Happy Place Waterless Shampoo for Dogs Review|Enzyme Blend Cleans And Deodorizes

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absolutely absolutely all the services

is fine every inch of your bathroom you

can clean with what's the difference

between the multi-use products and the

tub and tile the bathroom has a few

extra ingredients that are gonna help

with those rough spots and that grime

enos that's soap scum okay that the

multi-surface doesn't but if you're in a

pinch the multi-service is gonna work

great in your bathroom too and someone

did ask about soap scum that's gonna

work for sure absolutely there as well

yeah let's talk about the our dogs no

pets with the waterless shampoo for dogs

that's why yes oh yes stress-free for us

and for them you're getting a 2-pack

bottle and the reason we created this

because we are skin care experts and

with dog skin in particular you their

skin takes care of itself you don't need

to take care of the dog skin in fact

when you use those shampoos those liquid

shampoos and you're bathing your dog you

could actually be damaging and drying

out their skin what you need to clean is

their fur that's what's holding the odor

that's what's holding all the dirt and

so what we created was this waterless

shampoo where all you have to do is

spray is Oh simple to spray it right

onto their fur and then use a damp bra a

cloth and wipe them right around the

shot right here watch this look it

doesn't even bother them look sprayed

and then you take your call and then you

just wipe them down they just think that

they're getting rubbed oh look you just

like oh I'm being patted they love me

yeah and you do love them because look

how stress-free and this doesn't just

work on puppies it works on dogs at be

nice nice and look you can go right

around their face you can clean out

around their eyes because it's all

plant-based and look he does this all

the way from because you know how

sensitive animals are to any sort of

chemicals and how quickly they'll pull

away if they've got something they don't

like she'll just look it she'll just go

right and it's so great like you could

spray a little and like clean it on

their paws when they first come in you

know from going outside cleaning around

repels which is so a sensitive area for

a lot of pets as their paws but look how

stress-free it is compared to bathing

and this is also the really

thing to remember bathing a dog in the

tub or in a big washtub is not

necessarily a good thing you're driving

another skin you're taking away the

natural oils which are important for

keeping their skin healthy the only

thing you need to do to keep your dog

smelling clean and fresh is to clean

their fur itself and that's what this

does you just spray it right on okay and

then you rub them down just like you're

loving on them and petting them and they

just love it now how often would I do


you could do it every day if you want to

but that's not necessary have an indoor

dog you don't need to do it every day

but you know this time of year your dogs

always roll in something or they're

finding something there's somebody left

behind yeah you can spot treat okay or

you can clean the whole animal do you

know there are dog under who's a farm

dogs like she's out on the farm she's

always finding stuff to roll in we have

not bathed her with a hose in a year

over over a year yes this is all we use

on thunder and her sickness so he's not


yeah those odors those odors are coming

from the fur they're not coming from the

skin or from the undercoat they're

coming from the top fur cuz that's where

the dirt is cuz you know what it just

made me think two dogs we'll let you

know if you're using the wrong thing

because they do start scratching and

they're rubbing up against the furniture

they're uncomfortable that's right and

this whole line happy places we've

talked about the whole hour is about

eliminating chemicals from your home

that are coming into contact with you

your skin your baby your grandkids your

pets try to get those chemicals out of

your home and this whole line was

inspired by our rescue dog under who

would not walk on the floor one morning

after we cleaned the kitchen floor

because the chemicals in the floor

cleaner were hurting her paws and that's

why every time we present happy place

for a full hour we always work with a

Humane Society of Tampa Bay and bring

other rescue dogs here so these are that

they can get adopted these guys are

available we've got Terry and Tegan

they're both brothers even if you don't

live in to have a bait

there are humane societies where the

humane society deserves happy place like

every happy place product that we're

putting the ingredients right on the

back and you can see we've got we've got

the proprietary enzyme we got the Coco

bait saying which is a scientific name

for coconut derivative but all of these

things the net

