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hello and welcome to another Daisy pits

videos if you are new here we blog about

all things dog and living with a dog in

New Zealand so today we are going to be

doing a live first impressions of video

of the pampered pooch Shampoo and

Conditioner range so this is really

exciting they sent me a full that range

of things to try and I asked on

instagram whether you wanted a blog post

or a vlog and pretty much I think one

person voted for a blog post and the

rest were all for a video of it

so I've set up a bath and I'm gonna get

my GoPro on my head and we're gonna get

like a first actual impressions of me

using it now bear in mind I did forget

the tripod I'm at my mom's house and I

forgot my tripod for my big camera so

the angle of the big camera is gonna be

slightly odd but I'm hoping we can get

some footage of both the big camera and

the GoPro on my head so I thought I'll

quickly show you the products we're

gonna use so we've got the sensitive

shampoo and this one is with aloe vera

cucumber oats in Minooka honey so this

is the shampoo and it smells like really

fresh but not too overpowering I'm

really sensitive on smells if you didn't

know already I hate like dog shampoo

smells and so this one is actually not

bad at all like I like this and I'm

excited to see what it smells like when

it's actually on diego's but I've got

the deep cleansing shampoo and this

one's olive leaf cedar wood her a Kiki

and manuka honey and this one I think I

like this one better

they're my sensitive kind of similar but

both really good so the deep cleansing

is gonna be good for Diego when he's

been in the mud when he's been quite

dirty at the beach or something and the

student server is gonna be great for

Treecko because his fur and her skin is

really sensitive to shampoos and just

life and then we've got these little

versions of the conditioners so I've

never actually used a conditioner on a

dog I've usually just shampooed and lift

it so I'm actually excited to see how

Diego's fair feels once it's been

conditioned as well and

you're going away two days from now and

so I'm hoping that Diego keeps a smell

and keeps all soft so that when we are

camping down south is nice and cozy but

we've got a sensitive conditioner in the

deep cleanse so we've got to the

detangling serum with sandalwood silk

and manuka honey and this one smells

right so this one is going to be used on

only especially his back end gets really

fluffy and really naughty so I'm gonna

have to try it and give him a little

brush today I'm not sure if I want to

wash him because he takes for either to

dry so I think I'm just gonna do Diego

and Chico today and then I'll try this

let me take you to the bars really

nicely which I appreciate because I love

a good burger if the Shane thing doesn't

play there like this they kind of stop

using it see oh it smells an amazing ass

no sorry deeply think these have what

any used and always loud

it's super easy to use that just

slightly this real easy to answer for us




that's the a go all done so I'm going to

dry them off and then I'll get keep over

the bar for granted all right so we're

watching Chico outside because I

couldn't get him in the bath so let's

watch him with a hose

but on that one

take that off I'm not gonna use a

conditioner on Chico just because it's

such a tiny bottle when he already

doesn't like being outside and having

the hose on them anyway so I'm just

doing the shampoo and see how that goes

so I'm just going to dry them off and

I'll update you once they're all dry

we're back it's probably about an hour

or two later and we're just going to

quickly do the detangling serum on Ali

so it stays to put it on and leave it on

for about three to five minutes before

you start brushing so I'm just gonna add

it to his like Taillefer just cuz that's

the part that gets the most tangled in

his tail so I'm just going to put a bit

on there and then we'll see how that


detangling serum has sander would soak

em in the car honey in it for so that's

the smell oh yeah

all right so we're just getting back

through his walking fur it feels nice

and like greasy that it might work quite

well so we're going to leave the rent on

there for about five minutes and then

the meantime let's have a look at Diego

treater can you see this yeah I go can


so here is a Chico hello boy so his coat

feels so likes thank you only so soft

and you can't see any like dandruff or

anything which was big for him um I mean

it smells super good he doesn't want to

be doing this but yeah super soft smells

great and there's no demon enough or dry

skin or anything like that and he wants

he thinks we're going back into the BARC

stories I'm not happy about it

can you so yeah guys it's still a bit

weird babe smells good in his fur is

very very soft and shiny but yeah he

thinks he's about to have a buff so he's

in a beard mood

but now they're all here see ya so here

is a knot and it just came right out it

does like this is obviously got like

little cutters on it so it does cut them

out but that came out so much easier

easier then if we didn't get that serum

on it

so I think it actually works yeah well

it works a treat I just got rid of

another knot and that one just sort of

brushed out so then it lifts there on

the outside as well

wow that works a treat see if you have a

dog that gets naughty really easily

highly recommend this detangling serum

and this was the aftermath of just

brushing his tail and a bit of his

but my final thoughts I think the

shampoo and conditioner are amazing I'm

excited to keep using them especially

after the dogs are actually like quite

mucky I'm excited to see how the deep

cleansing works the conditioner I'm not

sure I not sold on the conditioner yet

but I'm gonna also show how that when

Diego's really like gross to really see

the difference between using a

conditioner and not but I'm not sold on

it I'm not sure I just don't talk to me

to shampoo button let me know do you use

conditioner on your dogs and if so tell

me why um for the detangling serum I

think this works amazing it's done a

great job on ollie and I definitely

recommend it if you do have a dog that

is prone to getting tangles and face

them something like this because it will

make your combing life a lot more

enjoyable and probably not as painful

for your dog hello ollie so that is all

for today I hope you enjoyed our video

if you did please make sure to like the

video down below and subscribe if you

haven't already and the next video from

this will be me down south so I hope you

enjoy and I'll see you next time bye

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