How To DIY Dry Shampoo For Dogs | Flea, Odor & Itch Solution

hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to

make a dry shampoo anti flea anti itch

for dogs

alright so for those of you who have not

met her yet this is sunshine and as you

can see sunshine has quite a lot of

thick fur now I need and I like a dry

shampoo for my kind of pick hair but so

does sunshine so the thing is getting

sunshine groomed because I can't pretend

that I could groom this dog on my own is

very expensive so I like just as much as

I like to do an in-between wet shampoo

dry shampoo in between grooming I like

to have a dry shampoo situation for

sunshine and I have two other dogs who

are too skittish to actually sit here

now but one of them is a chihuahua and

he has very very greasy fur so for him

it's really this is me this is night and

Davian because it really soaks up that

that oil which is is is actually doesn't

sort of smell so good after all I hope

or lucky anyway sunshine we want her

smelling lovely now one of my dogs lucky

the Chihuahua itches a lot so this has

really helped with his itching sunshine

after a couple of weeks considered smell

a little bit we have a backyard she gets

around rolling in the back yard so this

helps with this too so very easy to make

my friends basically I got a mason jar

in the lid of the mason jar I got a nail

and hammer and I hammered in about 20

little holes to make it into a sifter

jar but their little very very small

holes cuz you don't want this kit thing

flying out too much because we don't

want to get it in their eyes

okay so that's really important really

really fine most like flower sifters

it's just wait the holes are way way way

to bake that's super duper important

then what I did excuse me was I filled

the jar 50% with baking soda and 50%

with corn starch now the thing that

really makes this anti flee and

antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

I have added so you only need to put in

about five drops of each essential oil

because you don't want it too strong

particularly for for your little dogs so

I put in five drops of tea tree oil

which is antibacterial I put in five

drops of eucalyptus oil five drops of

peppermint essential oil and five drops

of rosemary essential oil and literally

all I did was I I can't actually show

you because I want to say holding just

sunshine but all I did was I just

dropped them in the top of this and then

I got a fork and just mush them around

with the fork because you don't want to

let the essential oils pull the moment

you put five drops in mix with a fork

then the next oil five drops in mix with

a fork and so on because of the

cornstarch you don't want it sort of

coagulating you want to immediately make

sure you're dispersing the essential oil

throughout the the powders that you have

okay Simon are you ready to try this

okay so sunshine we're gonna try a

little bit on sunshine so obviously you

do not want a dry shampoo anywhere near

their head or their eyes so on their fur

I can put a little can you see how it's

coming out not too much so put a little

bit on her fur like this and then I've

got her little grooming brush and then

we're just taking that through the fur

like that she actually loves brushed oh

my gosh sunshine and she smells amazing

I love it and this is really gonna help

but keep the fleas away naturally you

know flea repellent sand flea collars

and things a super duper toxic and

carcinogenic so we don't like to use

those do we sunshine and then when you

want to have it a little bit near the

neck and the hair to my friends you

would put it directly on the brush as I

say again you do not want it anywhere

near their eyes or their nose or their

little ears and then this is just what

we do those two sunshine look like she's


sunshine I love you so much I cannot

even no I can't and that my friends is

the dry shampoo anti itch anti flea and

keeps her fur nice and clean and

deodorized in between grooming sessions

give it a try I think you're really

really gonna love it and leave me any

questions and comments and check out all

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week and also by the way do check out

because somewhere on my channel there is

a another video which is on a flea

shampoo that you might want to check out

for doggies so you could do the shampoo

and then in between shampoos you could

do this dry shampoo alright bye bye from

me and sunshine okay so I managed to

catch lucky he hates this you're such a

good boy as much as the sunshine loves

being brushed and fussed with this dog

hates it he's with my husband in his

office most of the time as the boys and

he kind of wishes he was there right now

not having spare time with me but he

needs it much more than sunshine he

needs a serious deodorize re lucky BB

you're next babe you're next oh look at

her she looks like a dishrag but you one

next be Blair

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