plant-based ingredients safe for your

pets you're getting a 2-pack and I know

a lot of people are asked why now can I

use it on my rabbits gonna use it on my

cats can I use it on cats clean

themselves so you really don't need a

shampoo for a cat it's not gonna be

dangerous for the cat but a lot of cats

also don't like citrus oil this has to

keep that in mind you we're talking

about the ingredients there's five

ingredients yeah I mean literally

there's five ingredients these things

announce them on waterless passion poo

completely stress-free plant-based

cleaning for the fur of your dog and

that's that's all you need just to clean

the fur you don't want to touch their

skin yeah cuz you're gonna do more

damage than you're doing good your

educate us - yeah not only are we

getting products that don't have

chemicals not only are we getting

products that are that are our pets or

dogs are gonna just kind of gravitate

towards now we're learning a little bit

more as well and if you have multiple

dogs maybe you have one or maybe you

have four it's great that you're getting

a set of to two bottles and these are

big huge 24 ounces I think it was a

spray or I'm gonna whole year and a half

that we've been cleaning our dog under

she's a big girl yeah I think we don't

even bottles yeah I know I don't even

know if I got through one bottle yet

under under some rescue she's part black

lab part peonies so she stands about

this tall she's a big girl this wishes a

puppy carry one of our farm boots that's

when she was just a few months old yeah

and she's about 75 pounds now Mike she's

a big girl

again our entire happy place line was

inspired by under because when we were

using a caustic you know toxic chemical

floor cleaner in our house she wouldn't

walk on the floor and we thought hey if

she knows it's not good for us then you

know you must have played with his

brother down there no but okay let's go

one more time

look how stress-free this waterless

shampoo is flip and show the other side

yeah oh yeah clean it all because

they're gonna be adopted today actually

is this you ready

completely sorcery spray no they did she

didn't plan she didn't run away and look

you're just using your own washcloth or

one of our microfibers and you're just

rubbing them down on this pattern

let's do a little belly at his little

belly belly belly belly and watch this

I'm cleaning the belly right now watch


okay so belly is completely safe

plant-based cleaning safe for the face

Nick you can even clean look their ears

yeah bring their ears so you can go

around their face face their paws also

you'll notice that we're also using the

the myths the cybermen get 12 of these

in a pack get get the waterless shampoo

get the myths anything else that you've

seen whether it's for your carpets your

your fabrics your you know glass

anything just go ahead and do it today

because you've got five flex but if it's

just for the one you love most in your

home which might be your dogs then do it

you've got an event price and you've got

five flex on that you're getting these

home for about five dollars and I just I

love that it was your dog it was our dog

fired at all I'm just saying if you're a

neighbor out there and you've used the

happy place waterless shampoo for your

pet I think we just launched this just a

few months ago here on HSN yeah call in

and let us know how your pet loved it

and how they respond to a house precious

smells definitely we haven't talked to

any neighbors this morning and there's

still time now people also might have a

question about what kind of dogs what

kind of dog hair because the dogs have

very different hair well Beekman 1802

our our offices you know in upstate New

York are a dog friendly office so we

have all kinds of we have so and it

works on any kind of hair safe on any

kind of hair okay if your dog has

sensitive skin you know this is another

product that's good because it's on the

fur it's not touching the skin okay so

it's a great you know it's a great

alternative to taking one of those

drying baths and I know we only have

about five minutes left so I just want

to reiterate for everybody what is the

purpose for happy place for all those

people who are just seeing us for the

first time or maybe you maybe you've

never heard of Beekman or maybe only

know Beekman from their skincare you

know with our skin care we're trying to

eliminate chemicals from your skin

because what goes on your skin goes into

your body and what type of skin care


doesn't isn't concerned about what

you're bringing into your personal

environment because everything that you

spray in your house every surface that

you clean in your house is coming to

contact with your skin or the skin of

your pet or the skin of your grandchild

or your baby those chemicals are getting

inside your body so even if you can only

afford to buy one make one switch today

