How To Groom A Maltese At Home |Quick Cleaning Pee Stains, Paws & Face

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oh boy well today we're going to show

you how to use rinse less shampoos we've

gotten a lot of questions about various

types of rinse low shampoos we have

quite a few to show you we're going to

be going over how we remove pee stains

and how we clean feet and there's a

whole line of Rinzler shampoos that are

really great and I think some companies

call them waterless but essentially

they're diluted shampoo solutions that

you can spray on to remove urine stains

to clean feet to spot clean to wash the

face and you don't need to technically

rinse them off so we're going to show

you um dolce is quite the mess she

hasn't been bathed now it's been about

two weeks so she's kind of a mess and

we're we're changing the amount of hair

that we put in her top knot and she's

kind of grumpy but ready or not we're

going to show you how we get rid of pee

stains dolce is quite the diva for those

of you that have been following us you

know that she is the diva she is one of

the only dogs that I know that does not

clean herself after she pees so she'll

pee she'll squat and for some reason

even though I shaved the inside of her

legs she gets pee on the inside of her

legs here that in focus and so what we

do at night and during her nightly brush

outs is we won't necessarily always UM

do a full grooming on our we'll just we

do want to get rid of this pee I have

allergies and the allergies flare up if

the dogs were not kept clean so we

shaved me inside but despite all of that

she gets pee so what I like to use for

pee stain

there's two that I really like to use

the one is the pier pause no-rinse

express it is a rinse list and it is

really fantastic for eliminating urine

stains one of the big differences

between these two that I like to use for

pee stains is the pier pause does

eliminate the urine smell the show-off

is better at whitening when you spray

and there's no odor to show off so if

you're sensitive to certain types of

odors perfumes that are put in shampoos

then show off is really great because it

doesn't have an odor to it and this is

Chris Christensen another one that our

friends Bailey and Georgie's mom turned

us on to is the OC magic o is in focus

okay the OC magic foam and this is also

princeless and it does not have an odor

to it so if you're looking for rent /m

poo that doesn't have an odor I would

use the CC show up or the CC magic foam

I personally really enjoy using the pure

pause for pee stains because it also is

an out odor eliminator so to show you

how we use it we will just spraying on

here this pee stains and I'll use a

microfiber cloth or you can use a tissue

and I'll just clean it off and the nice

thing about this is that not only do you

eliminate the pee stains but you

eliminate them the urine smell and

because I have allergies it's real

important to get rid of this urine smell

every night and don't use the only one I

need to do this for and then after you

clean it off you can see here the yellow

I don't know how much of the yellow

really showed but all the yellow has

come out and then I'll just brush it out


it out for feet what I will do is after

a walk and so sometimes she also you can

see here she's stepped on some urine

um she's will love you that way such the

diva and she's not enjoying having her

her her rear end in the camera so poor

Dolce just bear with this for a minute

but she does step on piece so you can

see she has some pee stains here and

what I will do is I will lift her feet

up and I'll show you how the show-off

looks and shelf is really great the blue

is a color enhancing so by dropping blue

into the yellow it does help with

whitening and I'll spray some of it on

here and then I'll run it up and I would

do the same thing if Chad she gone for a

walk I'll just rub it in and here on

some of the urine stains on webbing in

brush as well journey this is the end of

the day we're getting ready to go to bed

so I don't want all this in my bed

so I want to wipe it off oops and so

what I'll do is I'll take a microfiber

and because it's rinse less I'll soak it

all up after I've rubbed it in and you

can see some of the blue that drops into

the coat this Chris Christensen show off

is um it's nice too because it doesn't

smell but I don't feel that it gets rid

of the odor of urine as good as the pure

pause but it does do a good job of

instantly whitening whitening the coat

so after you do that what you'll want to

do is you want to just comb it out and

um the other thing that's really good is

this is her remnants of her face where

she is eaten and another good rinse list

that is good to use on the face is that

OC magic foam and what's unique about

this is that it's like a foaming gel and

so you'll squirt some of this out and

