How To Make A Non Toxic Effective And Itchy Dog Shampoo At Home

they even got a pet that's generally in

June you're wondering is there a shampoo

I can make at home well you bet there is

in this episode of that are your secrets

I'm going to show you exactly what to do

what to put put in it and we're going to

be giving to love


hello everyone welcome back to my

channel for those of you who are new

welcome and also welcome to my bathroom

in this episode I've got kind of an

itchy dog I don't know why she's in she

for sure I checked her ski and I can't

find anything in particular but I want

to give her a shampoo and I thought this

is a really good time for me to actually

show you guys a really good general kind

of cover all bases shampoo that you can

make it one we're gonna lather up to

Lenore show you how easy it is to do at

home so here is we said AG dog as you

can see I just scratch her back and see

she wants it so here's what you're gonna

need for this shampoo as a basis we're

using green tea so I have brewed up a

cup of green tea have you used one

tablespoon of blue green tea leaves and

put it into my little handy bottom you

can also just go ahead and you know just

get yourself a green tea bag but you're

making 250 mils or one cup of green tea

next we're gonna need this it's cold I

think you can focus in on it called

castile soap this actually says dr.

Bonners castile so it's a natural oil

based soap made of things such as

coconut oil olive oil and it comes in a

concentrated form I picked it up at my

co-op so you're not just gonna get it

anywhere you're gonna need to go to some

type a natural health store I know

obviously you can also get it online

through Amazon but castile soap so it's

a really good base for any array of

shampoos even shampoo or a cleaner you

want to make at home and then we're

going to be using one tablespoon of this

so third and want you guys to have this

here's some apple cider vinegar yeah

it's a variety for benefit for the

purposes of our shampoo I know it's

antifungal it's really good for helping

with that dry flaky skin which is what I

think Tula has so we're going to be

using two tablespoons of that then

lastly there's going to be three

different types of essential

oils first of all first of all we have

this one here copaiba it's a really good

sort of considered kind of an anti

inflammatory type essential oil and I

would be using 5 drops of it in our

mixture next we're gonna be using this

one here which is lavender many of

you've used lavender oil we're using

five drops of lavender so lavender is a

good antibacterial as well as appearing

to have some sort of antihistamine type

qualities which was going to help us if

- or your dog is aching because of an

allergy and then lastly this one here

which many of you have probably used

Melaleuca or the tea true it's one of

the one of the better sort of all-around

skin natural essential oils it's

antibacterial antifungal it's gonna

cover most the potential critters that

could be making your dog's skin itchy

starting out with our lukewarm

just touch it with your finger first cup

of green tea

okay there's our one cup of grain next

our next thing is our castile soap for

the base I like you one tablespoon of

that it's just so nice to have like a

natural product that doesn't have all

these crazy mental toxins and if you

bother to take the time to look into

many of the shampoos I mean if you look

at the top 12 potential environmental

toxins in North America more often than

not they're in the shampoos so you can

make yourself natural shampoo not expose

yourself and your pets too it's a great

idea there it is the one cables going

into castile soap next we're gonna be

using two tablespoons on this apple

cider vinegar your concoction up

funny-lookin mixture yeah it's quite

acidic that's changing nature

concentration and then why use our

essential oils so I'm gonna use five

drops of the tea tree there's five tea

tree next five of the copaiba

I have the copaiba okay we've got it

next thing you want to rinse your dog

thoroughly purrs you want them all wet

so then we pour in the shampoo it can

lather up properly and penetrate into

your dog's skin


so you're just gonna sort of pour

anything Li on your dog good girl

be careful it does get into their eyes

you know and you can almost I'm to be

able to pour it right on easier if I'm

right in here then you guys can see

little bit better I just want to make

sure I get all through her and really

focusing your dogs grind the area where

they're really itchy now if you can try

to leave it on for full 10 minutes

that's ideal because that can penetrate

for the sake of tula in the video it's

not going to be fun it's not going to be

10 minutes gonna be somewhere between 3

to 4 now it's time for the rinse


the girl so thanks again for watching

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