How To Keep Your Dog Nice And Clean With Waterless Shampoo| Dog Grooming

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hi I'm dr. Laurie Leach and I'm here

with jazz today and we're here to talk

to you about how to use a waterless

shampoo now there's two types of

waterless shampoos that we can use in

dogs one is a water-based waterless or a

fluid based waterless shampoo that you

would use on the pet and the reason for

this is you've got your perfectly

groomed pet and you've found a little

soiled area and what you're going to do

is take the dry shampoo there's two

types there's a powder and then there's

a waterless shampoo the waterless

shampoo you're going to spray on to the

affected area and you're going to

basically rub that soiled area out of

the hair coat you're going to keep on

rubbing maybe re spraying if it's not

quite clean yet the instructions say rub

until it's foamy but really what you're

doing is just rubbing until the soiled

area comes out and then when it's out

you can continue to dry off some of the

shampoo and the last step is take and

brush the coat out and there you are

good as new now the other type of

shampoo dry shampoo is a powder and with

the powder you would want to use that to

get rid of any areas that are

excessively oily so you would put the

pout you would reflect the coat back put

the cat the powder into the coat and

then just brush and that's how you would

use the dry shampoo that is the powder

version so this is jazz and I'm dr.

leach thanks very much

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