Pet Head Dry Shampoo Review Perfect For Lazy Days

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everyone hope you're well so today I'll

be showing you a product that I love to

use because it's just sort of bloody

convenient if you've ever had a smelly

dog then this is the product for you so

I was looking into dry shampoos and

which one would be best for her it was

quite a lot of shampoos out there on the

market so then what I mean with it was

just basically the one I love the smell

it's called peat head dry clean so this

particular one is blueberry muffin

flavoured there's so many flavors on

this particular brand there's like a

strawberry one there's an orange one and

then there's a watermelon one as well

but I like this smell the best it

doesn't foam like a lot of the dog dry

shampoos do but I prefer that because I

find with the farm lines you actually

need to wipe off the excess and it's

quite annoying so this one super easy

just spray it on he seems to like the

smell of it you can leave it like that

as you do you can ruffle it through with

your hands just like that or you can

brush it through or just get a wee

flannel with and then just ruffle it

through and it's super easy done but you

couldn't be more simple about it so if

you're the smelly dog then maybe this is

the product for you

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