all of the things we have in happy

lights cover every single inch of your

home if you can only make one decision

just make that would assist you start

someplace yeah and get that one chemical

out of your house that's right and then

if you decide to build on that you can

and you'll always know where to come

back to always come back to the happy

place but it does start with one

decision because it might be a change to

of how you're going to in this case

clean your ear dogs but once you start

doing that and you see how well it works

you'll come back door to door let me ask

you we're showing you on puppies but

what if what I have an older dog as well

even better because you know those older

dogs are so hard to clean sometimes

because they're so they have so much

more ability to get away from you you


because you can't hold on to them look

at this huge dog here this is one of the

HSN employees dogs and all you do is

spray it on and wipe it off you don't

need to rinse you don't need to you know

spray it off with your sink hose or your

shower you just spray it on right you

know right on the fur and wipe it off we

recommend when you're doing the face to

spray it on a cloth first and wipe the

face not because those dangers are bad

for their eyes or anything just because

they don't like to have that they'll

flinch if you spray right in their face

that's right and then what I let's say

it can I just use my brush and kind of

brush my dog sure absolutely I'd be down

with a damp cloth and then you can brush

or you don't have to brush but if you

want to in clean fur is always easier to

brush so we know definitely know that

and actually yes brushing a pet is

better than using a liquid shampoo

because again you don't want to change

the balance of their skin they have

evolved to take care of their skin the

natural way you don't wanna touch your

skin you just need to clean their fur

that's where all the odors and the dirt

is okay okay I love that we have this

and I love that you're seeing it

maybe for the first time we've got it on

auto-ship so if you need it on auto-ship

because maybe you do have multiple dogs

and you're saying I'm gonna use this for

all of them I did want to make sure that

I'm never out of it get it on auto-ship

that's a good thing too for sure because

we're not back with a happy place until

July and even this is a customer pick

and I would even venture to say having a

customer pick a great review for your

dogs has even harder to get than the

great room yeah because people are very

picky about their animals about their

fur babies we know how much they love

their fur babies and so yeah we love to

check the reviews out and how easy it is

how less much how less stressful it is

on your dog to wash this way just spray

on and wipe don't need to rinse you

don't need to get them wet getting them

wet especially you know in in a colder

climate or in a colder weather getting

them wet and getting that undercoat wet

it's like getting your hair wet and

going outside yes you know it's actually

not healthy and it changes the balance

of the natural oils and changes that

changes their skin they don't need to

wash our skin like we do that's very

your skin takes care of itself yes it

does let me tell you real quick we only

have a hundred spaces left in auto-ship

so if you want auto-ship for you know

for your pets then go ahead and do it

now you can't even wait until the next

shows because we are gonna see you guys

back at 12 new or with laundry with long

laundry so yeah but I don't want you to

wait because the auto-ship has only a

certain amount that we can put in and

now fewer than a hundred spaces left if

you went ahead and get those we're

showing you the mitts as a reminder the

mitts don't come with the waterless

shampoo they are separate purchase but

you're gonna use them when you're using

the waterless gym that's true and you

get a pack of twelve and after you use

them you can clean every surface you

clean your own face with them or your

body throw them in your washer and there

dry them good to go get a packet twelve

question and I think we showed it a

little bit earlier but can I spray this

on or spray it and use it on the dog's

paw absolutely you can just do like I

guess a fishing spray anywhere and then

just run it right on their paws when

they come in and it's so cute like it's

got although

beautiful labeling and the icons from

happy place drawn from by Karen Weber

one of our artisans and it's so cute you

can lead this city right beside your

door and look here leave the sunny city

right on top of it so when your dog

comes in you know you let them out and

they come in just pick it up spray some

on the sunny yeah wipe them off and they

just put it right back on there maybe

clean your rag once a week you know what

they're gonna do the dog is going to

come in for

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