How To Use Begley's Waterless Dog Shampoo

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hello everyone this adorable kid here is


this is chicks'll and today we're gonna

be reviewing this what a mess

Pet jump over that I just got for her


it's called beagle biggley's natural

water this better pool and oatmeal mango

scent it says it's free and white for a

shiny frets I'm Ellen code plant-based

formula and let's just spray and wipe

see if it works now cookie has a very

sensitive skin in the past we haven't

gotten much luck with one of those

shampoos and had to be any shampoos she

goes she's got in hot spots she's gotten

fake he's king very dry skin so we're

gonna be trying this one today let's see

how it's all go that's quite all right

baby let's try they stay very still if

it works see off the ice off okay let's

see don't you stare so quick he's two

years old I had after her last summer

and things have been very good she's

very good fat overall I've been teaching

her tricks she's very smart people say

you don't touch you don't teach I'm

sorry adult dogs tricks that's a lie

they do learn she has learned so much

give me five I'll show them give me five

yeah yeah good job

high five yeah but I haven't been able

to make this thing work

hold on okay now it's working so I have

here the tie will type it up I have a

comb I have her brush and let's see

she's gonna work

heyget spray I'm gonna soak her anyways

is that on the face you have to do it

with without wet cloth don't spray it

directly to her face so that I don't get

let's see take it off all right that's

what I got amore

it smells good really good hmm let's see

how I'm gonna put on her face okay so

for a face basically I just damped it

with water this paper towel and then I'm

just gonna spray it now so now it's nice

and sprayed with the form of that I'm

just gonna do it close to her face and

I'll see how it works I'm gonna wipe her

after I finish but I don't like to leave

her wait so she gets cold so I'll use

the blower to dry her hair but take a

cake I have to bring her eyes she's

really called Antony see he's very

sensitive so I'm just gonna work it with

my hand into her skin last time I bathed

her it was two weeks ago so now she's

kind of smelly that's why I want to try

this waterless formula and hopefully it

works for her all right so now I'm just

gonna go get the blower and dry her and

we'll see what he looks like

after she's trying

not very happy right now so basically I

think cookie thanks thanks it after I

dried her with the Thai wall now I'm

gonna do the below word when she gets

like done I'm so uncomfortable and

scared it always works for me to have

her favourite cheese everyone that you

know that she's go she's gonna get more

come on sit sit cookie like okay sit

do you want one mmm here no working

right now cookie look look now she just

want to leave okay come on cookie look

look treats yeah okay okay sit

okay okay mmm-hmm all right sit no

that's no I can't all right let me just

blow-dry her come on



okay so this is the end result

her hair feels a little heavy but I mean

it does feel fine over here softer way

shorter but I turn her head you know her

head feels heavy and the one on her tail

it's like bacon or something but um I

will update you in a couple of days but

you know I feature I her skin she seems

like she got irritated and everything in

this game okay I say that's it that's it

you want it

nope cookie cookie no good girl

all right good girl stay there let's

show the hair come on come on down

okay now that I got to come down so the

hair does look a little shiny I'm not

sure if I like the way fails I'll try it


okay now for some comments down below

she looks nice and pretty


okay one of the shampoo works all right

after brushing her hair and a couple of

times the smell doesn't last too long

but it works for a little alright thanks

for watching and again this is a review

of this waterless bedroom pool thanks

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