How To Wash Your Dogs Face And How To Choose Dog Shampoo Product

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we used the Davis D shed shampoo and

rinse as compared to what I usually use

on Augie which is the code handler under

code control

I'd say Augie actually looks and feels

pretty amazing let's take a look right

now about what the cost is of the Davis

D shed shampoo and conditioner and take

a look at what the cost is to comparable

products and how we feel about that as a

groomer using a lot of different

products on dogs to accomplish a nice

healthy coat especially when I'm talking

about a dog's coat that has an undercoat

I'm very picky with products very much

so I love this coat right now I always

love his coat when he's grown but I

really work his coat very hard I have to

say guys the Davis D shed yeah we could

do this I could use this in my

professional grooming shop it is a

professional grooming product I tend to

not go for Davis products so much I'm

talking shampoos and conditioners and

detangling spray is finishing sprays I

did put a little quicker slicker and

Augie after he was brushed out from the

back before I dried him I just always do

I just think it helps me to descend them

so well he feels amazing

his skin looks great and he's gonna see

his skin he hadn't been here in about

three months so he was he was a packed

with some dander and undercoat he looks

great this is the Davis D shed shampoo

and conditioner Augie you want to give

us one more quick look you want to give

us a tail wag

you're a good boy yes

who chooses hi guys I promised you we

were going to be trying the Davis spot

facial today we have these two beautiful

cockapoos this is BP hey this is peanut

and they decided that they wanted to do

a facial challenge so we're going to try

the spa tropiclean products on Miss BB

here she shows them and we're going to

try the Davis spa facial on Miss peanut

we're just gonna see if they compare to

each other I've already used both

products I've used to tropiclean product

for a long long time I love it we use it

on every pet in my shop recently

purchased the Davis spa facial and I'm

wondering if it will produce the same

results and it's a little cheaper of a

product quite a bit cheaper I will link

all the prices to both these products in

the description below if you're

interested in picking them up I know a

lot of you already have this one both

products I think are winners when

testing this one for about a week now

it definitely stands up to two

tropiclean slightly different

ingredients in both though that's one

thing to consider he's trying to

determine which product do you think

would be best for your pet let's jump

into this demo and find out what these

two girls think about it so we wet

Phoebe's face BB does have a lot of

build up here in her eyes typical one

around her mouth too so I'm gonna get

that tropiclean facial scrub in there

real good

you know the reason we use these

products around their eyes in their face

is because it is a lot safer than than

the regular shampoos that we choose to

use but however you should avoid you

know like putting this directly in their

eyes or any product ever but I can get

it around her eyes and massage

true and just gently try to select and

massage that debris right right off of

her face and it will come out if there's

a lot of buildup you know you have to

maybe apply it a couple times add a

little more water to the product and try


you know it'll come out but it's a nice

safe product to use around their face

and their eyes I always suggest this

product for you guys because I know it's

safe and I've used the tropiclean facial

scrub for years here in this show and on

my own pace so you see how nicely it

lathers that's important we gotta get

now this is an area that always gets

dirty right in there with dogs there's

like a little flu little crease that

harbors food and crusty stuff and this

product is very good at removing that

I'm gonna show you up close and personal

when her face looks like after she's all

finished ready

rinsed her face off just to loosen up

this degree

it's in our eyes you can see

got a little bit of yucky stuff in your

mouth and your beard we're gonna take

all that out so we're gonna try this day

this Facial Spa winter on little peepee

so got about that much you're gonna burn

up and if you can see that it lathers

pretty much about the same as the

traffic lean facial scrub that's that's

what I'm noticing about these two

products as they really are comfortable

to each other slightly different

ingredients they produce

results travel clean smells better in my

opinion but I guess that's just my


you guys may not think so they both

clean very nicely Davis is a little

cheaper I will have some links in the

description of this video if you guys

are interested in going out trying out

these products for yourself and leaving

us your feedback any products that are

churches from the links underneath any

of my videos actually talk to support

this channel so that I can keep doing my

demos for you guys

quality information regarding products

and grooming techniques

that's all I used on her face to look

Robert slathered up it's the same I

showed you the amount that I put on and


I have not reapplied I can feel that

everything is loosened that looks nice

after we get both of these girls drive

and Groot I'm gonna give you a a real

quick view of how they look after to

share with you the secrets of the

grooming industry so you can provide

quality care for your beloved pets at

home if you're new to my channel hit

that subscribe button and ring the bell

because together we are going to

increase the bond you share with your

pet and add even more value to their


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