❤How To Make Natural Dog Shampoo | Homemade Shampoo

welcome back everybody today we are

talking about a very cheap all-natural

flea repelling dog shampoo that you can

of course make yourself this stuff is so

easy to make you will never ever again

have to go buy nasty toxic crazy

expensive dog shampoo at the store so as

you guys may know especially if you

follow me on instagram I just got a

German Shepherd puppy so before I

brought her home I did a lot of research

on natural dog shampoo some essential

oils I could use and all that good stuff

and I came up with this super simple

moisturizing flea repelling dog shampoo

and I hope you love it as much as I do

first I just want to talk about some of

the chemicals that's found in

conventional dog shampoo that you want

to be avoiding the first thing is

artificial fragrances these chemicals

make you believe that they're natural by

smelling like fresh flowers and fresh

air but it's definitely not fragrances

can include thousands of different

chemicals and they are super harmful

fragrances have been known to cause

cancer reproductive issues headaches

developmental toxicity and all kinds of

other stuff that is personally why I use

essential oils because they come

straight from the plant they're all

natural plus they have health benefits

unlike fragrances number two is

artificial colors your dog shampoo does

not need to be blue or pink or orange

that colored shampoo can cause organ

damage cancer and allergic reactions

which we obviously don't want just say

no to the colored shampoo number three

is formaldehyde preservatives you really

want to watch out for ingredients like

these this can cause a bad immune

response in your puppy which can cause

really bad skin issues like itching

blistering and burning number four is

mineral oil which honestly sounds really

nice and natural but nope nope mineral

oil actually puts this protective

barrier over your dog's skin

and kind of sounds nice and everything

it kind of sounds like oh it's

moisturizing it's good but it has this

barrier over your dog's skin and the

skin is the largest organ of the body

and the skin is supposed to excrete

toxins but when it has a barrier over it

your dog can't excrete any toxin so this

can lead to multiple different issues

Plus this is also made from crude oils

lastly is propylene glycol propylene

glycol actually conditions the skin but

at a high cost it may be an immune

system toxin neurotoxin reproductive

toxin and skin toxin that is a lot of

toxin flea collars and flea shampoos and

fleece frays also contain insecticides

according to the ASPCA these

insecticides ranked number 2 on the list

of top 10 dog poisons

also keep in mind that these are only a

couple ingredients found in your -

shampoo and flea collars and all that

stuff so do lots of research on it so

obviously now that we know that we need

to ditch the toxic chemicals what do we

use now let's make our own shampoo so

what will you need for this recipe

you're gonna need a half a cup of water

a half a tablespoon of castile soap


1/4 a cup of apple cider vinegar 1

teaspoon of aloe vera gel 1 teaspoon of

coconut oil 5 drops of lavender three

drops of rosemary during drops of lemon

five drops of citronella three drops of

cedarwood in an empty 8 ounce bottle and

I will have links as to where to buy

this stuff down below now this part is

obviously super easy you just take that

ingredient list you just put it in the

bottle and you shake it up and you'll

wash your dog I know it's like it's so


plus it's cheap I mean come on guys it's

cheap so why did I use these specific

ingredients so I use the castile soap

because it's natural its gentle the

apple cider vinegar and aloe vera gel

will repel unwanted pests will also

reduce itching and help leave your dog's

coat nice and shiny and moisturize the

coconut oil is obviously wonderful it'll

help moisturize your dog's skin and coat

it will help wound healing minimize

odors and also keep your dogs nice and

shiny so since I have a long-haired

German Shepherd I did use one teaspoon

of coconut oil that might be too much

for your dog if you have a little tiny

Chihuahua or you might want to add more

if you have like a full-grown German

Shepherd or a full-grown lab and of

course I use the essential oils because

they have amazing health benefits and

they will also help repel unwanted pests

on your animal I of course use essential

oils on myself and I use them on my dog

as well now there are some essential

oils that dogs can't use and I will put

a link below if you want to learn more

about that I really recommend doing some

simple Google searches on these specific

essential oils to see how they can help

your dog a lot of people are a little

bit nervous about using essential oils

on their dog if there's a certain oil

that your dog absolutely hates just

don't use it

simple as that thank you so much for

watching today I hope you enjoyed this

video and it helped you out if you like

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have a great rest of your day and I will

see you in the next video


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