How To Deal With Dog Dry Skin In The Winter By Coconut Oil

No hey guys today we are going to get

the skin moisturize as you can see

there's a lot of thin drove here

the dogs are inside in the winter it's

bloody cold and the heater makes his

skin dry so I'm gonna use some coconut

oil on his skin

I will wash him today so I usually leave

the coconut oil on the skin for a few

hours it's only early in the morning and

after cleaning him up give him but give

him some coconut oil on the dry skin

then I give them a wash about five hours

later so now I'm just clean up all the

dead fur get rid of the hair a lot of

hair if I don't do this the here isn't

inside the house so I'm trying my best

to get rid of over here but this - every

two or three days she likes it come on

just like oh yeah some coconut oil super

sufficient heat it up this won't take

long to heat up you know to inter liquid

so you cannot see if it's hot enough or

if it's too hard you put your finger in

there it is to have your finger surely

is too hot for your dog but if it's not

to have a finger it's fine to me it's

still a little hot so I'm just gonna use

the cotton ball I'm not gonna pour it on

the dog's skin it's hard but not too hot

right so sit and butt laughs eating this

stuff so then she wants to lick it to

stop licking it off so that's this most

rice part I'm just going to use a lot of

it like almost pouring it down there and

that's stroke backwards to get onto his

skin and it is soaked for five hours you

have to you have to wash it off

otherwise oh the dirges trap with the

oil that makes it worse but you know

give it a few hours to soak in then I

wash them off with a dandruff shampoo


there you go a whole lot

sighs really for a bodybuilding

competition nice and shiny



it's nice and moist

I had five and six hours Skinner here

it's not dry it's greasy right in Weston

right so what happens after you use the

melted coconut oil on your skin I can't

really show you but when you touch it it

feels like you had a really thick layer

of some sort of conditioner you know

it's just moist so even after you

shampoo you can still feel that there's

a layer of something that's make it kind

of oily glossy which makes the skin more

moist so that's it I hope this helps if

your dog have dry skin give it a shot

undershot give it a shot under shot see

you next time bye shot sure


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