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hello my name is Kate and welcome back

to habits of modern hippie yes so it is

Samoyed Sunday today and I have both my

girls with me if you haven't been here

before this one is Miko she's got a

black nose and this is Tinkerbell and

she's got a pink one today I'm going to

show you a super simple recipe that only

requires just a few ingredients for do

yourself all-natural dry shampoo for

dogs if you have a dog that it is a pain

in the butt to wash a be a giant

Fluffy's I'm a little bit of dry shampoo

can work really well for you all the

ingredients in this dry shampoo will

make a dog smell and feel good not just

because we're adding a little bit of

scent with some essential oils but also

the other ingredients take out some of

that stink they absorb it and get it out

of the air yeah so let's go ahead and

get started

tinker much decided that she didn't want

to be filmed anymore today and we're

amico is all about it so weeks is still

here and tink if you can see her is

right back there in the corner but I'll

show you what we'll need today we're

going to need cornstarch one cup of that

1/2 a cup of baking soda

both of these these full jars or maybe a

dollar or $2 I got mine at Whole Foods

but you can get it at any supermarket

then I add lavender essential oil my

lavender bottle is giant because I have

my own line of bath and body care where

I use lavender essential oil all the

time but you can get little bottles as

well and then tea tree oil tea tree oil

is really great for itchy skin if dogs

are having scratching issues hotspot

issues stuff like that that can help

heal up and this one I just got a

natural grosser but you can really

easily get this brand online as well I

will be using a sifter

this one is from Ikea super inexpensive

you don't need a scepter you can

absolutely just use the spoon this just

make sure that it's not super clumpy

last but not least you'll need a shaker

of some sort you can use one of those

cheese or pepper shakers that you see at

a pizza shop but I'm using a mason jar

and I'm going to use a hammer and a nail

just to poke some holes in the top that

I have cleanser lying around the house

oh yeah

super simple so let's get going all you

have to do is add your cornstarch and

your baking soda into a bowl go ahead

and take a big spoon mix that around

just so everything gets well combined

and then you're going to add about five

drop muti key and then you're going to

add about five drops each of your

essential oils so I'm putting about five

in of my tea tree and because this

bottle is so big and I just looked for

my dropper for about 20 minutes and

couldn't find it very carefully

Meek's and if you put too much essential

oil in that's alright we want to make

sure it's still shake abut if it's a

little too wet that's totally fine just

give it a good mix and because it's only

a few drops of each oil you should be

totally okay just will smell a little

bit stronger make sure that this is

mixed really well and that there are no

clumps from those essential oils I'm

going to take my sifter and just spoon

my mixture in now using that sifter I'm

just going to sift all those ingredients

back in to the bowl and that will make

sure that there

are no clumps and yes there's going to

be a little bit of dust coming out it's

totally fine to see the smell is to your

liking because you can always redo this

adding more essential oils if that feels

good to you I sometimes add a little bit

extra lavender essential oil because

lavender it's really good for calming

down anxiety and both of my girls are

super anxious they happen since they

were super young but that's always a

nice thing to add in next we make the

shaker if you don't have one already all

you need to do is poke a few holes in

the top of your mason jar with a hammer

and some nails and if you'd like you can

pop on a label as well to use this dry

shampoo it's super easy all you have to

do is shake a little bit over your pup's

coat rub it in really really well and

you're good because sometimes your dog

will shake and this can get a little

dusty I'd recommend doing it outside or

in the bathtub just so you don't have to

clean up too much after yourself after

you're finished making your jar and

labeling it you can go ahead and spoon

everything into your shaker and you are

ready to go now you can add the date to

the jar but you really don't need to

this stuff lasts for a really really

long time all of the ingredients the

sell-by dates and the good till dates

are years in the future so just keep it

out of the sunlight keep it in a cool

place and it should last you for ages

and if you have the amount of dough for

her and dogs that I do you'll definitely

go through this really quickly thank you

guys so much for watching make sure that

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comments get in some ideas for my next

videos Tinkerbell is acting very sleepy

right now so we'll go ahead and say

goodbye and see you again soon bye

there was a hippie in there I have the

same squeaker inside so it doesn't

squeak you shake it and it's really

weird noises and she loves it

yes there you go Tinkerbell is like

mostly to sleep down here

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