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hi guys my name is Samantha and I am

from top dog tips if you've seen my

reviews in the past or anything

giveaways got to be done I like to try

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follow my reviews then you know what the

deal is I get these reviews I may try

them at home with our dogs and our

family and then I give you guys my

honest feedback on them so this week I

am NOT trying sitting in my bathroom

because I am using this shampoo from a

company called 4-legger

now we have actually used four layer

shampoo in the past because I've always

looked for healthy products for our dogs

that are going to be safe as well and

for later fits that category very very


they actually this is one of the best

shampoos that I found that is safe and

healthy for me and my dog and also does

the job of cleaning the dirt and the

debris out of their coat and leaving

them with a good smell as well so I'm

kind of picky about the shampoo that I

use with my girls I've got a safe and

healthy for me and the dogs you're

putting your hands in this shampoo even

if you wear gloves your dog's shaking

it's getting on your skin first of all

if you are using a dog shampoo that you

feel like you need to use gloves to work

it into your dog should not be happening

if you just don't like your hands to get

in the wet and the wire and you don't


and you're wearing gloves those the

ingredients in some of the other the

shampoos and the conditioner of the

grooming products that you can just buy

it your local big box store they are

full of toxins and chemicals and you may

not even realize that because it smells

nice a lot of those scents are

artificial they're just perfumes to mask

that chemical odor so I really highly

encourage every pet parent no matter

what your pet is if it's a dog of its

attack if you're giving a guinea pig a

bath if you're using the pet shampoo one

make sure that it is specifically

designed for your animal dogs have a

different pH their skin has a different

peeps and ours if you use a human

shampoo it's gonna dry out your dog's

skin very quickly and it caused a lot of

issues so make sure you're using a

shampoo that's specific for your animal

species and try and vital in a safe and

healthy for you know I told you that

4-legger fits that category very well

for later is certified organic by the

USDA now what that means is it means a

lot of things it you can't just say that

the ingredients that are user or getting

it's so much more than that this shampoo

is cruelty free it's vegan it is

biodegradable it's safe and non-toxic

for all skin types and all all ages of

times one of my favorite things because

if you follow my reviews we have a

six-month-old puppy right now we have a

one-year-old puppy and then here are

five year old boxer so we have dogs with

a point in each gap and I don't have to

look for a special puppy shampoo now

another thing that I'm gonna

is that when you buy a lot of those

shampoos that you'll find in the big-box

stores you flip over the back and

there's almost always a warning that

says do not use on puppies six weeks and

under 12 weeks and under eight weeks

endure whatever it might be for me

personally I feel like if you're

excluding small animals from you or

young animals from your products

something is not right about that if

it's if it's healthy if it's safe its

all-natural it's going to be so safe and

healthy forever you know

so what those warnings are for is that

the chemicals and the toxins in those

products have been linked to issues and

puppies they're little their systems are

still developing and they can't process

those toxins and chemicals in the same

way so that coming to the Illyria for

later shampoos are safe for every dog if

your dog is pregnant if your dog is if

you have a puppy like we do or a brand

new pumping at eight weeks old you're

not going to have to worry about finding

a shampoo that's going to meet his needs

so so that's great it's gentle it's not

going to strip all the oil out of your

dog's fur which is really nice here if

you're under layer your pets skin just

like ours makes some natural oils and

that's what keeps his coat soft and it's

what keeps his coat healthy and doesn't

dry out and get dull because of those

natural oils so it's for later will

strip those and in the USDA certified

organic this product is made with the

highest quality ingredients that are

selected for sustainability at our low

impact on the environment or later is

very conscious about that so so that's

something to look for in the privacy

slides there's no GMOs no herbicides

pesticides no synthetic ingredients of

any kind so as I mentioned and a lot of

those other products you'll have a big

one is oatmeal or vanilla scent a

lavender scent that is synthetic it's


that's a man-made fragrance and it's

just a perfume so that you don't smell

the chemicals that are in that product

obviously you're not going to wash your

dog with a shampoo that you can smell

those fat chemical smells it needs your

doing something like that so they add

those artificial things sometimes you'll

find John shampoo that's I seen them

almost every color of the rainbow brain

green bright pink bright blue that's not

a natural color what what ingredient do

you know of think of the natural

ingredients that are in shampoos aloe

different essential oils oatmeal that

has a what are those what of those are

hopping or bright blue or bright mean

they're adding those artificial colors

and those artificial fragrances and all

of those chemicals are getting into your

dog's skin they're soaking through the

skin and getting into the system so it's

something that you really really need to

be mindful of and also something that

you don't have to worry about with

4-letter shampoos these there are no

artificial colors preservatives

fragrances anything like that and for

Limor products are made in the USA so

that is something i like to look for as

well on those products that are right

here putting american people to work so

i appreciate that it will have the

products that i buy for my adults so

very safe effective again i am going to

go cut one of my jobs Molly she's our

little she's a beagle cocker spaniel

