❤ The Right Method To Give Your Dog A Bath | Dog Grooming

whenever shampoo in a dog or a cat it is

useful to work either an apron or some

old clothes as you are quite likely to

get wet wear gloves when shampooing a

dog particularly if you're using

medicated shampoos or if you have any

allergies shower heads are also useful

as they help to remove debris and the

hair from the dog's coat firstly wets

the dog thoroughly before starting the

shampoo ensure the temperature of the

water isn't too hot or too cold or they

smell distress the dog

apply the neat shampoo to the dog's coat

and ensure you use enough shampoo to

produce a good lather it's also useful

to add more water to the dog as you

shampoo to produce a good LA

if the shampoo requires a contact time

that should be started once all the

shampoo has been applied also the plug

should never be left in the bath so the

dog is not standing in the water

particular care should be taken around

the head and around the ears if required

a sponge or some damp cotton ball can be

used around the head area as is often

less stressful for the dog particular

attention should be paid to the ears and

also to the eyes again working very

carefully in this area and also also to

the dog's lips

if your dog is particularly sensitive

small pieces of cotton wall can be

gently inserted into the dog's ears just

gently place that in not pushing it down

too far and this prevents water get into

the dog's ear canal should apply the

neat shampoo to the cotton wool and then

this is used to apply the shampoo to the


the cotton wall or the sponge is also

useful to get in between the dog's toes

this is particularly important if using

a medicated shampoo for a particular

skin condition care should also made to

ensure under the tail is thoroughly

shampooed and should also ensure that

this earlier is rinsed well it's also

useful during this time to make sure

there is a comfortable environmental

temperature for the dog because you'll

be more uncomfortable if she gets too

cold the dog should then be thoroughly

rinsed starting at the top of the dog

and working your way down it's important

that you do not let the animal lick

itself while the shampoo is applied it's

important to ensure that shampoo is

rinsed from hard to reach areas such as

the glory and inside the armpits

again under the tail should be rinsed


on also in between the toes

finally the head again can be rinsed

again using dump control and again

ensuring all shampoo is removed

once you were happy all shampoos been

removed from the animal it's worth

squeezing them particularly the limbs to

remove any excess water

and also the tail

a supply of clean dry towels should be

available it's worth starting with the

dog's head first as at this point the

dog is going to want to shake and it

tends to be because their ears are wet

her dryer should never be used to dry

docks as they're not only distressing

but also if they become too hot this can

be irritating to the dog's skin making

it want to itch and scratch

should ensure that the cotton wall has

been removed from the dog's ears and

finally once the dog has been towel

dried replaced our lead and remove from

the bath and allowed to shake

the dog should then be placed in a warm

environment or it can be allowed to dry



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