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I am certified pet professional and

leaves the only difference between you

and your groomer is knowledge technique

and tools it is absolutely my pleasure

to share with you the secrets of the

grooming industry so stay put as we get

started on this journey together today

we have Gus ready for a back like I

promised and we are going to use the

marshmallow d-mat on him how does it

smell it smells pretty good

he is very overgrown he has a lot of

coat he is in desperate need of washing

brushing and drying and trimming today

we're going to be talking about D

matting with the marshmallow I typically

use nature specialty quicker slicker to

do my D matting in my brush house so

we're gonna try this product today is

very natural it's supposed to be very

gentle it's supposed to really a dandy

madam your dog we're going to before

game and tub we're going to use this on

the blade you're supposed to shake it

very well because it is an all-natural

plant based product it is not the same

as quicker slicker as you can see it's

quite thick so I spray low in there and

work it through it's very silky and

slippy and apparently it smells good and

tastes good okay

it does smell amazing it's got

marshmallow root in it we'll talk about

the ingredients what's in this

a little later so when I use my Chris

Christensen brush here this is what Gus

hates you guys get a good view of Gus

being a bad boy when mommy brushes him

hates his front legs brush but they were

in the worst shape of all so these were

in dire need of some D matting some good

brushing stop not yeah all right okay I

didn't get them the tab and we're also

gonna try the d-mat shampoo as soon as

we're done gets his legs and his body

and everything brushed out here before

the bat because we know that's very


certainly brushing between shows I know


so it doesn't feel any different to me

then quicker slicker I want you to stop

that look at how Gus can be everybody

thinks that on all my dogs are perfect

to work with he is not he is except for

his front feet he's ignoring us right

now so not so sure that I love this

product on his coat I think I actually

would like that the quicker slicker it a

little better but maybe it's just

because I'm used to it and I need to get

used to the product a little bit

it feels good it really does not it's

supposed to actually help stop

it's supposed to help

and I conditioned into the co2 before we

wash it

actually the more I'm working this too

I do kind of like it

comes out very thick and it said that it

it would because it has a plant matter

emulsifiers or something I forget what

it is we're gonna have to really have a

talk about what's in here we will we

will as we get into the demo I'll do

some instructing on what's inside of

this product and how it's supposed to

benefit and a dandy matting and

conditioning the skin coat

I kind of like now she also says you

can't leave it in the coat so there's

another difference between this and a

quicker slicker with quicker slicker I

could use that to brush him out between

bathing this up apparently I'm supposed

to not leave it in the coat it will

become too tacky and probably would

cause build-up that's what we don't want

and it's just because of the the

ingredients and how they work what

they're supposed to do so it really is a

pre back delay pre bath D matter so I

kind of like it

I don't like

I think I might do quicker slicker on

the other legs and see what I can see

far as the difference with brushing

obviously he is very uncooperative at

brushing too so the better the products

that I can use to get me through this

step the more beneficial it is to get

the nine because I'm getting quite

ticked off at him and he's getting quite

ticked off at me but I'm gonna win every


it feels good yeah I like the way it's



Gus used to be either worse believe it

or not with me brushing his front legs

this is one of the reasons why I can't

compete with this dog and grooming

competition with your front legs

okay so there's that also suggests it

suggests the product the manufacturer

that you actually let it sit in the coat

for a little before you start to demand

this is a late push brush matte Zephyr

I like this too for concentrated areas

small areas it works great alright so

his leg is feeling good

thank God he's ready to be done with

this way that's the one thing I don't

like about the product so far is that I

I can't leave it in I have to wash it up

I don't like that for the sake of I can

just go ahead and use quicker slicker

and I can leave that in and it will not

cause build of it in fact it will help

to keep the coat clean and repel dirt so

that is one thing that I would say I

wouldn't like this this marshmallow

product for is that I can't leave

let's see what it feels like over here

and it's quite expensive

I still don't think I would trade in my

quicker sweater

I don't know that I like it it just

we'll see what it feels like after I pay

