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this is going to be a review of the vet

recommended waterless no rinse cleanser

shampoo so let me take it out of the

package too coming from the bottle with

a very nice little spreader and we'll

talk about this a little bit I got the

shampoo for my little lady over here I

rescued her about nine months ago and

when I got her she had very bad skin

conditions very bad irritations missing

a lot of hair on her back and she needs

antifungal and antibacterial shampoos

all the time

probably a couple times a week but ask

any pet owner that has tried to give

their dog a bath that is definitely not

easy it's very difficult sometimes they

take her for a walk and she leaves a

mess on her back and then she rubs it

into the ground and it's all over her so

what is the advantage of getting that

recommended waterless no rinse cleanser

shampoo removes dirt urine and feces and

like I just said when I take her for a

walk it gets all over her sometimes and

that's what she needs

phosphate and alcohol-free you do not

want alcohol on a dog's skin it will dry

it out it will burn them and it will

cause them a lot of problems for dogs

cats ferrets and rabbits I'm gonna be

using that on my dog the ingredients

deionized water that's good a mild blend

which is detergent free you do not want

detergent you don't want soap on a dog

you want to use a non shampoo type of

cleaner so that it doesn't get in the

coat and so you can constantly wash them

contains no alcohol like I said that's

really important no animal by-products

very important waterless so you're not

going to have to put them in the bathtub

all the time no artificial dyes that is

important to directions lightly spray

and let stand on the affected area for a

minute rub the area with a clean cloth

let dry now what I showed you my dog

when I take her for a walk

she's short she walks on the lawn and

she gets a whole bunch of dirt under her


from the grass and the mud so something

like this product is exactly what I need

again natural ingredients ready to use

waterless last-minute touch-ups like I

was saying when I take her for a walk

believe me this is a very important

product to have look at that she is

smelling the nozzle little bottle

because it smells so good it is Apple

scented I think it's Apple something so

I don't know if I'm gonna be able to

show this on video of me using this

she's trying to walk away don't walk

away don't be scared okay she's she's a

rescue dog and she's had a lot of

problems so she kind of gets nervous

with some of this stuff let me spray

this on her

okay the spray bottle is not open now

don't walk away don't walk away okay

maybe you're suppose this smells really

good it smells absolutely incredible

beautiful scent and again it's


it's got nice ingredients in it and

there's that wet dog hair smell with the

Apple extract and I'm just rubbing it in

her coat

it feels good her coat feels nice I know

you're supposed to leave it in here for

a while but she's gonna run away before

I can finish recording this so I just

want to wipe her up a little bit and get

this on I'm very happy extremely happy

with the product I'm gonna she's gonna

she's gonna bolt any minute but she

smells beautiful she smells so good and

the coat feels nice and clean already

it's wet but it feels clean I don't have

to put her in the bathtub here we go let

me show you the bottle again waterless

shampoo I am going to give this okay

she's standing right here she doesn't

want to walk away because it does smell

good and she's really fascinated with

this so I'm gonna give it a couple

minutes I'm gonna let the hair dry up

and then I will finish off the video by

rubbing my fingers through the fur and

letting you know how it feels and what I

think all right here she is

hypoallergenic so I don't have to worry

about any problems with her skin or her

rashes that she has because this is the

same type of product that I would get

from the vet but I don't have to go and

use all the chemicals to clean her with

so you can get this on Amazon her hair

feels nice and silky and smooth already

it's almost dry it looks absolutely


she smells wonderful she handled this

really well for a first time this dog is

very happy and this way I'm not gonna

have to throw her in the bathtub and

then get out the hair dryer and all that

other stuff that US dog owners deal with

so I would totally log online get this

thing from Amazon she smells wonderful

here's the product again that

recommended waterless shampoo check that

out is that not adorable

she loves the smell of it and that will

make giving your dog baths a lot easier

there she is

five minutes later the fur is dry and

she feels absolutely clean and soft and

silky smooth and she smells wonderful a

very good product

there she is everybody after using the

vet recommended waterless shampoo

she smells wonderful and she looks

wonderful and there she goes so if you

want to get this product you can get it

on Amazon look at that silky smooth coat

she's beautiful it's a very good product

and it's very easy you don't have to get

them in the bathtub every time

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