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in this video we are featuring Bailey

Bailey is a short coated Terrier beagle

mix the video really is going to explain

how even the short coded less

maintenance dogs require grooming and

how beneficial it is once again guys in

this video we're gonna be using oat Mela

shampoo as you know and as you've seen

in past videos I swear by this shampoo

and it's because it really gives you a

professional result so in this video

we're gonna show you how to do a good

thorough professional bath and achieve

that professional result that you're

looking for at home okay so we got

Bailey in the tub here and a lot of

times with these short coated Terrier

mixes as we said Bailey is a beagle

terrier makes cutest dog I've ever seen

in my life but a lot of times with these

Terrier mixes they have that sparse wiry

coat that they tend to get itchy and

have some skin irritation and a lot of

times they will shed that little bit of

fur and it makes its way down into the

skin so in this bath once again guys

we're using the oat mellow shampoo made

by double K we really really love this

shampoo because it's a it's a shampoo

that you can use every day and again it

really really helps out in situations

like this so we went ahead and we

prepped Bailey we loosened up a lot of

that little sparse hair that he has if

you see this hair that's what I'm

talking about all those little hairs get

stuck and trapped ok so right off the

bat as always we're checking that water

temperature it's a little cool right now

so I don't want to put it on him yet

we're not going full force either he's a

short coated dog so we don't have to

really go too hard with this water all


what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start

from the back of the neck here I'm not

gonna go right at his face sometimes

when you go right at the dog's face kind

of startles them so what I like to do is

kind of just go right back to the neck

let them shake there you go and just

whip down that body real real well

once I saturate the body what I like to

do then is then just kind of cover those

ears you see what I'm doing with my hand

here and just kind of come up the face

and I use my hand a little bit as like a

little screen if you notice that if you

could see that it just helps them out

just like that and then always rub their

eyes make them feel comfortable okay get

the butt area real good and his

underside right by his penis

any of that urine that gets trapped

underneath really want to rinse away


so we're using this this double K

shampoo it is concentrated but we're

using it straight because we're adding

water to it and a little bit goes a long

way I just kind of put some in both of

my hands and again I'm just going to

start right behind the neck once again

just saving the face for last because

the reason for that it a little more

shampoo the reason for that is I don't

want to risk getting any soap in the

eyes while I'm lathering so when I do

his face if I do get any soap in the

eyes I can immediately rinse it rather

than me soaking it up now and then

having to soap up the rest of the body

and worrying about any soap getting in

the eye so I'm just gonna lather of his

body first getting his rear I'm getting

his underside his other side and I'm

gonna add a little water to this just to

get a little more lather and you can see

how well that shampoo just works its way

right in

going down his legs doing his feet get

that inside leg all up in again that

underside underbelly I'm just going all

around them we got this front foot here

so now what I'm gonna do here is I'm

going to start my rinse again with every

time we use the hose here we're checking

water temperature always a lot of times

you'll have that hot water surge up and

you don't want that hot water surging up

and putting it on the dog so always

check your water temperature

every time you use it so I'm just kind

of doing a an initial rinse here I'm not

going to fully rinse them and as I

mentioned now what we're gonna do is

trying to wet his head a little bit more

and now I'm gonna do his face because

now I can just focus on his face and his

body is done and then we're gonna do a

final rinse but again the reason for

that is I don't want to risk getting any

shampoo in the dog's eyes and that's

with all the dogs this is just my

process if you guys do it a different

way I get it but this is how I do it

because again safety is my thing here I

don't ever want to get shampoo in a

dog's eye and right here we're just

coming to use our fingernails really get

anything that's underneath the eye and

we're really just going and doing a

really good scrub and as you could see

what belly here he really loves it okay

and then we're just Brent blending right

down into the neck area and now it's

just that much less to rinse again just

checking water temp water temperature

here checking water temperature sorry

about my hose and I'm gonna do a final


pulling those years forward with if they

shake that's great good boy you want to

really focus underneath the neck here a

lot of times when you're rinsing that

that shampoo will get trapped right

under here and will forget to get it you

really want and always squeegee their

eyes and as you're doing this always

check look at their eyes a lot even if

I'm back here I will glimpse at the eyes

make sure you're not seeing any like

squinting or you know you could tell if

you get any shampoo in the eye just

immediately rinse it if you let that

shampoo sit in there even for a brief

period without rinsing it it's going to

start to irritate the eye but if you

rinse it right away it's very seldom

happens you won't irritate the eye when

these dogs shampoos again like double K

you know these manufacturers of shampoos

they've really have kept that in mind

with dogs even more so with people a lot

of these shampoos are made very mild but

if you're worried about that get

yourself a tearless puppy shampoo and

those are even a little bit safer but

this this uh oat melon very safe it's

very non irritating to the eye and like

I said really good for the skin alright

so with our rinse here this is what we

want to do here we did a really really

good rinse and always check by

squeegeeing the underbelly if you don't

see any suds or anything in your hand

then you're good and you kind of want to

just check all over feel around if you

feel any like silky or slippery areas

chances are there's still some shampoo

in there so but we really did give

Bailey hey be good rinse so I'm not

seeing or feeling anything

check your armpit area

a lot of times the shampoo will just get

trapped up in that armpit area but like

I said we got that hose under there and

just give them a once-over and make sure

you're not feeling any shampoo left in

the coat and if there is just continue

to rinse okay guys we're just going to

give them a quick towel dry here no need

to force air dry or anything like this

with the short coated dog I if I don't

have to I don't use the force hair dryer

so just give them a quick towel dry and

again with these with these Terriers

they dry rather quickly you know they'll

air dry before you can even blow dry

them so what we're gonna do is we're

just going to get Bailey out of the tub

and we're going to show you his finish

coat all right at this point guys Bailey

is all finished give it up for a little

Bailey here just being such a trooper

throughout this whole video we really

just wanted to feature in this video how

short coded low maintenance dog still

requires grooming guys we really we love

Bailey and every time Bailey comes in

his owners always say how well he does

after the grooming he scratches less and

reason being exactly what we explained

in the video is that we're getting all

that little sparse hair out of there and

that this Terrier type hair is poking

that skin so you guys at home could

achieve professional result like this

just by following the instructions of

the video we did that whole prep part

where we just brushed out a lot of that

stuff and washed it all away in the tub

we went ahead and did a coke conditioner

for the finish and you know made it feel

even more silky but with that being said

guys like if you enjoy the content of

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of Anthony and I and Bailey thank you so

much guys go boy Bailey

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