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okay guys and welcome back to my channel

on today's video I'd like to teach you

how to make the ultimate raw diet for

your pup so we have in feed and Dante or

on tire for a little bit over a year now

and during this time was gained a lot of

knowledge about how it works and we've

been able to really construct a diet

that fits his needs we've got a lot of

questions from you guys about how the

raw diet works so we thought that would

be a great opportunity to have an

updated video for you guys but before we

start this video I wanted to let you

guys in on a secret

I'm not a vet with that being said if

this diet doesn't figure you're a

definite need you have to do your own

research this all here is a combination

of research getting in touch with our

vet trying out different things so

please don't take my opinion or anything

from here as the only thing that is

correct there are many many ways to do

this and you should do your own research

free dog if this doesn't work for you so

yeah okay so doctors diet is composed of

seven food groups which include muscles

edible bones or you eat liver seeds and

nuts fruits and veggies so the first

thing that you would need to do if you

want to start feeding your dog a raw

diet is to figure out how much he needs

to eat a day to do that you have to

multiply your dog's weight times the

maintenance percentage the maintenance

percentage is how much your dog needs to

eat based on his activity level so for

example Dante weighs 120 pounds and he

is a little activity level so we had to

figure out what 1.5 percent of 120

pounds was and that in turn gave us one

point eight pounds so he has to be one

point eight pounds a day around those

one point the accountants the day we're

going to break down the seven food

groups that I mentioned crazy so that

means we are going to do 70% of

muscle meat 10% of egg foams 7% of

veggies 5% of liver 5% of organ meat 2%

of nuts and 1% of fruits we like to

prepare down to use food in week batches

so we make sure to measure out

everything that he needs to eat for the

week and then we split everything into

containers so it's okay if he has for

example a little bit more strawberries

from the already measured out amount on

a Monday because he's eating his

allowance the first thing I'm going to

measure out our done T's vegetables I

like to keep things nice and very nice

and colorful so I have some spinach and


these some mushrooms and some shredded

carrots these are carrots from what we

had leftover so that's what were you

okay so Dante needs point nine pounds of

vegetables so I have a scale here I'm

going to measure all of that out right


so wasn't done measuring everything out

my veggies are going to look like this

now I'm going to start dividing up the

vegetables into my containers it's a

little bit of everything in there again

it's okay if he doesn't get a beat on

Monday if he gets a beat on the other

day so it's okay 70 excited you guys

like watching me do this and you guys

this is the easy part because the organ

meat little bit stinky but I got the

overall if you plan yourself and you do

this like on Monday it's pretty simple


okay so now one container is ready with

well all my containers already but I'll

just show you what all the veggies that

he's supposed to have in a day looks

like now I'm going to measure out how

much fruit that he needs and he need

0.13 pounds of fruit so we're gonna go

with their blueberries this is I want to

put in as much as I can but he literally

just needs 1% of this thanks strawberry

all right so now I'm going to divide

when de blueberry birthday I thought I'm

gonna get a strawberry on Monday a

couple of blueberries on Tuesday Oh cute


okay so now I have show you an example

of one of the containers but all of them

look very similar I have my fruits add

my vegetables ready freely now I'm going

to measure out the nuts special note on

the nuts nuts contain phytic acid so you

will need to soak them in water with a

little bit of salt to reduce the levels

of phytic acid phytic acid interferes in

the nutrient absorption so that's why

you need to do it so you need to soak

these for at least 24 hours in water you

put a half of a teaspoon of salt per

quarter of water per quart of water that

you have so that's what I did right here

so obviously purchase nuts that don't

have salt in those because you're going

to put salt in it later

I already have this all measured out so

I'm just going to chop them up okay so

now I'm going to do the same thing that

I did with my pretty tune with my

veggies I'll just I roll and distribute

them throughout the week so Dante you

need to tell me that if you're in the

wild you keep smacking out almonds Wow

okay so now that we got done to

Sterling's ready I'm gonna show you how

it looks when it's in the container for

the week now I think it's a good moment

to add his glucosamine tablets he needs

to have two tablets a day and we give it

to Duntov because it's good for his

drinks you guys can obviously add any

