👆Tips On Homemade Dog Shampoo To Fight Fleas

homemade shampoo to repel and kill fleas

you can use homemade dog shampoo to

fight fleas the trick is to add lavender

essential oil which is thought to be a

natural anti parasitic and antibacterial

some DIY errs combine several oils

including peppermint eucalyptus rosemary

and lavender but if you have to choose

just one lavender will do it's important

to note that not all essential oils are

acceptable some dogs have severe

toxicity and immune mediated reactions

after exposure to some essential oils

popery being the worst never apply 100%

essential oils from aromatherapy

products on your pet especially on

broken skin also make sure your dog

doesn't ingest essential oils if you

have questions always contact your

veterinarian flea repellent dog shampoo

with essential oils ingredients 10

ounces of warm water 2 ounces of aloe

vera gel 1 tablespoon of castile soap 2

drops of lavender essential oil note you

may also add two drops each of rosemary

peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils

combine all ingredients in a clean spray

bottle and shake to combine thoroughly

wet your dog with warm water spray on

shampoo and work into his coat

especially and harder to reach places

making sure not to get any in his eyes

rinse thoroughly there are hundreds of

homemade dog shampoo recipes out there

most using some combination of vinegar

which do two rises in adds shine castile

soap or dish soap which helps the

ingredients bind together and baking

soda to balance the acidity of vinegar

and water which is pH neutral essentials

oils are a nice organic touch as well so

next time you and your dog are preparing

to bond over bath time start in the

kitchen and mix up some easy safe and

inexpensive dog shampoo of your own

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