the front which I am washing them with

the marshmallow cleanse shampoo as we

are going to demo that product - and I'm

gonna dry Gus I'm going to force try him

I've been having a lot of people request

more information about using forced

dryers so after we wash Gus with the

marshmallow I'm getting back out on the

table I'm going to thoroughly brush him

out again when he's wet I suggest

everybody do that with every dog that

they groom and then I'm gonna force

crime I want to force dry them I'm going

to give you guys a quick demo on on the

benefits of force drying how to properly

do it and hopefully answer some of your


in that demo

I can't decide I just don't like it not

being able to leave the products I

always have to shake it up good that's

what they suggest

so let's size that in there pretty good

I'm gonna guess a complete trim and hand

scissor like I promised as well

later today and I won't take the footage

of that but that will be in a separate

video because I'm gonna kind of do a

very thorough and very visual

explanation of a standard poodle trend

so I'm going to take my time editing it

answers a lot of here grooming questions

when it comes to standard to trimming

Gus is not a standard poodle he is a

golden doodle but there's nothing about

this dog that is golden his coat type is

all standard poodle his body structure

which we will go over bone structure of

a standard poodle in that video as well

his bone structure is standard poodle

his personality is standard poodle

there's nothing about him that's

anything other than a poodle so he's a

great then one dope to do the standard

poodle trim on let's he's big that's

what I like he's big and stands on

easily on the demo and he's always

accessible I don't know the dogs always

here he's always here I don't know why

so he's always accessible I can always

do them he just keeps showing up what


feeling alright

it's very slick I can see that look I'm

getting I'm getting hair and it's

sticking to my hands for the products

okay hey it works I'm gonna do this tail

next kills not highly matted but it's

just a mess but I don't like it again

for the fact that if Sam was not washing

it that's today I wouldn't be able to

use this product because apparently you

have to wash it out she does talk about

being able to use it as a little bit of

a leave-in after you've bathed your dog

in their wet and you run a little bit of

this through their coat and brush up and

then fluff drying but I'm not sure that

I would want to do that if there's a

possibility of build-up because I like

this this coat takes me so long to wash

dry and brush and clip that I certainly

don't want to be adding products in

there that's going to add that's going

to build up in the coat faster and

basically mean he's gonna need groomed

again at least bathe and wash the brush

which even for dust that that process

alone takes me at least two hours and

I'm a professional groomer I've cut it

you know I cut as many corners as I can

to ensure that all the products and

tools that I use will get me there the

quickest that's a two-hour deal the

bathe brush and blow out

Oh Gus so this product is claiming that

it could leave some buildup in the coat

I'm certainly not going to want to add

that into his coat after I bathing so

there again that would be an area of

where the quick your slicker would win

because I can and click there slip your

in dues coat after the bath and brush it

through and it's going to help to repel

dirt and keeping brushed out longer so

for the price of this product and the

comparison to another product on the

market that I'm already in love with

which is the clicker clicker I probably

won't be purchasing this product again I

can't think of a reason to purchase it

because even if I was deem adding a

heavily matted dog I can't see that this

product would do any better than the

quicker slicker does I know it's not

going to leak fill them in the coat

because I've used it I know what it does

Sol if I'm wrong with doing any of the

research so they've done this product

and assessments that I'm making please

anybody that uses the marshmallow d-mat

feel free to leave comments and we can

talk about it let's talk about it

educate me if there's something I'm

missing but now I'm not so long this it

feels tacky now not to worry about that

cuz I am got a washing where we're

headed next let's see what we think of

it on the tail shake it up I'm gonna see

what your tail feels about the

marshmallow all right okay

so they comes on thick because that is

that is what it is you know it's made

with some good stuff and it is a thicker

formula smells good it smells like

marshmallow it does smell like a


does it taste like a marshmallow

apparently yes okay so we are getting

Karen a brush so obviously things are

working out pretty nicely okay so now we

have it in the tail we're gonna work it

through this is the longest coat Gus has

on his body I think this is working less