supplements that your dog needs talk to

your vet first that is a big dog so he

needs glucose me assurance because he's

big and heavy right so I'm gonna do that

now I'm gonna separate them

they're very powdery so with the juices

of the organ meat they will dissolve

they smell awful but he seems to like

them he happen like this alright so I'm

gonna do that now so we like to give

Dante about two eggs a week along with

the eggshells we like to give done TX

shots because it's a good source of

calcium it's nice for his coat so I'm

gonna do the same thing that I did for

all the other things all the other

ingredients and spread the egg

and the eggshells throughout the seven

days in the seven continues should we

give an egg on Monday or on Thursday


are you guys so now this is how my

container looks with the egg and it's

the eggshells all right so now we have

our fruits our veggies are nuts all the


now we're gonna get next we're gonna do

the organs and the envelopes

okay guys so now we're going to measure

out the biggest portion of donkeys meal

and that is muscle meat

this smells yes but like my fruits and

veggies I like to keep these things

buried so we have in your a of muscle

meat here for you guys to see today we

have some green tripe we have a whole

ground chicken some beef trimmings some

sardines yeah the be retail rate

obviously you don't have to get a beaver

tail it's just we're showing you that

there are different forms of muscle me


he's like right here going this okay so

now Dante needs a whopping 8 pounds of

this for his diet and he is going so I'm

going to measure all of that now and

divide it into his continues I'm going

to use my hands I mean not my hands soon

because this smells really rose in the

green trout yeah

hey I got you honey this smells

delicious oh well be smart to turn on

this girl before

all right so you guys are gonna put in

some of this green tripe in here

taunting me licking his lips okay I feel

like I've put so much green track

already but I'm not even like close to

how much she's supposed to be at him do

you guys hear him licking his lips

all right so that's one pound of track

so far I'm going to put the other things

in I put all of my sardines in here now

here comes the ground chicken this is

everything this is everything it's not

just like ground chicken breast it's

like everything well Guinea

I don't know how I mean it's chicken you

guys I'm not even one pound now to


there you go oh my gosh ten teams at

your corner for Dante all right so we're

at three pounds now let's put some of

these oh yeah yeah that looks okay so I

am at four pounds now of meat cutlet and

we I'm going to start dividing this in

the containers because clearly I don't

have enough space it's okay I like to

talk my knee

Michel salad tables variety but do you

need to tell me that your ancestors

write some up you're such a scaredy cat

I can't even see you like hunting a cow

I'm gonna have to just miss mushing in

here because great way also I forgot to

mention we've got all of our organ meat

online we were having a hard time Janet

that's from a regular Buchert because

butchers think it's weird when you ask

them for some beaver tail or ovaries so

we just started to order everything I

like I think that was everything thank


now we're going to chop up this feeder


dude if you go to its little bit here oh

my gosh you guys you won't believe how

tough this is all right I need a better

knife and he like a serrated knife



thank you for joining us on this segment

of getting your husband to cut the

beaver tail for you because it's too

right so now that I have everything nice

and you chopped up I'm going to measure

out the rest of B meet her muscles that

means for the week in the comments tell

me it's very interesting

the chickens heart I told you love is

the most important ingredient okay okay

now we have all this now don't you

spread that evenly on his no it's


Americans you our names should deliver

it right okay now I'm going to measure

out the liver this is just beef liver

liver is actually really easy to get to

we got this at Walmart so it's the

easiest organ meat to find but this has

its separate category of its own because

dogs can't have too much liver it's

actually bad for them but a little bit

goes a long way so we said that this I'm

going to have to give them 0.63% so I

mean pal


all right the next one I'm gonna do are

the organs and the organs is the same

0.63% the organs we have some ground

beef pancreas very nice very nice it's

ground so you can really tell it could

be tricky for you no just kidding

and we also have some ground beef spleen

grabuge being famous on the liver point

6th Street for those of you who haven't

seen what spleen looks like from the cow

there you go okay this this one is the

texture is just so what it has it's like

how does it so many things at the same

time you know it's like okay pudding

it's like jello II but it has like fiber

isn't it it kind of looks like that

cheese rule when AJ would see full

circle we come full circle

wait what does the smelling is it

