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Today's video is going to be a little bit different

about a month ago the folks at bully dog

which is a organic pet product company

sent us a couple of their items to try

out so in this video we're going to

review them so the first product that I

was very very very excited to try out

was the nose bomb so Dante has a very

chapped nose on a regular basis and

right now it's winter so it got even

worse it was like awful like thank you

and I was very excited to try this out

the smell is very mild it doesn't really

smell like anything strong it's organic

it's made out of chia butter jojoba oil

beeswax and olive oil after two times of

using this we notice that Dante's nose

got noticeably less chapped so the next

product that I used was the pet perfect

powder about two weeks ago I've had a

lot of people coming over so I really

wanted to make sure that the whole house

is cleaned and luckily for me I have

this on hand so I use this for the

carpets for any furniture that's kind of

like and I left it there for five

minutes and then I vacuumed everything

up it smells really nice and the first

thing that my guest said when they

walked into the house was well the house

smells really nice so I know for a fact

that it worked it definitely keep using

this it was awesome okay so the next

product I'm going to talk about kind of

go hand in hand because it's you know

for that is overall hygiene so they are

pet wipes and the waterless shampoo so I

like to use the waterless shampoo the

leaks at times it doesn't get a shower

so this was really good it smelled like

lemongrass and it's a the scent I can

describe it as being most flights it's

kind of like the essential oils that you

would put like in a diffuser I don't

know if you guys have that but that's

what it's like so it smells really nice

really natural and it works great you

just spray this on him and just let it

stay there for a couple minutes and then

you can brush it out and it's pretty I

really like it

if you're ever in a pinch and your dog

gets a little bit stinky but you can't

get from shower the water with shampoo

so the pad wakes I like to use a lot for

his paws as well they smell like lavender

again very similar to like the scents in

the diffuser I use this for his paws I

also use a spread his body and it's

great honestly this smells so good I

can't even describe it like it's much

better than than my shampoo I was really

like scrubbing him and like the whole

smells like kind of like taking over the

entire bathroom and like I almost really

wanted to take a shower but it's like

I'm not kidding it smells really really


it's and to be exact it smells like

lemongrass but it's like a really

intense lemongrass super citrusy very

very clean smelling and I was actually

noticing how when I was cleaning his fur

at house feeling like all of gunk coming

out you know so it's really great I

highly recommend this one so overall all

of the products that I use from the dog work great

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