How To Choose The Right Natural Shampoo For Your Dogs|Dog Shampoo

hi this is dr. Karen Becker and if

you're a frequent visitor here at

Mercola healthy Pat's you've probably

noticed that I'm a big fan of giving

your dog a bath regularly I believe you

should bathe your dog as often as

necessary to relieve each year inflamed

skin wash away dirt allergens pollutants

and pests as well as manage bacteria and

yeast overgrowth bathing also helps to

get rid of dead skin cells and extra

hair and to keep your fuzzy family

member comfortable and non stinky

some dogs rarely need baths my

Rottweiler Isabel was bathed on average

yearly usually after she found something

really disgusting to roll in however on

the other hand some dogs like my yeast

Pro embossed interior needs a bath

pretty regularly in fact he gets a bath

weekly if I want to manage his skin

without using drugs or supplements so it

depends on the type of coat your dog has

where you live what type of lifestyle

you provide to your pet his exposure to

environmental toxins and chemicals and

whether your dog deals with reiha

current outbreaks of infected itchy or

irritated skin some dogs have very dry

skin and are never exposed to yard

chemicals and manage their own skin

bacterial levels beautifully on their

own these dogs don't need to be bathed

regularly however many dogs naturally

have oily skin or they're prone to hot

spots yeast or staph infections they

have regular exposure to yard chemicals

or they're fuzzy bodies act to collect a

tremendous number of allergens that can

cause them to lick an itch these dogs

absolutely benefit from mechanical

abrasion as veterinarians say which is

the simple act of manually washing aware

away irritants disinfecting the body is

one of the most natural economical and

common-sense ways to keep your pet

healthy really from the outside in you

may have heard that bathing a dog is bad

for him and that it strips away his

natural oils there was a time not so

long ago that this was actually

absolutely true about a hundred years

ago the only shampoos available for both

people and pets were lie or coaltarbased

shampoos which were extremely drying and

very caustic to the skin for this reason

people wash their hair as infrequently

as possible and of course they did they

did the same for their pets thank

goodness hair care products have evolved

for people in pets and just as there are

safe alternatives so that people can

regularly disinfect their hair

the same is true for pets but it is

important to pick your shampoo wisely

when I talk about bathing your pet I

always recommend using gentle

all-natural shampoos that are created

specifically for dogs I don't recommend

using human shampoo because human

shampoos are conditioned to have a pH

that's conducive and balance for humans

not for canines not only are natural

shampoos better for your pets skin and

coat they're also safer because

obviously whatever you put on your pet

is going to be absorbed into your pet

and so it's important that whatever gets

inside into the bloodstream and the

tissues be non-toxic unfortunately many

popular shampoos for both humans and

pets contain some potentially toxic

ingredients including pyrethrins which

are in which as a category are

insecticides d trans Allison which is a

suspected endocrine system disrupter as

well as a res Mathurin which is

classified as a potential carcinogen

needless to know all of these things you

should avoid not only for dogs and cats

but for yourself as well I also don't

recommend oatmeal shampoos for pets even

though there are dozens on the market

these days

oatmeal is hailed as a soothing

ingredient for human skin exposed to

irritants such as poison ivy or poison

oak unfortunately many animals have

green allergies up to 80% of allergic

dogs in fact and they're likely to have

problems with shampoos that contain

grains including oatmeal grain based

shampoos can also feed yeast and

bacterial conditions that are occurring

on your pets skin in my experience the

only dogs that actually benefit from

shampoos that contain oatmeal are those

suffering from a reaction to poison oak

or poison ivy which are of course pretty

rare you might be wondering then what

kind of dog shampoo I can recommend and

I'm very excited to announce that

Mercola healthy pets is now offering not

one but two all natural dog shampoos

that I highly recommend these shampoos

are USDA certified organic they contain

no sulfates or harsh chemicals and

they're especially formulated to soothe

condition and support your dog's healthy

skin and coat our calming organic

lavender shampoo is designed for dogs

with sensitive skin it contains soothing

organic herbal extracts and rich

moisturizers including aloe vera and Pro

vitamin b5 this really gentle formula is

perfect for puppies to geriatrics and

it's excellent for dogs that also have

stressful experiences at bath time

our invigorating organic peppermint

shampoo is one of my favorites it has a

refreshing smell it really has a really

cooling sensation to your dog's skin

that is both soothing and rejuvenating I

love the shampoo for pets that have


it's perfect for dogs prone to skin

infections and hot spots as well as dogs

that are greasy stinky or yeasty I use

it on my pets whether they have skin

conditions or not because it makes them

smell really good and fresh both

shampoos are eco-friendly biodegradable

safe for outdoor use and all of them are

made in the USA each shampoo contains an

incredible blend of organic herbals and

moisturizers including organic neem seed

oil and organic neem leaf extract

organic apple juice organic coconut oil

organic sunflower oil organic sesame

seed oil organic jojoba seed oil organic

horsetail leaf extract extract and

organic aloe vera

we've also added in an organic

peppermint conditioner to the lineup

which is especially suited for dogs with

long hair or double coats and will be

the perfect ending to bath time

experience and I love this particular

conditioner because the organic shea

butter and the organic olive oil leaves

the coat in really amazing condition as

you can probably tell I'm really excited

about our new lineup of dog shampoos and

the conditioner they are all of the

highest quality all natural totally safe

to use as often as needed that can be

from once a week to once a year to keep

up with your pet skin condition and to

keep your pet skin healthy I think dog

owners are really going to enjoy using

these different products and seeing the

difference they can make in the

condition of their dog's coat and skin


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