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1. Theory of Five Book by Melissa Verplank

you guys I am here with my little puppy

bear and we know and we are going to

show you how we make him so so beautiful

we're going to go through his whole

grooming routine so that maybe you guys

can bring your own dogs at home if you

want to he really loves this method a

lot more than having to go to the

groomers and spend some money and this

is just something that I've been doing

with him for pretty much his entire life

now so I hope that you guys enjoy this

if you have a little dog you might want

to try this yourself be very careful use

the proper tools if you are a groomer I

could probably definitely use some of

your tips and I'm sure I will make a

couple of you groomers cringe but that's

okay because I'm happy with how my

little doggy looks at the end of the day

and he loves the process as well so

continue watching in see his

transformation so we're gonna get right

into it we're gonna grab some shampoo

and we're gonna give there a bath you

want to make sure that your dog is

completely clean before clipping their

hair I'm actually using a shower

attachment here that hooks on to the top

of the bathtub and it's got a little

hose and I think I got this at the

dollar store it was really cheap so now

I'm just checking the water and want to

make sure that it's lukewarm and then

I'm gonna grab him and plop him in the

bathtub he really doesn't like having

bahasa so he's being such a good boy

right now he likes to just stand on the

ledge and I get him nice and wet and

make sure that the water covers all of

his fur he has really thick fur so it's

important to make sure that everything

gets soaking

but then you're just going to apply the

shampoo and rub that all over him get

him all lathered up when you're done

make sure you rinse it out really well

and I like to just kind of squeegee out

his arms and his legs

or wherever the most water collects and

then I can lift him out and wrap him up

in a towel and then we're just going to

dry them off really quickly with the


and then his next not so favorite part

is the blow-dry session so I just

grabbed my normal hair dryer and I have

it on the cool to warm setting you don't

want it hot you don't want to burn him

and you're just gonna blow dry the whole

thing and then this is his little

routine after he gets a bath he likes to

finish drying his face off on the carpet

these are the tools that I'm going to be

using first we have a brush this is

actually the only brush that he will let

me brush him with and I'm gonna be using

the andis ACG dog clippers this actually

has a different blade on it I purchased

the blade separately the blade is a 4fc

which is a nine point five millimeter it

actually comes with a number ten blade

which I just found way too short I kind

of like his hair a little bit longer it

leaves it about just under an inch long

and then we're gonna use some thinning

shears that you see at the top and then

I'm just using the scissors that come

with the kit and I will leave links for

all of these below in the description

box in case you guys

want to check it out I'm also using a

large tooth comb because again this is

the only comb that he will actually let

me comb in with so here we go so I start

by just brushing it through his hair you

want to make sure also before you start

clipping him that he is entirely dry I'm

just grabbing the Clippers now and you

want to make sure that you go with the

hair never against the hair you always

want to go in the direction the hair

grows so I just do this all over his

body and I leave his head I do not I do

not do this on his head and I very

sparingly do it on his legs I do not do

it on his tail so here I am just doing

his body he just likes to sit there it's

better if they can stand but I mean he's

just a lazy boy and he just likes to sit

well I do this so that works for me as

well I've learned to work around him you

want to make sure to get his belly

underneath as well you can actually just

hold your dog up a little bit and get

those pieces under there

and then we start on the head after

we're done all of the clipping actually

just be scissors for this part what I'm

doing here is just brushing forward the

her over his eyes and then making like a

straight cut all the way across with the

scissors and then just cleaning that up

a little bit and I trim the dirty bits

out of his eyes and I just kind of make

sure all those hairs around his eyes are

not sticking into his eyes and then I

take the thinning shears and the comb

and I lift up the hair with the comb and

I use those thinning shears just to trim

it off and leave it all nice the

thinning shears are great for not

getting that blunt edge cut with your

scissors so you can kind of erase any

imperfections or any blunt edges with

the thinning shears if you want to go

over her afterwards

now I'm gonna do his what I like to call

his mustache I just grabbed the hair

kind of like I'm just giving him a

regular people haircut and I comb it

forward and then I just trim it and I

make sure that it goes all the way up to

his ear area then I do the same on the

other side afterwards to make sure that

it all matches


you don't want to go too short you can

always take off more if you need to but

if you go too short then you're kind of

screwed so start with a little bit and

you can always just take off more if you

need to and then I'm gonna try to fix up

his little muzzle a little bit I'm kind

of like the hairs to kind of stick out a

little bit around his muzzle so I'm just

trimming those around his nose a little

bit and I'm getting to hair underneath

his chin making sure everything's even

and then we're gonna do the ears now

this is the part that I absolutely hate

doing because I can never get them

perfect and it drives me a little bit

crazy so right now I am just combing

them out straight you want to be really

careful when handling their ears or

brushing their ears because it's really

thin skin so be very gentle I'm just

combing them out and then I trimmed off

about it half an inch just straight

across and then I'm sort of trim around

the ear a little more I don't know if

that makes sense but here I am combing

the other ear I comb it on the top and

then on the underneath side and then I

make sure that I cut the same amount off

on the other side as I just did so that

they're even

and I think his ears were a little damp

when I did this that's why they're kind

of flipping out a little bit the hair is

kind of slipping out a little bit so

normally I would like this to kind of

curl under a little bit but what can you

do then I move on to his legs and his

feet so I'm just trimming the hair

around his feet to make it all nice and

more circular looking and not all floppy

expense so I just trim that all with

scissors and trim off all of the longer


then I grab his foot and I actually trim

the hair around his pads you can see

here I'm doing it to his back feet so I

just carefully snip off all of the fur

in between his toes and around his pads


now onto the tail I brush this out

really well and then all I do is feel

for the end of the tail and I trim off

about an inch away from the tail I just

take a big chunk off and then you can

kind of fluff it up a little bit and

trim off any excess and that's pretty

much how I do is tail it's really simple

and then you can take a look at how he

appears and see if you're happy with it

you can always use your scissors and go

back and trim

it's these ears here I'm not too happy

with them they look kind of funny right

now but they even out the next day when

everything kind of falls back into place

properly there is his cute cute little

face he's no longer a big fluff ball

thank you for watching I'll see you next


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