Learn How To Groom Your Dogs | Dog Wipes & Waterless Foam Shampoo

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so next I'm going to show you how to use

the John Paul full body and power wipes

cool okay and these are going to be

really great for the rescue because they

freshen the coat and it's easy quick

cleanup yeah yeah I mean a lot of dogs

that are pretty dirty you know I'd

rather give them right just soon right

right and with cats too this is all

right because they're not gonna always

have the facilities to you know bathe or

dry the pet so they can just rub this on

my pets body can you just do these on

yourself to do like this

actually you can they're very gentle cuz

they have moisturizers in it so also

moisturizes the coat oh good okay as it

cleans so well let's get back to the

package shall we

back to now I know you're gonna smell so

good and these are nice for the paws too

to clean off the little paws although

now is pretty clean so there's not a lot

of dirt coming off of her mm-hmm

someone's been a good daddy oh and

you're feeling beautiful aren't you

wow you smell good the next product I

want to show you is the waterless foam

shampoo if you have a soiled area where

you need a little bit deeper clean than

just the body and Paul wipes yeah this

is gonna work great

it's gonna help remove odor if there's

food in the beard or on the ends of the

ears this will remove the food particles

okay and that's super fun and easy to


when pets are spay or neutered or have

any kind of surgery you can't get the

sutures wet so this is a way to clean up

the pet without getting them wet great

safety is I'm gonna put it on your hand

and you can rub it in okay and like I

said it's fine and easy to use cool so I

just kind of rub it in here just kind of

rub it in her coat wow that's great and

then with no water required no water

required and then what you can do is you

can brush the coat oh this is great

you like that and it has that doesn't

this smell great what

I just need to have some of this around

for her all the time because sometimes

she's rolling around in the dirt and

everything right right this is gonna

remove that but again it removes odor

and it cleans the hair follicle a lot

deeper than just the body wipes and it's

so great for when you don't have bathing

facility what I like to recommend with

rescue pets they're very frightened and

frightened pets tend to release their

glands they have anal glands in the rear

okay okay and so that's a defense

mechanism when they're frightened and

it's hard to get a pet adopted if they

smell really bad and anal glands

unfortunately smell really bad so we'll

pretend like she's a little stinky back

here okay okay so I'm just gonna use a

wipe and I'm gonna rub that in really

good okay and then what you want to do

is you want to get a damp cloth mm-hmm

and rub it a little more okay so this

not only cleans without using a bathtub

but it conserves water as well this is

great for that because it's gonna remove

all the smell yeah um that kind of

debris so I'm gonna just gently comb

good girl and she's like oh I don't know

about that and then we'll wipe this the

rest of the way out okay and then once

she's nice and fresh I'm just gonna take

a dry towel over here okay and then I'll

just rubber dry now you feel much better

she's yes I'm feeling much better I feel

so fresh she's so fresh and clean this

is gonna make you smell great you're

gonna smell like almonds good that's

what I love about the Jumbo so it's safe

I wash my hair at least a month so I do

see that's why you need to use it

and the great part is it'll just stay

wherever you want it oh good okay house

if I can put it up here on your face you

do that and we'll just there that's good

my beard yes that working good yep yep

and then you just rub it in okay okay


all right I think you look great what do

you think Noah

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