mixed puppy she's about five months old

just to give you a quick heads up we are

still working with Molly on grooming on

getting used to being bathed getting

used to

a little clipped and being brushed in

that kind of stuff so she little feisty

in the tub but you are gonna see that

that the four layer has a nice lather

and I'll talk to you a little bit more

about the actual shampoo itself and how

it works in just a minute so let me go

grab Molly and how do you

hi guys I am back and if you can see him

here is our little Molly and it's a

portlanders yeah I'm going to see a

pretty great lather

it also got oh I love the smell of the

shampoo if you use essential oils if you

berries essential oil we do for

ourselves and for our dogs it's me with

lavender and the real scent of lavender

is nourished the scent that you're used

to on candles and you know soap

something like that out of the store the

real offensive lager is a little bit

different than that for the real

lavender which is our a little wonderful

smell and this shampoo also has a low

meal so it's great for soothing dry skin

moisturizing and hydrating and again

it's gentle and it's also very effective

you can see it's got a really nice

louder without the pyramids and the

sulfates and in the detergents and

things that are in other similar it's

not further similar to share those about

other shampoos other traditional shampoo

that's more traditional so I haven't

been scrubbing on Molly here for a

little while I'm just going to rinse her

off really quickly because she's ready

to get out

one thing you're going to notice about

the four-letter shampoos because they

don't have all those added ingredients

the detergents and that kind of stuff is

a lot thinner it's it's almost the

consistency of water of just a

traditional liquid it doesn't have that

thicker gel kind of texture that you're

used to in shampoo this for dogs or

shampoos for ourselves even which throws

you off in the beginning that as you

could see it obviously is still out of

their length leather so even though it

is very thin it's still it would break

louder and it still covers your don't

really well you don't have to use much

this was a whole bottle when I started

and you can tell if I have it I barely

use any of personalities very small too

so any it is a great product it works

very well then there's a little bit

different than the traditional shampoos

that you're used to so that's something

to keep in mind Tom it's very out so

I'll just a little bit up so you can see

I don't know if you can see that or not

but it comes up just like water it's

definitely not normally you're used to

it being very thick so that's a little

bit different but it's something to be

concerned with yourself

you're not gonna have to use a ton on

your own so that's that's really neat

something to keep in mind it's got a

nice natural fragrance it works very

well to clean your dog or like it's that

four-letter it's been kind of a staple

in our house for quite a while or really

impressed with the way that it cleans

our puppy Molly we have a chocolate lab

Sadie - who just sealing a dirt magnet

she really is she loves to be in the

mine she loves to be in mud puddles she

loves digging out my flower and singing

in the garden so CD is a lot of Bath's

she was a thick double coat for layers

really great at getting down in there

when I work it down in and rinsing all

of that out we are very very happy and

for later products not only are they

effective but they're safe and all of

those things that I mentioned previously

with the certified USDA Organic

Standards and you know none of those

harsh toxins and chemicals so say for

you cereal is effective if again it's

it's not thick consistency you don't

need to use very much on your dog you

get a 16 ounce bottle for $14.99 so it

is a bit more expensive than your


shampoos but think about what you're

getting $15 is getting you the natural

ingredients most high-quality

ingredients that are selected for

sustainability and low environmental

impact you're not getting the GMOs the

herbicides or pesticides are not getting

any synthetic ingredients so you aren't

paying a little bit more but you're also

looking how much shampoo I use barely

any on CD sorry I'm Molly obviously

she's a small dog I'm going to use a

little bit more on the larger trees but

this bottle you only have one dog this

bottle is going to last you for months

of baths so for $15 for a safe product

to me that price is very affordable

so for liquor shampoos that be there any

questions but I didn't answer

don't hesitate

to send me a message you can send the

message through our website leave a

comment underneath this post you can

send us a message on social media find

us on Facebook Twitter Google+ you can

also email me Samantha at top tips calm

and I will be happy to answer any

questions that you guys might have if

you tried four-letter products I'd love

to hear your review on those as well

what do you think are you as happy with

that as we are I would be very surprised

if somebody wasn't this is one of those

products that I highly recommend to

family and friends that are looking for

things I typically because this is my

job I trying to kind of keep my nose out

of that stuff when people ask because it

ends up being a really long crazy

conversation about all the products that

I tried in the past but for liners one

that I always go to my soap box and tell

parents you know you really pet parents

that you really need to invest in a

shampoo that's gonna be better for your

dog's skin and get rid of those toxins

that stuff is leaching through their

skin and you just don't know long-term

damage that that's doing so I highly

recommend that I would love to hear your

opinions on it as well again any

comments questions suggestions anything

like that let me know if you just like

to review I would love to hear about it

and again if you have any products that

you would like to see that I haven't

reviewed in the past feel free to talk

about those as well send me a quick

message or leave a comment and site for

us and I'll see what I can do so I hope

you guys liked this review

have a great day and I will be back next



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