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all right so I've got our shampoo here

it says to give it a really good shake


I already got Cody wet this is the first

time I've given him a bath like not in

the shower or outside so let's see how

this goes

anyways I'm just gonna apply a generous

amount and work it in if you have a dog

with really thick fur definitely spend a

couple of minutes making sure their fur

is thoroughly wet I find if they're like

really wet don't know their skin you'll

end up using a lot less shampoo in the

long run she's gonna break this around

also if you have a zoom groom or a

similar kind of currycomb product it

helps to really rub the shampoo in and

it says on the label that you're

supposed to leave it in sorry Cody

sorry it says on the label you're

supposed to let it sit on their skin for

five to ten minutes and that is really

important to do that's what allows it to

react with their fur and loosen up all

the shedding business

all right so that is now applied

basically all over his body so we're

just gonna let it sit for five to ten

minutes and then come back and rinse up

and right away and we'll say that a

little bit of this stuff does go a long

way it lathers up a lot the initial

amount I put on his back was way too

much but I just did what I'm used to

doing with our normal shampoo and the

smell is also very nice that it's very

fruity okay so it's been about 10

minutes cody has been sitting and

waiting and getting rubs very patient

need I think oh boy and now we're gonna

rinse it off and see you hopefully we'll

get a bunch of fur if not what we do if

the conditioner to test out - so yeah

you ready

all right so now he is all rinsed off so

far I'm not seeing like crazy giant

clumps of hair his fur does feel like

very squeaky clean I will say that so

yeah- right now I'm just gonna apply the

conditioner just like we did with a

shampoo shake it really well we'll put

it everywhere and let it sit for five to

ten minutes and then rinse off

all right so now the conditioner is all

tied I wasn't super impressed with this

rinsing off the shampoo but now that I

have rinsed off all I can f applied all

the conditioner I do have clumps of fur

all over so we'll see hopefully this is

actually gonna work so yeah now we're

just gonna wait another 10 minutes and

then rinsed off

all right so just got done rinsing

everything off got quite a bit of Ferger

in the zoom cruise response massaging

him and our dream is definitely clogged

up at first so I'm gonna go ahead and

let him dry and fully dry for a few

hours and I will come back with an

update when I start brushing him so

Cody's has dried off we just got done

playing in the yard so that's why he's

panting and that's pretty warm just

figured I would show he's brushing him I

was petting him earlier and a lot of fur

was coming off and he's also very fluffy

like much more fluffed out and usually

is a basset I would set and he smells

amazing and he's very soft so if nothing

else I think this is a really good

shampoo and conditioner set and as long

as you get off of Amazon it's really not

that much more expensive so I will

probably keep using it even if it

doesn't do a miracle of shedding

there is a lot of loose fur though


so they kept a bit coming home I'm not

it's not anything crazier than normal

after bath I would say but we'll see how

he does and there was a lot left over in

the bathtub

there's a chunk

there is a lot of fur just kind of like

floating on him I think I will probably

run back through with a slicker brush

and trying it all the little pointers

off but yeah I almost say thus far I do

like this Shampoo and Conditioner set

like I said it's pretty affordable it

smells really nice he does feel really

silky soft I'm a little bit skeptical

about it being like super miracle worker

as far as deshedding goes but like I've

said a couple times at this point I will

definitely make you guys updated in the

description and let you know if he keeps

 really badly we can tell

elusive less

all right guys thank you for watching

that wraps up this video I hope you

found it helpful like I said in the very

beginning I'll go ahead and leave in the

updates down below if he still smells a

nice after a while I feel like he's

shedding less etc etc yeah and there'll

also be links down below for all these

products if you want to buy them like I

said already I definitely recommend you

buy all of that on Amazon even if you

want to get a real familiar and not one

of the knockoffs the real firm inators

are way cheaper on Amazon too so yeah

anyways I guess I thought I'd have to

say for now and I'll see you guys on

Monday bye hi guys

happy Monday or at least I hope it's

Monday hopefully I'm not having a

technical difficulties of promoting this

later like I did last week but anyways I

hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July

I took advantage of the holiday weekend

by doing a little bit of shopping I

didn't buy a ton of stuff although it

does kind of feel like a lot because I

haven't let myself buy very much beauty

and miscellaneous stuff on fire a while

but I did catch some Blankenship of


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