this is her food dinner that's left on

her face and it's really convenient and

Bailey and Georgie's mommy told us about

this and there's no odor to it and so

you can use this to just kind of a lazy

way to wash the face so I'll put the

foam on here and I'll rub it in and

clean off dinner she had ground beef and

peas and carrots and gravy and it gets

all over her muzzle so we'll do that

we'll take a clean cloth and we'll just

wipe it up and it's kind of a cheating

way but it's um it gets kind of a gravy

Shh it gets the gravy smell out of her

muzzle and it gets some kind of the

stickiness out of the muzzle - so this

show office I mean that OC magic foam

has no odor to it so it's a really easy

way to cheat and a great way to use a

princeless shampoo now this morning

Dulce vomited and it's really

interesting how they come to you and

they vomit at your feet so she threw up

she wasn't feeling good and the smell of

throw-up can be very potent so if I

don't have a chance to wash her face

then I will use the OC magic foam and

wash some of the moment the yellow off

of it you don't want to leave it on this

because it'll stain but on afterwards I

will follow up with a peer pause and I

will squirt some into my hand I'll

squirt it into my hand because it it's a

spray and I'll spray it in my hand and

because it has an odor eliminator I'll

actually rub it in her muzzle here like

this and the reason why I do that is

because it really works great in

eliminating and the the bark spell which

is really putrid and so um I'll clean it

first with this and then I'll put some

of this on here because this is what

will kill the vomit smell or urine smell

so there's some really good choices in

using rinse less there's an odor

eliminator and a very quick cleanup for

the feed or urine or the muzzle this

isn't very conducive to using on the

muzzle because it's a spray but um the

OC magic foam is really great because

you can just foam it out and use it

right on the muzzle and if you want I

wanted to I can put it on the feet too

and just if I wanted to clean the feet I

could do that as well and just rub it on

her feet and then clean it afterwards

with the towel so the magic foam is very

good for multiple uses and then for

another alternative

there is a proline self rants and Chris

Christensen purchased proline I believe

they do sell the proline you can get it

on Amazon but you can also get it

through the Chris Christensen website

and this does have an odor it has kind

of an unpleasant odor to it I don't

personally enjoy using this proline

sufferance at all so um I wouldn't it is

less expensive I wouldn't recommend it

as my first choice and I don't really

use it but if you want to use it just

for the feet and have a bottle of this

in the garage so after a walk

especially in a muddy rainy walk you can

just spray the feet and wipe the feet

off with this but I'm not pleased the

fact this this has an unpleasant odor

the show-off is probably much better

not probably but it is much better and

because it has no unpleasant odor I tend

to grab for this a lot so I would

recommend the show off and the OC magic

foam has no odor and so it's a really

great alternative and the ease of use

just can't be beat

and then for odor elimination to say

bye-bye to the urine stains and to get

rid of barf smells or any kind of older

actually the no rinse is really

fantastic for using on urine stains

another use for this is in the bath when

I bathe the dogs I shampoo them once and

then I shampoo them again with another

product and then with the second shampoo

on I will literally spray the dog with

the snow rinse in the bath and the

reason for that is it does a really

fantastic job of getting rid of doggie

smell and our family is very happy that

the dogs don't smell like dogs they

smell really clean and it's mostly for

allergy purposes because of my intense

allergies so that's this is really good

too as kind of a second or third spray

to get rid of doggie smells when you're

bathing them and so this would be my

go-to rinse less shampoo but um I have

to say I'm real often grabbing for these

three as my top Rin solution poos

there's lots of other rinse lists out

there you can essentially make your own

rinse list shampoo by just deluding one

of your favorite dog shampoos like I

said I think this is a diluted version

of the white on white or a formulation

in the same family of the white and

white or you can get a foaming bottle

from Bed Bath & Beyond one of those used

ones and you can dilute one of your

favorite shampoos and don't be afraid to

make your own if you don't want to pay

to purchase but these are professional

lines they're guaranteed to work on your


I'm real happy with them so very

effective way to use rinse less

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