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we have got a big day planned today a

Bodhi dog which is an awesome company

based out of Austin Texas has sent us

some amazing products to give to the

animals at special pawel shelter so

they've given us waterless shampoo

normal shampoo conditioner wipes

lavender spray amazing treats and I'm

just so excited to go and give them to

all of the dogs at the shelter today and

I'm gonna be taking you guys along with

me so you can see just how happy they

are from getting all of these amazing



I brought some goodies oh my gosh


hey beautiful dress she loves me

oftentimes at a shelter potential

adopters will come in unannounced to

visit a dog of course we want them to

look their best at all times but dogs

will be dogs and we can't always stop

them from rolling in a puddle outside

right we don't always have time to give

them a full bath before meeting a

potential new family which is why this

waterless shampoo could be a godsend for

us here it gives us a chance to give

them a mini makeover before their



I'd almost bury you in the face oh she

just wants to play with it okay no we

have to let it sink in for a minute it's

already feels dry up here rice praetor

you can't have more treats you've had so



what her butts gonna be speaking like

she doesn't have a precious but because

she rolled around the grass for like

because we've had a busy day here at the

Sunday dog walk as we close the walk

we're going to help the dogs to settle

in for the night by spraying some

lavender calming spray send to us from

Bodhi dogs lavender is known for its

calming properties and they'll help the

dogs to settle in and have a wonderful



thank you guys so much for joining us on

the Sunday walk I hope that you enjoyed

spending your time with the dogs today

we want to give a huge thank you to

Bodhi dog for sending us all those

amazing products the dogs really

obviously enjoyed it and thank you so

much I'm gonna leave a link below for

the Bodhi dog website if you guys want

to check it out their products are

awesome they are a small family-run

business in Austin Texas its all-natural

and made in the US which we love and

it's super easy to get you can get it on

Amazon again I'll leave the link below I

will also leave a link to the special

pals website because all of the dogs

that you saw today and the cat are

adoptable so if you want to meet them

then send us an email or come on over

and you can meet all of these awesome


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