I was gonna say this smells so familiar

so cameraman is saying it smells like

look I'm sorry I'm having a lot of fun

this is but it's just that I've enough

what do you like alright that's it for

you scream thank you very much but later

now we're gonna go for the beat pancreas

wow it looks like vomit

it looks like vomit because there is

like some green stuff in there like

there's some chunks you know but this

one is like a little bit more it looks

like it has like very different stuff in

here that looks like bees like shaped in

the bean


and this is like the sister of the

spleen because it's paint it so this

wing can be a boy yeah there you go and

you go now imagine this with a little

bit of flour sugar and pop it in the

other the smell oh it's so weird it's

like this cornstarch holding it together

okay so this is what we have so far you

guys added the muscle and the organs and

added the liver sorry about that weird

cutscene our memory party right now so

we have to get another one

but right now what we're going to do is

the last thing that we'll need to

measure out and that is the edible Bowl

so we're going to measure out 1.2 pounds

of edible bones right now

so for the edible bones I have some

chicken feet so I have so I just

finished putting in my chicken feet but

I'm still missing a couple more pounds

so I'm going to put in that chicken

carcass that we have here from Oakland


all right guys some ribbon and a t-shirt

as per second of calling your husband to

help you cook the chicken carcass once


okay so I have all of my chicken

carcasses chopped up here thanks to Doge

a cameraman who's also my husband hey

shiny big feet a sneaky anyway alright

so now we're into our containers and

that will be it

alright guys so this is what Dante's

full meal of the day looks like in a

container and before it closed all of

them up I'm going to put some sorts of

fish oil you eat put five squirts of

fish oil um I believe it depends on how

much your dog weighs so that's what

we're gonna do so I'm going to leave one

in the fridge one of my containers in

the fridge tonight so that it will be

ready for don t to have tomorrow if

you're starting off on giving your dog a

raw diet there are a lot of ways that

you can help your dog transition

something that we did with Dante was we

initially gave him his food frozen and

parts of his food frozen so that I

helped him pace himself while she was

eating it because Dante loved it he the

first time he had raw meat he was like

going nuts so we were afraid that he

would choke in a way for you to help

your dog pace themselves is giving them

the food frozen we also introduced some

parts of hid of the food groups

little by little which is something

maybe you guys not to look into if your

dog is a little bit picky it really just

depends on your dog and what is that's

for him I know who I can only speak for

Dante because he loved it so it was

fairly easy for us to transition him and


say one of the most enjoyable parts of

daunting being on the raw diet aside

from him loving it and being extremely

like eager to eat is that his poops

don't even smell anymore his poops don't

even smell and they're like really

really tiny they're smaller than my

sister-in-law's dog and he's a springer

spaniel so just picture that for

reference they're super small percent

less and they're like dusty because he

processes all of the food that he's

eating so what in reality he's just

pooping out are like mostly the bones Oh

like powdered up maybe that's too much

information so yeah that's it I think

this one will be tomorrow's portion and

the rest are going to go in the freezer

17 I'm some football you rolled under

the peach hey guys so while Fenty is eating I

wanted to take advantage and talk about

the thing that is on your mind right now

and that is money how much does it cost

to feed your dog run a raw diet so what

we do with Dante is we buy most of his

protein in bulk so we keep a four to six

month supply in our freezer at all times

and then we just use it as we go this

saved us some money on shipping because

then we just have to pay one time and

we're always looking into what cuts of

me have a better price per pound so with

that being said it costs twenty two

dollars and thirty cents per pound to

keep him on a raw diet when he was on

his cable before it cost about two

dollars and ten cents so yes there is a

little bit of an increase but we feel

that the advantage is really really

outweigh the cost

Dante is just way more eager to eat his

food his coat is nicer

we noticed that his overall you know

mood is better

and honestly we think that it just

outweighs the constant it's an

investment that's worth making when we

were doing a lot of research about raw

dieting we saw that for a lot of dogs

their life expectancy actually increased

in two years so what do you think about that

yes need to plan a little bit more but

then you have your dog for longer so

it's just it's just for us it was a

no-brainer so if you liked this video

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