🔥 How To Use Espree Oatmeal Baking Soda Waterless Dog Shampoo

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today we're going to bathe Dubi and I'm

going to show you how to use this spray

and do kind of a review of it it works

really well

it's waterless bath it's like waterless

shampoo so you spray it on but they

don't have to be you don't have to like

get them in water and wash it off you

spray it on them you rub it off you

brush up its called as free as the brand

ESP IEA the natural wholesome pet care

product and it's oatmeal baking soda

soda waterless bath it removes dirt

stains and odor no time for a full bath

spray and towel and clean

oh it's organically grown it's got a

libero in it clean scent I've used on

him before listen what he did today it

smells really good so where I'm walking

him and I'm on the phone my friend

Michelle so I'm just hitting it yes

 right where I'm at right and

here he is like rolling around in some

turkey or something I don't even

know what he was rolling around in well

I can understand they're watching him do

it talking and the whole house smells no

so it's not as bad let me gonna that be

bit still like my husband and Steve you

know because their noses are very

sensitive so here's what this looks like


I'm just gonna show you I'm gonna go get

Dewey and I'm gonna show you how I do it

and I'm gonna get I'm gonna make sure I

have the brush to thighs you put it on

let's do it the directions are use a


spray entire pet or area of concern

towel clean repeat as needed so I'm

gonna get towel I'm gonna get doobie I'm

gonna bring his brush because he's

shedding a little bit and I'm just gonna

show you what I'm gonna do so it works

really good we'll see if I can take the

stink off stuff I'm like please because

you know you like to lay on the couch

you stink so bad guys


I don't like guys use my hand all right


you don't like that so this has been a

better alternative option for us there's

a YouTube video I'm gonna find it and

link it in the description of a lady

that's uh she grooms animals and this

was an alternative option that she

showed how to do especially for his


wait a second where you going no no



before right there

but maybe it was like maybe you thought

it would smell like Cologne you know

maybe like oh my gosh Cologne

it's Turkey




whoa goodness that's it i groomed him

this brush awesome like a Chow and you

couldn't tell me hair you know he has

this help get it out when he's shedding

like I actually have the ability if I

pull it out with my hands cuz I think it

just he just shed like so much hair like

two times a year this brush have you got

one a dog like nine get this brush it's

really helpful it's worth the money and

guys I gotta say I give this I think I'm

almost done with it

I'm almost out of it I will give this

product an 8 out of 10 for sure it's a

fantastic product I don't know about 10

out of a 10 but 8 out of 10 this is a

good product I mean it makes them smell

better and I feel like he's fresher and

without having to use water and dry out

his skin and everything

this really is how cuz his skin is very

sensitive I don't know like one of the

reasons I stopped bathing him a lot was

because the veterinarian told me not to

anymore and I know right but his skin is

very very sensitive it's important not

to strip the oil doesn't you know he

gets rashes and he's allergic to flea

bites so if he gets bit by a flea he

just hives right up but either way that

does not bother his skin eight out of

ten and he smells better so try it you

know if you want to or whatever it was

let me do a picture over time the brand


as spree I got it at Petsmart yeah

things paestum are oatmeal baking soda

waterless bath works really good guys so

there you have it oh maybe I should show

him finished let me show a finished

product to do B hold on a second

oh let's see you let's see how sharp you

look look at you let me see Oh another

tip guys - do not spray this in your

house we've got these floors and I the

first time I sprayed it on him I just

did in the house I just started spraying

you know thinking it was no big deal

well guess what guys it makes your

floor's so slick so don't do that just

make sure you spray it outside somewhere

all right but there you have it a pet

grooming appreciate you all watching

have a great day

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