harder than the quicker slicker does

okay slicker where it's harder than this

product I'm pretty sure because I always

used that on his tail when I brush it

out for the price of the marshmallow I'm

not seeing a reason to buy it

not one bit I know it's possibly a

little more natural than the quicker

slicker both are natural based products

I will check this out I'm thinking that

the quicker slicker does have a little

bit of silicone in it maybe it doesn't I

don't want to misspeak about it the

quicker slicker just feels better it's

thinner it's not as thick of a product

it does not build up in the coat this

definitely it's going to have to be

washed down to the coat

okay but they did a good job but what I

feel I would buy this which is more

money than my quicker slicker no I


that's how I feel about that so the

quicker slicker is still my favorite

guys thank you know we don't know unless

we do these experiments and I have to

keep buying on this product I asked for

this product to be sent to me so I could

demo it but I had to buy it I'm being

extremely honest if I had a banging

product and somebody was demoing

products for other pet owners on my

youtube channel and that's basically

what they do I would have sent a sample

if I really believed in my product and I

know she does product

hey I'm still not done with his tail I

would have been done with a nominee with

clicker slicker I've done this kale so

many times trust me I know

so let's just see what it feels like

with home it's pretty mat free I've got

a lot of dead hair out it does help to

remove the dead hair I'll say that all

right so this is what we got his front

legs his back legs in his tail

tacky it feels tacky

smells like wet dog and marshmallow that

doesn't even smell that good to me I'd

say not my favorite not my favorite

sorry that I have to be honest here guys

cuz I'm doing this for you

does get from that hair out but I can

get that hair out of this dog without

even using product so that doesn't say

too much I'm anxious to try the shampoo

I tried the shampoo myself and I

absolutely loved it

my hair is very picky with products my

hair either likes products or it doesn't

and it shows me what I've done drying my

hair and it's like oh boy you better put

that up in a bun in a toast it ain't

happening but my hair really loved the

marshmallow product okay so I'm gonna

brush the other side of Guus out with

the marshmallow I am going to use the

marshmallow so I'm gonna keep this demo

consistent we're using marshmallow

products on him today we brush the other

side of the mat we're gonna get him in

the tub I'll see you guys there we're

gonna use the marshmallow cleanse

shampoo it says that it dilutes 32 to 1

so I've already mixed it up here 32 to 1

and this shampoo bottle is almost empty

I used it twice and I'm using it on Gus

and I used it once on one of Indies legs

and this expensive bottle of shampoo is

almost empty I just want to say that I

do think I'm going to love this product

on Gus so I'm anxious and I have a lot

of faith that it's going to be worth the

money I paid for that reason

but I will let you know I didn't put it

in the frame of bathing system I'm gonna

wash them by hand so that wanted to

ensure that I got the dilution correct

as far as what's recommended for the

product so that I can get a really good

fair review on the marshmallow cleanse

shampoo and we also got a remember that

we're trying to rent out the Beame at

the marshmallow GMAT that we use



and Fender Standard Poodle trim it up

one more time see what we think when I

used it on me I did not dilute it but I

also didn't be as much of it good that

zoom broom would come in handy about

right now I have to pick one of those up

I think I know where I can get one

remember I have links to all the

products I recommend to you guys at the

in the descriptions of the videos that I

released this is nice

look this feels very moisturizing too I

want to say that it does it feels

really good however when I did the

wanton the demo1 the wash bar I remember

how I felt that the wash bar was feeling

very very luxurious in the skin and coat

when I was applying it but then

afterwards I felt it was dry

after the coat was dried out was brushed

and dried I didn't feel that it was as

moisturizing at that point as I thought

it was when I was washing him well

apparently he does think this is very

good and this product is edible because

it is made from marshmallow root and

then all kinds of other plant-based

things that are not poisonous that's a

huge plus will give it that the shampoo

feels great it does

and I really did like the way it felt on

my hair I'm glad that I traded on my

hair because that told me some things

too so let's just keep going here

getting clean

going a long way remember this is

diluted thirty thirty two to one and I

do believe that the thirty two to one

the aleutian is very accurate I think

that it dilutes wonderfully thirty two

to one

you're not sure how to dilute your

