☺ How To Make Stinky Pet Deodorizer Spray At Home

hi guys Kelsey here today I'm so excited

to be doing a DIY project with you guys

and this one's for those cute little

dogs that you have around so about six

weeks ago my husband and I got the

cutest Ozzie doodle he is two years old

and his name is Zeke and he is so

awesome and so I don't know if his

previous owner used oils with them but

he loves them we diffused with them all

the time like he's actually sitting on

the floor right next to me and we had

the diffuser on have wild orange in

there but he really likes oils and has

loved him and so I wanted to make a

doggie deodorant because he got a little

stinky and it's not his bath time yet

and so we wanted to make something that

just makes a smell a little bit more

fresh so today for your DIY all you're

gonna need is lavender cedar wood and

bed of your and these are all oils that

are really great to use with dogs one

all of these are really calming oils for

dogs so if your dog has a lot of anxiety

this is a great one for them too because

not only does it have like those

benefits in it that are gonna make them

not stinky it's gonna help them calm


- and then you're gonna need a spray

bottle I like using the 8 ounce ones

just because they're a good size and I

don't know I just like them and I also

use the glass ones I'll make sure to

link below where I like to get my spray

bottles too because they have the best

prices on them I bought superboss one

worked up a bunch of different places

but these ones have held up over time

and so I just really like them

and I'd also recommend using glass just

because if you're using your oils it

helps preserve everything a lot better

so this recipe is for small dogs but my

dog is pretty making 60 pounds and so

his product body could probably handle

more but I just want to be on the safer

end so I'm just gonna do the small

amount so I'm going to be six drops of

lavender and four drops of cedar wood

and then four drops of Bennifer so I

added all the oils and now I'm just

gonna fill up the rest with water

and then I'll want to shake it up so

every time you use it you're gonna want

to shake it up beforehand and I would

recommend putting labels on your oils

for your dogs obviously like you could

use this on a human too and that would

be totally fine but just with dogs one

oil you do want to be cautious of is

Melaleuca melaleucas tea tree oil and

dogs aren't able to metabolize that

super well so I use Melaleuca all the

time and so I just like to make sure

that when I'm around my dog or making

things for him that I do not use it so I

always mark his things with a label but

I'll show you how to use it so this is

my cute pup see he's the best so when

you're using a spray ball with dogs you

just want to make sure that you keep

away from like their eyes and their nose

and their ears or private parts but I

just go ahead and just spray on their

fur and just rub it in and so yeah seek

does really good with oil so we actually

use them all the time with them so yep

oh he already smells so much more fresh

and cleaned and then it's fun too

because if you take the time to rub it

in then it's a little bit of bonding

time with your dog so there we go

but that's the end of the DIY I put a

little label on it just to make sure

I'll link below I got the labels at

aroma tools but you can always make your

own like on an Avery label or something

like that but I like these ones because

they have little paw prints on them so

it just makes makes it clear that it's

like any kids or babysitter's are over

or things like that that they know this

one's for the dog

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