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do you want to know the secret I use

that will make your dog's coat soft

silky healthy and shiny

well you landed on the right video today

my friend it is absolutely my pleasure

to share with you the secrets of the

grooming industry so you can provide

quality care for your beloved pets at

home you see the secret is simple using

products that will produce winning

results coupled in with proper bathing

techniques that's when I'm sharing here

with you today this is max we're gonna

convert his coat from this to this by

only giving him a bath using a few

products and I'm brushing a comb so

stick around I can't wait to show you

how we're gonna do this and then we're

gonna run through the exact same process

on Emmett here so I can show you the

results it produces on his coat tight a

different coat type than max we're going

to use the exact same products tools and

methods on both of these guys today

showing you how we take Emmett's coat

from bad to good and one grooming

session right here and now let me

introduce you to my favorite conditioner

this is nature's specialty Sun guard

with just one use it will transform your

pets coat now pay attention to what I'm

going to tell you right now this product

is most effective when you follow the

manufacturer's suggested dilution ratio

which is 64 to 164 parts water one part

conditioner the only difference between

you and your groomer is knowledge

products and tools did you know that the

products and tools used by professional

pet groomers are available to you too I

have linked all the products and tools

used in this demo today so that you can

take advantage of the benefits that they

can provide to your pet now let's jump

back into this awesome demo the first

step is to shampoo our dog now I've

already given max one bath with a

product called tropiclean puppy shampoo

it's a hypoallergenic very safe and

gentle now I'm giving him a second scrub


I haven't even rinsed off the first

shampoo I am using the Davis degrease

shampoo for his second bath just to get

an extra good and clean this is another

one of my favorite products that I use

every day to safely remove grime and

dirt from the coat if you're enjoying

this video smash that like button give

it a

thumbs up if you haven't already please

subscribe to my channel then you won't

miss anything that I upload step two is

to thoroughly rinse all the shampoo off

of your dog's skin and coat it's very

important thoroughly rinse guys rinse if

you think you've rinsed enough just keep

rinsing keep rinsing you want this

getting coat to be squeaky clean are you

ready to see the nature specialty

product in action but stick around cuz

you got to see if this product performs

the same one Emin step 3 let's

conditioned max so you know I've diluted

this 64 to 1 and it makes like a foam

look at that it makes like a

conditioning softening foam for your pet

and take your time with this step guys

we want to really massage this

conditioner into your pets skin and coat

and let the conditioner do its job this

product works very hard for you and your

pet you just got to let it do its job I

like to leave this conditioner on the

pet sperm about 3 to 5 minutes let it do

its job I also want to stress the

importance of following the

manufacturer's suggested dilution ratios

you see most concentrated products are

meant to be diluted they will only

perform well if they're diluted now this

next method is top secret it's one of

the most effective ways to detangle the

shed beam at your pet in the tub and

it's so easy to do do you have a

grooming comb if not link in the

description below step 4 comb through

your pets coat while the conditioner is

on them while you're waiting for the

conditioner remember that 3 to 5 minutes

it time that we're given this

conditioner now we're going for the comb

gently just home through the coat with

the conditioner in the coat this is a

step that most pet owners are definitely

unfamiliar with but it is so effective

it is the best way to D said detangle

d-mat your dog but more importantly it's

the best way to distribute the

conditioning product through your dog's

skin and coat before we move on to the

next step in the

demo I want to remind you that there are

wonderful pet watch stations available

field you may not be properly set up at

home to bathe and dry your dogs have a

video on my channel I'll link it in

description below of me demoing a pet

wash station at Pet Valu with a Columbus

Phoenix then I also took a great day to

a different cut wash station at a car

wash and tried there at one station out

just to see what I felt about it as a

professional groomer so that I can give

you guys the OK to use the set wash

station it turned out to be highly

beneficial for me to do those dimmers

so I'm linking them in the description

of this video you guys got to go watch

them can't wash stations totally set you

up for successful bathing and drying

take advantage of that step 5 is the

final rinse this is very important now

we want to thoroughly rinse all the

conditioner off of our pet thoroughly

very important you can see how as I'm

rinsing max right now it looks like

silky water coming off of him that's

still a little bit of product that's

coming out of his skin and code so we

want to keep rinsing until we see the

water is rinsing clean the water color

should be clear step number 6 brush and

dry this is very important to notice my

dog is still wet I just got him out of

the tub he is wet I told him off but I

am brushing him gently while his coat is

still wet I want you to know that

brushing your dog's coat while they're

still wet and fresh out of the bath is

the best time to address D shedding D

matting and detangling issues trust me

I brush every dog on the table as soon

as they get out of the bath and that my

friend is one of my best secrets and I

hope you take advantage of that

now that Max is complete let's take a

look at them together notice his coat

lays flat it's not dull in color this is

what he did look like before the bad guy

the Sun guard conditioner has completely

restored his coat in one group and if

you follow the steps and advice in this

demo you can see the same results for

your pet at home I mean look at his skin

guys max is a 13 year old Yorkie and I

guarantee you he feels pretty amazing

right now his skin and coat is back to

good alright Emmett we're coming for you

now buddy look at this dirty coat but he

is such a cool dog isn't he now he did

tell me that it is absolutely his

pleasure to help you guys groom your

pets at home by doing this demo do you

notice that his coat looks dirty and

clumpy what do you see what we're gonna

do for Emmett I gently brushed him out

before the bath and now we're gonna get

him in the tub and perform the exact

same grooming methods 1 Emmett as we did

for max the exact same thing however

it's important to note that and it does

have a different coat type than max and

he also has full drop ears and a full

tail max did not have that so we're

gonna see what this conditioner is going

to produce on Emmett's coat and because

Emmett has a much fuller coat than max

we're definitely taking advantage of the

bathing comb technique combing that

conditioner through his coat we are

dispersing the product evenly throughout

his coat look what it does here with

these ears it's like silk it literally

feels like silk - let me tell you if you

don't work these methods properly guys

you will not get the results you need

what breed of dog do you have throw it

in the comment section we share here on

go groomer and we love to know these

details about each other this is my

golden doodle Gus this is my dog so I'm

sharing my dog this is my guest and Gus

I couldn't ask for a better friend let's

view the results of Emmitt together so

here he is he's all clean he's not

trimmed yet I just bathed brushed and

dried him his coat is like silk it's

Airy it's not weighed down at all with

product this rinse is so clean guys but

that's another big bonus to this product

and it helps you deep

angle D Matt D shed your dog this

product is great for all of those things

I'm telling you it is a multi-purpose

conditioner for any coat type

and it also rejuvenates the skin very

important take a look at Emmett skin

this is just beautiful

but I also want to let you know that

this product it's called Sun guard

because it also helps protect your dog's

coat from the Sun it will protect it

from sun damage and other elements like

full body armor for your pet what tool I

used to remove all the dead coat from

guts on the table right after his back I

used a specific tool a specific method

as well as a certain product in two

weeks I have a giveaway coming for you

guys I will randomly pick a winner if

you comment the correct tool that I used

to remove all this undercoat dead coat

it's not really undercoat it's dead coat

from gum this will help me keep him

brushed out and it'll keep him from

Maddie so throw the answer in the

comments stick around to the end of the

video as I'll show you what Gus looks

like when he's all finished but before I

show you guys I want you to scroll on

down to the comments section I want you

to type in the tool that I used to

remove all that dead hair from his coat

smash the comment button and you could

win my friend

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