shampoos pretty much all shampoos are

diluted all the descriptions for

dilutions per product is always on on

the product itself it'll tell you dilute

32 to 1 15 to 1 16 to 1 whatever it'll

tell you and you should definitely

dilute your shampoos sometimes if you

don't you're not actually getting the

most out of the product

it's globby it's clumpy and it's not

going to be able to move through the

coat the way it should

unless it were diluted so sometimes I'll

go for full strength if I'm just

cleaning up

you know ears heavily like it's a really

dirty thick ear and I want to clean out

I'll use a little bit straight up but a

dilution is important I think when it

comes to shampoos and conditioners and I

think you should follow the instructions


on all of the products themselves and

dilute us as suggested good moisturizing

I've almost used all of my premix so I'm

going to have to premix some more now

he's a big boy with a lot of coat so

basically now one bottle would probably

only get you through one standard poodle

that it was in coat just so you have to

decide if it's worth using that I I can

think of right now a hundred other

products that I have used already that I

would probably go for and not spend as

much money on that I know would produce

good results we'll talk about that later

we're soon gonna be doing a 2019 product

review I have my favorites then I want

to recommend to you guys some of them

are still number one in my book I do

have some other products I'm going to be

trying I'm expecting a shipment today or

tomorrow some Davis products I've used

some Davis in the past I still use Davis

products on a day-to-day in here in the

shop but I haven't been using their

shampoos and conditioners lately and I

did pour several of those I also ordered

Davis spa facial which is something I

wanted to compare to my tropiclean

facial scrub that I love so much I'm

always willing to try the product I have

my favourites I may go back to something

or I may find new favorites and if I do

I will be letting you guys know

I can't wait to trim him

there was a lot of work this driving


I usually condition them to try to get

more out of my mic room so that I'm not

having to do it as often as needed

we're gonna use this right on its face

instead of the tropiclean facial scrub

because I read the ingredients and they

are so natural it's so good that I'm not

really worried about it being around his

eyes I know it's a pretty safe product

and it it does lather very nicely I like

that you know what I'm gonna get a

squirt of that Charlie's facial scrub

there at his mouth I'd love to get that

nice and clean when they eat they get

some dirty

don't be afraid to scrub their face wait

they need it okay guys we got gusts out

of the top we brushed him we him

a little bit with the stand dryer

fluffed his ears his top not his coat

feels like my hair would feel if I

washed it and didn't put conditioner in

but that's typically what you want for a

poodle coat it does it court for a coat

that was only shampooed and not

conditioned his coat actually feels

pretty nice it feels like if you didn't

use conditioner I usually use

conditioner on him because I like to

keep him brush down longer because he's

so much work so I'm just gonna have to

take one for the team here I'm gonna

show you a few techniques with coarse

trying on Gus here because we've had a

lot of requests for to go into a little

more detail with using force dryers and

drying techniques so we're gonna go over

that real quick and then he's gonna need

a nap and then we are going to give him

the full groom later after he has at

least two hours so guys let's talk about

force driving force dryers are very safe

very effective for de-matting for safely

drying your dog they are not heated

dryers they do produce a little bit of

warmth strictly from the heat from the

motor force dryers decrease drying time

for you and for your pet which is very

beneficial because it saves time

remember your dog is having to stand on

the table through the brushing drying

trimming process for Gus my big dog this

can prove to end up being a total of

three and a half hours I can't expect

him to stand there that long so force

dryers are Gus's friends as much as they

are mine another huge benefit to force

dryers is as you're drying your dog you

can clearly see the skin see this guy's

if he had any ticks or fleas or skin

allergies I would be able to see it very

clearly and that's that's important

because with a coat like this there can

be all kinds of things hiding in there

and when groomers use force dryers on

your pets they can report things to you

that you would never

such as newly developed growths tumors

abrasions that you may not even know

your dog has suffered from because the

coat is hiding it source dryers are a

lifesaver and many aspects the biggest

downfall to them is that they are very

loud very noisy and let's not forget

that dogs hearing is much more intense

