How To Make Natural Dog Shampoo Bars For The Summertime At Home

hey guys

cabbie here and my first day back making

soap from our vacation and so I thought

I would do and I've been wanting to do

it so I had a suggestion from somebody

local I asked you know what kind of

stuff they would like to see it an

upcoming show or and something for dogs

was suggested so I've had these molds

for like a really long time and I've

never used them but just kind of sat on

my shelf I think they're probably one of

the only molds I haven't used but

they're I can't tell you where I got I

think I got them like a really long time

ago from Brambleberry

they're the hard clear plastic molds in

there they have the little puppy dog

prints so that's what I'm gonna use

today I have two of them and I'm gonna

use those to make my dog soap now I did

some research and found that pretty much

any cold process soap can be used on

your dog it was suggested to add shea

butter to make it a little more

conditioning so I do have shea butter in

my recipe and I figured with spring and

summer coming there's gonna be a lot of

insects around trying to get at your

pets so I through my research I also

found that you can use essential oils do

your research though to see which ones I

am using lavender and lemongrass now

those are proven to help deter bugs and

mosquitoes and the such so I'm not using

a lot and my recipe probably got like

point eight ounces of each blended so

not a lot but

would not use fragrance oil on a pet so

just keep that in mind when you do your

research or when you make your own soap

bars up just to research how your

essential oils react with your pet they

say they're not good if applying

essential oils directly to your pet or

if they ingest them can be dangerous but

since they're in soap it's perfectly

fine so watch your usage levels and

which ones you use is my only advice

there do your research

ok I'm not your research go to I'm just

giving you what I found and you can take

it there on your own self so I'm gonna

get started I'll tell you what I've got

in here for these these two trays and I

had like I said I don't use these yet so

we'll see how far my recipe goes and

filling these but I've got in this

recipe I'm super fatty at a 5% I'm using

twelve point one six ounces of water

four point four eight ounces of lye so

I've got that there and it's cooled down

for my oils I'm using one point six

ounces or five percent castor oil eight

ounces or 25% coconut oil fourteen point

four ounces or 45% olive oil four point

eight ounces or 15% of palm oil and

three point two ounces or 10% of shea

butter so that's my recipe and then like

I said I blended about 0.8 ounces each

lavender oil and lemongrass essential

oils so so that's what we've got there

I'm gonna pour my my in now and get to

get ready to mix this all up it's a very

simple recipe there's no colors why do

you need one for a pet product anyway

right so we're just leaving it natural

and going with it like that

so we'll get these blended up to a light

tres and pour into my molds



I've got a hand stirrer my fragrances in

look at that creamy color from the shea

butter it's wonderful




now these are as you can tell these are

in little squares rows of three that's

how I'm going to sell them is a row of

three that way if you have a small dog

you could cut off one bar one little

square if you have a medium dog - and a

large dog you could hang on to all three

while you wash them depending on how big

your dog is so I figured that's a good

way to go and I will be making more of

these I just have two shows coming up

here in Cornwall in May one the

beginning of May right before Mother's

Day so I'll be selling those Mother's

Day sets with the lavender soaps which I

need to make more of those and lavender

heart-shaped bath bombs so we will

actually I'm gonna get a bigger spatula

so I'll be selling those I'll be selling

my watermelon rose and blossoms and

blueberries so I have those packaged

together in a cute cute package anyway

I'm gonna pour in my fragrance and then

we'll pour this into the molds it smells

wonderful I love lavender and lemongrass

so if you didn't see any of my pictures

on Instagram or my little videos when I

was on vacation we were so excited we

got to see plenty of our Turtles on the

beach we were staying at they come up

every day pretty much like clockwork and

they would lay on the beach for hours on

end so we got to see those and swim with

the turtles we went on a whale watching

tour which was fantastic we could see

the whales from our condo but we went

out on a big catamaran and we got to see

them up close it was

fantastic and then we had seen posts on

the condo website before we left to go

on vacation about the seal who had been

visiting so my husband is like I hope I

get to see the seal on the last day of

our vacation the seal finally came and

hopped up on the beach you saw him in

the waves he was playing with this I

think it was a puffer fish that he was

eating but he was playing with it first

anyway he was out there so we watched

him forever we're like how is he gonna

come and he's he gonna come in and

finally he rode the waves on up to the

shore and laid on the beach I'm telling

you he came in early afternoon I think

mid afternoon and the sunset he was

still sleeping on the beach so sometime

during the night he left but it was

fantastic my husband was so happy okay

so anyway we're gonna fill this one a

bit and go over to the next so I'm not

sure how full I can get these sorry if

I'm in your way here okay so I think

that's good and then I'll top this one

off perfect and then we'll just kind of

tap him down anyway just love the fact

like I said that we got to see our seal

there on the last day coming home was

brutal the jet lag even though we spent

the night in LA on the way back but it

was still it was so hard to get back in

the swing of things my husband's still

with the time change isn't back to his

full swing yet so we'll get there anyway

so oh I do desperately need to make more

soap my shelves are getting empty I'm

getting ready to do those two shows so

so let's see shimmy those down and make

sure everything's like so and I'm gonna

use these on my dogs in between groomer

visits this summer and we'll see we'll

see how they do I think they're gonna be

really awesome

so for pets so you try it I'll put the

recipe again in the box below and let me

know how you like it use your molds

I don't think Brambleberry like I said I

think that's where I got these and I

don't I didn't see them on their website


mmm excuse me so I don't think they

carry these anymore you still might be

able to find different paw soap molds I

know they have them in silicone which is

is easier anyway I'm gonna let these sit

till tomorrow and then to help get them

out of the molds I'm gonna pop them into

the freezer for maybe an hour or two and

and that makes it easier to pop them out

of these molds so anyway we'll come back

and we'll pop them out and cut them into

rows and they'll be ready to go I am

gonna make more of these before our

first show so anyway this is just a

small batch for now and we'll be back to

cut them and or pop them out of the mold

and cut them so we'll be right back hey

guys were back and I just took these out

of the freezer they've been in for a

couple hours and I flipped the molds

over and they pretty much released right

on their own so oh my gosh those are so

cute they're so cute

yeah see if I can flip this over your

way look at how adorable these soaps are

I just love this mold they're so cute

I'm going to see

see I'm trying to think of how I'm gonna

package these whether I'm gonna go this

way I think I will let me see I'm gonna

use my wire cutter and go right down the

center not the straightest but I figure

it's easier than using my chopper my

hand chopper not chopper chopper anyway

here we go

aren't they cute they're so cute then

we'll do this one enough I'll trim them

up here with the with my what am I

trying to say my peeler so that the

edges will be nice and smooth cuz

they're a little roughed so there's that

one they smell wonderful so I said just

tidying these up a bit

they're very cold let me just pop them

out but

anyway kind of get this evened out here

like so there's the other one

and this is how I'm going to package

them so they show just adorable just

trying to smooth this out so aren't they

cute I just love these little paws so

anyway I'll do that one in a second here

you need to see me do all of them but

anyway I do appreciate you hanging out

watching the video there goes my dogs

it's garbage day so must be another

truck anyway if the recipe a try let me

know how you like it

these are gonna sit and cure for four

weeks before I sell them at my first

show so and I can't wait to use them on

my dogs this summer so thanks again for

watching if you haven't hit subscribe so

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everybody have a great day and we'll see

you on the next video bye for now

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