How To Use Dry Shampoo for Dogs Coton De Tulear

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in today's video we're gonna learn

together how to Bath our dogs with the

natural dry shampoo my name is Lorena

I'm from Peru

now we live in Florida she's candy my

coton de tulear now let's get started

with the video I'm gonna be using a

towel to place it in the work place

brushes and comes that you use when

brushing your dog's hair regular e/m

corn starch I recommend you to do the

grooming your dog in a high place table

kitchen of bad for encounter in my case

on a chair I'm burying to my truck can

be one time a month or every two months

depends on our activities so let's

sprinkle the cornstarch on your dog's

body little by little starting from the


then sprinkle in the front legs neck

back legs tail and then we're going to

be using our hands

you have to shake your dogs here quickly

have fun with him talk to him and give

him a bunch of kisses when you are

working with your dog enjoy the moment


now let's brush the dots here with the

brush will you use regular e no matter

how you brush the important thing is to

brush from one side to another side

don't worry guys about the tangles

because the cornstarch it help you to

entangle the knots if you don't have it

guys you can see right now how the

cornstarch comes out it is fantastic and

you can see right now how this product

is absorbing hair grease naturally one

is incredible

repeat the process brushing and using

your hands to shake the hair


now I will put cornstarch on Candy's

head and shake be careful with the eyes

and nose okay and keep brushing and

using your hands to remove the excess of


as you can see candy is enjoying this

time with me when I'm cleaning or

brushing here because it's part of our

routine so it's easy for me and not too

hard for her I know guys you want to

know the cornstarch benefits right okay

number one cornstarch is not toxic for

animals and you can get it at a very low

price in the supermarket number two you

can use this type of cleaning for dogs

and cats


number three cornstarch absorbs

everything from your dog scary leaving

your dog's hair clean shiny and fluffy


number four also remove the nuts of your

dog's care if your dog have it of course

you can find a media below in the info

box of how to brush my dogs here and how

to untangle a knot with corn starch

number five you can use this dry shampoo

two or three times a month if you want

the Pens of activities


number six please do this kind of dry

shampoo outdoors keep your house clean



number seven you can put the cornstarch

in a jar bag or a plastic container with

a lid to store it in the area where you

keep your dogs tins number eight if you

are under 18 and you want to do this

please you have to ask your parents

before show this video and only if they

give you permission do it




number nine don't forget to the

comfortable clothes on you because you

are going to miss a little wanna see mom

keep pushing


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here you have the before and after I

actually keep my girl candy clean and

maybe you cannot save much difference

but right now I know you can see less

greasy hair more fluffy and white right

so I think the dry shampoo is working if

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