than ours so what I often will do for my

pet clients I'll just put cotton balls

in their ears I'll use a hemostat and

gently put it in their ears so when I

fall out just to deaden the sound a

little bit to them and I use earplugs

myself when I am forced trying dogs just

to protect my hearing it's a very loud

high-pitched squealing noise for best

results I typically will go all over the

dog rather quickly with the forced dryer

just to whisk off any loose water that's

in the coat that I could not towel off

then I start at the back of the dog and

start really slowing it down honing in

on areas you can see here that the coat

is still wet against the skin so I want

to concentrate a little slower with that

nozzle you cannot hold it in the same

spot over a couple of seconds because it

does get warm and if it's on high it can

actually get a little hot so it can burn

the skin and I often test it against my

own skin to see how hot is my dryer

right now and it's very important with

any dryer not just force dryers to

always clean your filters force dryers

stand dryers cage dryers hair dryers

they all have an air filter that keeps

dust and debris from getting into the

motor if your filter is becoming clogged

it will allow the motor to work harder

to heat up

it'll the motor itself will add even

more heat to the setting that the dryer

is on and this is a big problem with

cage dryers if they are not being

cleaned those filters the cage dryer

setting may be on level five heat but it

is actually at a level

heat because the filter is so clogged

that the heat from the motor is heating

up the air along with what the

temperature is set at I wanted to point

that out because that certainly is

something that a lot of times is not

taken into consideration when we're

talking about incidents where pets are

being injured and dryers are involved

okay so back to the technical stuff how

far away do you hold the nozzle from the

pets skin well depending on the length

of the coat that you're dealing with

Gus's coats a bit long as you can see I

want to hold the nozzle at least as far

away from his skin as his hair is long

and the reason for that is because the

dryers powerful the airflow will cause

what's called whip knots and it will

whip the hair around in circles like a

hurricane and it'll cost a little mats

all over your dog so that's not what you

want when you're drying you do not want

to mat your dog you want to help d-mat

your dog with the forced dryer so if

you're interested or thinking about

purchasing a forced dryer for use at

home I say it's a very very good tool

well worth the money and there they come

in all different prices and all

different horsepowers you name it there

are some inexpensive ones out there that

would be great to use for at home they

may take a little longer than the dryers

I use in the shop but I think you will

find them extremely beneficial I'll have

a link to one in the description of this

video if you want to go check it out on

Amazon and if you purchase anything from

the links in my videos it actually helps

support this channel and I want you to

know that I do appreciate that

so one last final thing I want to tell

you about forced dryers guys I do not

force dry around their face their ears

their eyes that can be dangerous

especially with a very powerful force

dryer that's where I use my stand dryer

you guys could use a hair dryer at home

if you're careful with the heat setting

I hope this little demo unforce drying

has helped if it hasn't leave me a

comment and your questions or concerns

and I will be sure to address that for


alright guys while he's done we watched

him I did not condition him because I

wanted to see the product I wanted to

see what it would do and typically I'm a

condition now he is a poodle e-coat

that's not necessarily usually condition

a poodle coat because you do want some

crispness to the coat so you can scissor

it so I think I will like they

marshmallow product for scissoring I

will let you know it was a lot more work

to getting brushed out now he does have

a lot of coat that's for sure my

feelings on it are this in the shampoo

the marshmallow cleanse is only eight

fluid ounces now it is concentrated it

dilutes 32 to 1 that's a nice day Lucian

ratio however just to put it in

perspective it's almost empty I you know

I have a lot of coat he's a standard

poodle right he's like a standard poodle

he's a goldendoodle but everything about

this dog is poodle trust me

this cost me 15 95 for this shampoo that

is terrible price I can think of many

other products that I would use that

would do just as good a job he feels

great it's not fabulous there's nothing

magical about this coat right now he

feels clean he feels good you know for

me to say I spent 1595 on this product

to have my dog feel like every other

product that I already am using like a

quarter of the cost of this because this

doesn't even come in a gallon size for

groomers this is made by a groomer so

