How To Make Dogs Feel Safe In The Bath| Dog Grooming

I'm going to give you my best tips on giving

your dog a bath if you're watching this

video it's probably because your dog

does not love bath time and you know

what Finn hated the bath when I first

adopted him from I dog rescue they'll be

linked below but through doing a few of

these little tips and tricks he now

tolerates it step number one is exactly

what you see I started him in the

bathtub without any water and what I

mean by that is I don't know what his

first experience with getting a bath to

be me dunking him in a body of water

especially if he's never had one before

so before I ever gave Finnick in a bath

I actually tried to make the bathtub a

fun place and so I have my treat pouch

here you guys can see and have some

little freeze-dried this is actually

trite oh you know you know you sit and

so we just worked on when he was a puppy

we worked on his basic obedience inside

the bathtub with no water and then we

would end on a positive note and then

come back excuse you and then come back

and do it again and what this did was

eliminate a lot of the uncertainty and

some of the initial fear that he had of

being in physically in the bathtub step

two if you have any of these poodle or

doodle mixes like we we think Finn is a

golden doodle I'm not a hundred percent

sure since he's a rescue but if you have

any curly or wavy hair coat dog or

long-haired coat dog I highly highly

highly recommend in fact I don't even

recommend I require you to make sure

that you can use a slicker brush and a

metal comb to get through your dog's

coat gently of course you don't want to

pull at them but make sure 100% that

there are no mats one thing I learned it

the hard way with having a doodle is if

you try to give them a bath and every

single mat is not out of them out of

their fur you can make it worse step 3

and this is really step one honestly but

the next

is to make sure that you have the right

shampoo and conditioner I am a huge

advocate for natural shampoos ones with

chemicals and a lot of ingredients that

you can't pronounce are not ones that I

like to use my dogs these are two brands

they're kind of messy here but these are

two brands that I personally love for

like an awesome company they'll be

linked down below and then can and kind

of the best investment I made with

giving my dogs are back at home is this

shower head so it has a magnet on the

back of it that attaches to the main

showerhead and it has a pause button on

it which means that I can turn the water

off so it's not wasting water and only

using what I need to give them a bath


make sure that the water is not too warm

I don't want to pull lighter


this shampoo because it's not full of

chemicals doesn't lather up in the same

way so you don't have to use a lot you

still get a little lather but it's not

the same get your dirty beard I know

your beard gets so dirty it gets so

dirty and because this is a non-toxic

all-natural shampoo I don't have to

worry about he you know licks a little

bit off of his lip I don't get too too

worried while I let the shampoo soap

because of how his hair is I am able to

see his skin really easily when his fur

is wet I take this opportunity just to

double check for fleas and ticks I do

this every time I pay them not because

he has a flea and tick issue but we live

in Texas and especially in the summer

they can get really bad and we have a

lot of trees and bushes in our backyard

which is awesome but it also means that

there could be bugs hey go can you sit

good see it's think of me there you go

and I'll do some treats and a little bit

of training and stuff just to reinforce

that this is a happy time and now we

rinse so when I do is head I try to put

on the head back and just

in circles a little bit a little bit at

a time and I've boys getting water in

ears and if I go around his eyes I try

to keep it quick

ready I have also accidentally gotten

water up his nose before don't do that

it's really important to also make sure

that you rinse all just soap out just

otherwise it will dry their skin out and

make them itchy to dry them off I gently

kind of squeeze not hard at all but just

kind of like wring out some of the

excess water you can see he's like a

sponge and I just do that to get some of

the excess water off before I tell dry

him and then if you have a doodle you

really in most poodle mixes it's really

important to blow dry them which he

doesn't love but will do because if you

let their hair stay wet for too long it

could mat really badly

guess that you are


are you guys okay are you dry can you


oh good sit yes it's a po boy I do his

initial towel dry inside the bath

because we're about to have zoo Oh Oh my

throat buddy we're about to have zoo me

but here just a minute good job of the

boo good job



I love how cute he looks when he's wet

look at you you're like a grumpy grumpy

wet cat is what you look like but I

still have some more blow-drying to do

you guys can see that he's still a

little I can't cuz it's kind of dark you

be though it's still his coat is still a

little bit damp we can see how clean

that looks and I cook filet and can you

guys see like how pearly and wavy his

hair is so this is why brushing and

combing is so important because it gets

tangled so quickly also comment below

did you guys notice this he has one like

red curly hair how flippin cute then one

very important thing to know is some

dogs after a bath after they've gone

through kind of rinsing off of their

sense they can actually feel very very

vulnerable so right after a bath is

probably not the best time to go to a

dog park or go have your dog meet brand

new strange dogs where conflicts may

occur now I know that's not a common

thing to do right after a bath but just

keep in mind that if your dog is like

rolling all over the carpet after or

they seem a little stressed it's because

they've just a big part of their

identity is what they smell like

and so when you give them a bath they

kind of for a second there and there's

different theories around this but some

people believe that they kind of lose

their scent and so it makes them feel a

little insecure a little uncomfortable

so they might not be a hundred percent

themself so that's just kind of a little

a little a little safety tip there who

nobody tells you what a workout that's

gonna be before I forget I want to do

comment of the day or bark remark of the

day this comment is on a video I did all

about nail trimming that is linked right

here in the comment is from one of my

favorite youtubers of all time they're

gone to the snow dogs you you guys know

who they are and if you don't they're

linked right here and down below go

check them out but they said this is one

the one job that I hate doing the most

I'm always afraid I'm going to clip oh

that I'm going to hurt them we have done

Clippers and also the Dremel I always

feel safer with the Dremel for some

reason but some dogs hate that noise you

did a good job you know you made it in

life when the biggest dog vlogger of all

time comments on one of your videos that

means so much gone to the snow dogs

thank you guys so damn much and I hope

that you have

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