to go same

thing with this year I'm going to fold

that back we're gonna just tidy that up

right there in front of his earlobe now

he's looking pretty good

we're gonna hold the chin up we're gonna

comb everything down and I'm going to

tidy up where our Clipper work is

meeting our scissor work just tidy it up

hold his chin up and out of the way and

that keeps everything tidy when he looks

up I'm gonna show you how we're gonna

tidy everything up with the thinning

shears here in a second so I just shaped

in his head now it's time to do some

thinning shear work so all I'm really

doing with my thinning shear is

scissoring in a scissor action what I

would be doing if I were scissoring and

I'm just shaping and softening that's a

good way to describe it it's softening

I'm softening my scissor lines that's

what we're doing and if you have a lot

of scissor lines you soften a lot of

sensor lines it's just what we do and

that's what I like to do with my

thinning shear right here above the ear

take your comb and comb it up let the

ear lay as it wants to and we're just

going to blend that right into the top

skull that's it if he had a lot of hair

there I'd be taking a lot off but he

doesn't right here I'm gonna pull this

lip back you can see that this is uneven

when we pull the lip back that's because

there's a little pocket right there so

I'm gonna slide that lip back and even

that up

and I'm just going to comb everything

down I'm gonna take this inner center

shears blenders and I'm just softening

this line that I scissored and this is

just about done here on the head

I always keep their mouth shut you can

thin right here at the base of the ear

and thin this just make sure you're not

cutting anywhere near the ear for

Charlie's front leg I'm just combing

everything up Charlie you have to stand

combing everything up and anything

that's sticking out that doesn't belong

there I will scissor off that's it

there's not a whole lot there snap-on

comb work definitely set our length

nicely for us his underlying already

looks very nice just gonna tidy that up

pick up this front paw brush everything

anything that he would be standing on

I'm going to scissor off flush I'm

trimming the under part of his pad it's

okay big guy

trimming across the pad this way at the

top there because we don't want to we

don't want to Nick that pad now with the

foot down on the table I'm gonna pick

this leg up so Charlie hold still and I

need to just round that foot like so you

can rest your bottom blade of your shear

on the table

I'm just come on up and scissor

everything that is obstructing that

shape that's all comb up scissor down

we're just as ring off things that are

snap on comb mist and and it's sure to

miss trust me and that's why snap-on

combs save us so much time in our

scissor work because they really do the

bulk of the work for us

they set the length Charlie has a very

nice leg to begin with so it's really it

doesn't leave a lot for me to scissor

off the inside of the leg same thing I'm

gonna comb that up and I'm gonna scissor

straight up anything that shouldn't be

there I'm gonna tidy up right here just

stuff that it's sticking out you know to

make a better shape see the difference

between his little butt cheeks I did not

do this one and I did scissor this one

for the bottom of the foot I'm gonna

pick the foot up home everything down

and we're just gonna from the under part

we're gonna trim everything that he

would be standing on trim sideways here

at this pad you don't want to go this

way you'll cut that pad don't want to do

that that pad sticks out a little

further and I can trim from this side a

lot of hair off so when I put the foot

down and comb everything up I can now

see what's left to scissor just to make

that shape look nice you're the one

creating the shapes you know you got to

keep that in mind so you may ask well

what's shaping my act well

it's your shape you created your you're

looking for a round foot a pillared leg

and a round foot and that's what we

that's what we're trying to achieve

whatever that means to you is what that

shape will be now I'm doming the top of

his foot okay baby you're doing great

come up scissor down anything that's

sticking out and creating a bad shape

okay I think that's the easiest way to

to look at it really and now Charlie's

all done so let's take a look at him

together remember we put this trim on

Charlie using manly snap-on combs the

wall stainless steel snap-on tones they

really cut down our scissor work that's

the whole idea so we can get a

professional look even if we're just

learning to groom if you struggle with

any areas of a groom please leave a

comment so we can share and learn

together just leave a comment right here

in the description of this video don't

forget we're better together smash that

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