apparently she's not marketing to

groomers because I would never pay

sixteen dollars to wash a dog which is

basically all I got out of this that for

me is a no I'm a few guys at home chose

to use this product I'd say not bad if

you as long as you dilute it properly

you'll get a good bit out of it if


grooming an omelet guess with this much

coat or something that's a real heavy

shedding dog you'll go through this

whole bottle in one use so considering I

can buy a whole gallon of tropiclean

that is diluted will typically thirty

two to one for $38 free shipping why

would I buy this because the tropiclean

is gonna do just as good if not better

than this did so I'm not understanding

the price on this for the product the

product was nice it did a great job I

even used it on my own hair which I

didn't use much didn't need to use much

it did a fabulous job on my hair I would

buy this for me I honestly would I think

I use pure ology on my hair this stood

up to that very much so but for dog

grooming which is what it is

no I would not spend the money this

product the marshmallow demon that we

used to deem at Gus before we got him in

the tub I do not care for it it did help

to damat and to brush him out and get

rid of the dead coat before the bath

there's a couple of things that I don't

like about it I had to wash him clearly

states that you can't leave it in the

coat it will cause build-up and we don't

want buildup in our dog's coat that's

what causes mats and grime and other

things to stick in the coat and then we

have to wash them more often that's not

what we want we want products that will

kind of whore it off build up for a

while so we don't have to turn around

and wash them in a week or two weeks

this is the product that I typically use

this is the nature specialty quicker

slicker this is what I use I put it in a

spray bottle and use it straight up I

don't they loot it this is ready to use

a gallon of it this ready to use is

seventeen dollars it's a lot of this is

a heavy thick product now let me tell

you the differences I can use this

product on my dog to brush him out and I

don't have to turn around bay

this is great to leave in the coat this

helps to repel dirt and help to rebuild

the code at nourishes it's very nice it

but it aids tremendously and de matting

I was putting these two products up

against each other because this one I

use every day and I recommend it to you

guys all the time so I wanted to try

this I hear a lot of hype about and I'm

getting a lot of emails about it from

the maker of the product I thought sure

I'll try it let's let everybody know no

I would never purchase this over the

quicker slicker just my opinion I'm not

saying it's a bad product

I wouldn't said I had to wash him I had

no choice now I was going to wash him

today so that didn't bother me but often

times when I brush this dog out which is

often twice a week at least a thorough

brush out I used two quicker slicker and

it helps to repel dirt keep him cleaner

longer I can't do that with the

marshmallow d-mat I have to wash it up

so not interested especially for $17

plus I had to pay shipping and handling

on both of these products from Canada

both of these little products this is

only 8 ounces a little-bitty and this is

I don't know not very many ounces it

doesn't say this was $17 together with

shipping the cost was almost 46 dollars

for these two products there is no

incentives for a groomer to use these

products however Gus's coat is nice it's

prepped it's not I still have a lot of

brushing to do I have brushed him

thoroughly after he got out of the tub

brushed him before he got in the tub

with the detangler marshmallow now I

have to thoroughly brush him in I'm

actually gonna use a little quicker

slicker on him and brush him out and

getting ready for migraine because I am

doing a full scissor on this dog like I

promised you guys and that will be

available on YouTube uploaded next week

so look for it's going to be a full

standard poodle complete breed standard


Gus feels clean he feels good he doesn't

feel any different than 90% of the

products that I have in here and

faithfully use so I can honestly say the

marshmallow was not worth the money was

not it's a good product it was not worth

the money

I wish Gus could tell us what he thinks

he did think that it tastes good though

because he was tasting it while I was

using and it smelled good however I

didn't think that the d-mat smelled too

good when I was demanding because

remember he was dirty then just smelled

like a wet dirty dog with a hint of

marshmallow new look it wasn't very

yummy anyway

um nope I will continue to use this -

it's gone

probably just d-mat tails and ears

because it does d-mat but I will use my

quicker slicker when it comes time to

reorder I'm just being honest

thank you guys for tuning in I will see

you on the next product demo which is

gonna be with some Davis products Cheers

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