Is Earthbath Dog Shampoo Worth To Buy? | Dog Shampoo

hey guys so today I have a product

review for you guys so you guys know I

don't really do product reviews so yeah

this is an exception because this is one

of the products and I've actually bought

and then you know I got all this stuff I

actually purchased their products myself

before for my dogs and they're

absolutely great they're in kind of like

cleansing or like yeah I like a cleaning

kind of company for dogs cats and even

horses so I had dogs but I think um a

lot of the products are can be used on

different animals also and so yeah like

I said I have bought earth back myself

before and I actually bought it because

back in the day you guys know that my

puppy shadow died of parvo and we

weren't just really terrified after

getting Enzo that she would catch

Harville too so to be extra cautious and

stuff we didn't let him out into the

yard and we didn't want to give them a

bath or anything like that so as our

last resort

we turned to grooming wipes and I went

on Amazon and I looked up all these

different type of grooming lights and

Allah did not have only good reviews

some of them were harsh not for puppies

on the 12 weeks of age so I was really

hesitant to buy any kind of grooming

wipes but what happened was I came

across this Brad's earth that I've never

heard of them before but I found them on

Amazon and I bought this one and it's

especially for puppies that's what it

says and it wasn't really expensive and

it smells good I still have a lot and

left in a box I can open it for you guys

I barely use that and I'm sorry it's all

dry and there

funny but I just got these and they

turned out really really good so when I

got the chance to do a review for all

their products I was really excited to

say yes because this is a product I

stand behind that I've actually

purchased myself and I would use on my

own dogs so um yeah let's just get right

into the background information so

everybody really uses a very natural

ingredients they use really high quality

ingredients that are not very not

harmful to your pets in any way and I

believe they tested on humans too and

they're all safe to use which is really

great you know I'm always afraid of

buying products that you know that our

dog our pets health negatively like why

would you want to do something like that

right but then also I would also always

think like oh he used like all-natural

meetings and stuff the price is usually

really really high and that's not the

case here they actually have reasonable

pricing which is good so then he gave me

a huge line of products and I'm going to

be trying to test most of the products

out but I don't want to use my dogs as

like a test subject and like overwhelm

all of them so I might test out one or

two products on each of the dolls of

different one and since I have $4 no it

kind of works out but yeah I just wanted

to show you guys how it works and just

all the kind of stuff that they have

here are some of the products that I

received I got some shampoo and

conditioner I also got a few different

kind of sprays and a grooming foam and I

got big boxes of grooming wipes for dogs

along with small boxes of wipes for

various things for and so I decided to

use the grooming wipes these are just

the general grooming wipes and these are

my favorite because they do a really

good job of not only cleaning the dirt

off but it also makes your dog smell

really good

the foam is really hard to use because

you have to have a towel involved and

then you have to lather them and wipe it

off it's just too much work and also

that the odor isin spritz doesn't

actually get the dirt off it just kind

of makes your dog smell better so I

would have to say the grooming wipes are

my favorite

Firenze Allah also decided to use the

ear wipes because German shepherds have

ears that are exposed and so they're

really prone to getting dirty so I think

these will come in really handy for Enzo

and Atta the grooming wipes I would

definitely recommend on lighter days

where they're not as dirty

I think the foam is better suited for if

your dog is really dirty and you need to

give them a shower but you can't so the

grooming wives help on lighter days I

like to wipe my dogs down with the

grooming wipes right before I give them

their k9 Advantix and for add I use the

ear wipes awesome

and the ear wipes are really good too I

feel like all the wipes allow you to see

how much dirt you actually get off of

your dog because the wipe turns really

dirty and it's kind of satisfying to see

how much dirt your wipe actually got off

and the I wipe that I'm using is very

moist which is good because sometimes

the stuff around their eyes gets hard

and then it's really hard to get off

with just a regular paper towel the

moisture from the white helps it get off

for Hunter I used a different wipe I

used the puppy wipe because he's very

prone to allergies and he has sensitive

skin and he develops hot spots and

that's why I decided to use the hot spot

spritz on Hunter because as you can see

it's pretty good right now actually it's

a little bit red orangie but usually he

has a lot a lot of bloody hot spots and

it's gross so I just rubbed it in for

him for baby I use the same puppy wipe

also a wipe is really big for hunter and

baby it's actually a little bit too much

but ask for the bigger dogs I'd actually

have to go through three wipes or so and

for baby I also used the eye wipe

because he has a lot of tear stains so

overall I would have to recommend the

general wipes because I feel like they

can replace all the other specialty

wipes so that's my favorite product out

of everything

purchase earths of maths items you can

purchase them on Amazon which is where I

originally found them they also have it

out like major retailers like pet food

Express and Petco so you guys can check

those lists out - yeah so they're pretty

big brand and I do really like them I

stand by them like I said the products

are of their equality and are of a very

very good price so thanks to Earth's

past are hosting a giveaway they gave me

a few actual products for me to give

away to you guys so you guys can try it

out so all you have to really do is just

the 18 years or older or have your

parents consent to enter checkout earth

baths website and be a subscriber of

mine leave a comment below with one have

you ever heard of Earth's back - if you

have have you ever tried out their

products and three what's your favorite

products or if you haven't tried them

out what product you would like to try

out the most and I'm starting to say

that I'm gonna keep this for US

residents only simply because we're

sending a really big bottles of liquid

and I just don't know what the customs

are for those they're really strict on

sending liquids and anything of large

sizes so I don't want to deal with

customs so I'm sorry but maybe my next

giveaway it's usually always

international but I'm just gonna have to

make an exception for this one and yeah

so the giveaway will ends on this date

right here and actually the great thing

about Earth bath is if you don't win my

giveaway and you want to try out the

products are free you can actually do a

sounds request and anyone who is

interested in trying out the product so

all of you guys watching you literally

can go ahead and get an absolutely free

sample from them just go to the website

and on the left hand side it says a

product to request just click it it's a

lot your name

information like your address and your

phone number and email and pretty much

that's it they'll just send you products

or free to sample so it's really simple

and I think it's really fair because

then even though they don't want to give

away everyone can pretty much try out

these products which is great so go

ahead and take advantage of that and

check that out so I will be giving away

two bottles of shampoo and a deodorizing

spritz a packet of gum ring wipes and a

t-shirt so there will be a total of five

winners I hope you guys enjoyed this

review over all earth that is a really

great product they have a great mission

you know they stand it for something

great and I promise in general are not

only cheap but effective and they're do

they do what they're supposed to and

most importantly they're safe for and

you know all our pets so yeah I really

like them and I hope you did so thank

you guys so much for watching and I'll

see you guys in my next video bye

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